Fussy Dining And Grocery Success

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I can’t believe the weekend’s gone; where did that time go? I hope you had a good one. My Sunday was fantastic and I’m absolutely exuberant to blog about it, so I’m going to dive right in.

Jolly Beans

Jolly Beans

Similarly, I dove right in to these jolly beans right before my run. I wasn’t really hungry for them, but I kept telling myself “You can have more jolly beans next time you run. You can have more jolly beans next time you run” So, I had more jolly beans the next time I ran. I was thankful for the extra energy, because in all honsety this was probably the toughest run I’ve had so far. Even before hand, the distance–11 miles outside–kept making me lose my focus. Could I do it? Would I do it? Just run!

11.2 Miles In 1:34:58

I’ll save any run recap where I could tell you everything went through my head at one point: incredible joy, wanting to quit, etc. The important thing was I did it! And could not have been more pleased(or wanting to stretch and collapse) at the end. But the finish line wasn’t my dorm room. No, today it was different:

Garden Grille Cafe

Garden Grille Cafe

I was running to meet my family for brunch again at Garden Grill Cafe! A free meal out? Yes, please! I think my grandmother was most happy to eat here again 😉 And it was packed! I think it took 15 minutes to get a table. In hindsight, this was actually awful planning on my part; I’m very particular about how I like to recover and refuel, and going somewhere where I couldn’t pick out the ingredients or cook had me a little crabby. Really, I just needed food in me! So I was very happy when they got the ball rolling and we ordered.

Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice

One of the great benefits of ending my run here was I knew I could get fresh carrot juice to refuel. As I’ve mentioned, a cup has more potassium than a banana! This was my first time having carrot juice fresh squeezed; because it was a little more fresh and fiberous, I don’t think it was as sweet. But it was still tasty. I also managed to impress people by guzzling more water than is holy throughout the meal 😉

Hash And Peanut Butter

Hash And Peanut Butter

Speaking of the meal, I ordered the “American Breakfast” which was “2 eggs served any style, hash, and toast”. Well, what I ate was a far departure from that. Unfortunately, they were out of gluten-free toast, which I wanted to give a shot(and craved the carbs of) :-/I also found no appeal in the eggs, even though usually I’m all over perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs. Boo. After some finagling, I got the meal I wanted. I traded my eggs for most of my mom’s hash, and asked the server to bring peanut butter on the side. I managed to turn my “American breakfast” into hash with peanut butter; how American 😉

Hash With Peanut Butter

Hash With Peanut Butter

I’m not complaining, though, because this was amazing and just what I wanted. You wouldn’t think fatty, salty hash(which is the best in the world, in my opinion, at Garden Grill) would work with fatty peanut butter, but I’ve never had a problem with fat on carbs 😀 I also stole some maple syrup from my dad’s vegan cinnamon roll french toast(yes, you read that right, but unfortunately it was far from gluten-free :,-() to also flavor this.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

And I wiped that plate clean, leaving a little of the peanut butter behind. The peanut butter was also really good; it tasted like it had brown sugar or some great sweetness in it that made it taste like Reeses’. Who knows? It might have been Reeses’. I was just hoping and praying a good establishment like this wouldn’t use hydrogenated peanut butter(there entire pantry is Bob’s Red Mill so I’m guessing they’re honest and good people).

Root Beer Zevia

Root Beer Zevia

After that we ran back to my dorm so I could shower and change and then went to do some grocery shopping. At Whole Foods, Zevia was on sale for 3.50 a 6-pack, and by signing up for their newsletter I had a $1 coupon, so I was able to get 6 Root Beers for $2.50–score! It’s so easy to pair manufacturers coupons with the store sales if you’re patient.

Whole Food Groceries

The rest of the groceries were pretty standard. I grabbed some coconut milk yogurt since it’s a sale item. The one grocery item not on sale or that I had a coupon that I “had to get” was my favorite dark chocolate bar by Endangered Species. I like to think that if I’m going to eat it and not let it go to waste, then it’s worth it. And have no fear that I’ll eat that 😉

Bulk Bin Grabs

Bulk Bin Grabs

I also tore up the bulk bins; I looove the bulk bins for things that you might want odd amounts for. I always get my steel cut oats from them, since they’re cheaper and organic and I can get a lot. I also get Sunspire peanuts and jolly beans because it’s better to buy candy in bulk so that you decide the amount for a lesser cost. And I got some sunflower seeds and dried cherries, since I wasn’t looking to invest in big bags of those. I also spotted spelt flour while I was snooping the selection, which I’m now curious to pick up for some gluten-intolerant baking over break.

Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl

Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl

Of course, the grocery I saved for last was ice cream. I mentioned picking up a flavor I really didn’t want on Friday night but convinced myself sounded good at the time :-/ Well, I was able to trade that one in for one I would eat. This afternoon, in fact!

Purely Decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Purely Decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Oh. My. God. Where to start? You could read my review for it here. Or, perhaps we could start at 10 years ago when I would eat way too much of Turkey Hill’s peanut butter chocolate ice cream at my grandparent’s house. Nowadays, me and the Turkey aren’t best friends because of the ingredients he uses 😦 This was just as good, or better, or–I don’t know how to describe it other than amazing with gooey peanut butter swirls.

Since I was hungry but not starving after that goodness, I decided to throw dinner in the oven a little early and make it a little bigger rather than snack on. Of course, being human I’d rather eat dinner later and make my ice cream bowl bigger. But I think keeping the real food in your diet high is 90% of “healthy eating”

Roasted Brussels, Sweet Potatoes, And Maple Tofu With Maple Peanut Butter

Roasted Brussels, Sweet Potatoes, And Maple Tofu

Roasted Brussels, Sweet Potatoes, And Maple Tofu

I love roasting; you don’t have to do much but wait. I roasted brussels cooked from last week, fresh sweet potato, and some quick-pressed tofu in maple syrup. The tofu needed longer pressing but I was short on time. Apparently, peanut butter on the side of every meal is going to become my “thing” now that Garden Grille endorsed it. I felt free to add some mighty maple from PB&Co. on the side. Without even realizing it until now, all 3 of my eats since breakfast have had peanut butter; I think that’s the sign for a great day.

Do you “Pick your plate” eating out and drive the servers mad? I generally detest fussiness as a quality and would consider myself pretty adaptive. I always try to make sure there’ll be something in a dining situation I’ll eat even before going in. At the same time, if I’m eating out I really want to enjoy my meal, so I don’t sweat the little things like asking for a side of peanut butter if the server will oblige. And do you utilize the bulk bins? Clearly, I consider them a necessity. But after getting home I read Averie’s post about who and what has actually been near them–yuck! It has me second guessing…

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21 Responses to “Fussy Dining And Grocery Success”

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I’m not really a “bulk bin” kinda guy. I just got back from an amazing grocery shop and after putting it all away, I noticed my dorm probably looks EXACTLY like Evan’s room. Lol you will appreciate the eats!

I live for the bulk bins! SO CHEAP!

I always customize my meal when I order out. I am really really picky when it comes to eating.

Great minds do think alike!! I had some ice cream after my dinner so we could be twins 🙂

going to WF tomorrow and love to try the new zevia’s soda’s. the orange was awful btw.
hash browns & pb, never thought of that, but I love it. I make the best sweet potato hash browns, ever. I’m allowed to brag right?

I definitely drive the server’s mad most of the time when I eat out: “no this, extra that, this on the side” etc, etc. I love roasting also, and just finished off a huge plate full of veggies. I think I eat this every night for dinner and never tire of it. So easy to pop in the over after a workout then go shower while it does it’s thing. Such a lucky find on the Zevia. I’m all about coupons + sales. And yes, I love the bulk bins too, though I did read Averie’s post too….kinda second guessing now…

great run. you seem to run faster outside 🙂

and i’m assuming since you eat it that turkey hill is vegan? i didn’t know that and their mint chip is amazing!

Wait, what? I think I confused you, and now I’m confused. Turkey hill is cow’s milk = so not vegan. What I’m eating there is the So Delicious coconut milk which IS vegan. But then, in the end, I’m not vegan and hold no standards for my ice cream to be. I just find coconut milk ice creams to be creamier/better.

LOVE the new looks of your blog!! Just catching up from this weekend!

I can’t even fathom how amazing hash and peanut butter must be ❤ swooooon

I can be a bit picky when I eat out but feel like I’m going to be offensive if I totally deconstruct their dishes! I’ll usually just ask for dressing on the side or no meat at most. Your breakfast looks SO good (pb and hashbrowns are great!) and congrats on the run.

Sometimes I get super picky- light cheese, no mayo, extra PB;) But it’s your money, your body – and I’m a server, and am happy to make the adjustments, so I hope they do the same!

I love the bulk bins, oat bran ftw ! I am going to have to try your maple tofu combo soon !Nice run btw !

pb and hash? interesting!

i totally pick apart the dishes at restaurants, unless they’re super fancy, then i don’t mess with it!

Amazing how many people love bulks bins. Good concept, horrible reality. Would you really want to pick your undies out of your butt and then touch the bulk bin tongs. Well, some people do just that. Nuff said.

This from the last post:
“No, this hasn’t turned in to a blog reviewing organic ales. Give it a few more years, the right sponsorship, and we’ll see where it goes”

OMG I hope that wasnt lost on people. CLASSICALLY good material, Evan!

Thanks for the shout to my post, too.

And the vegan cinny roll french toast. Nice. But no, not GF.

And spelt. I would not recommend. It’s not wheat, but it still has gluten. Period. Wheat gluten, spelt gluten, rye gluten, it’s all gluten = all hard to handle.


I like the new blog layout. It’s perfect for Spring (if the weather ever actually comes – haha). That zevia flavor is my favorite! And bulk bins are life! I have to limit myself though on the snacky things because they’re so cheap so I always justify buying tons of it which leads to me eating lots of it too. Haha.

I do use the bulk bins but I’m pretty anal about it and I ask a lot of questions!

I think the bulk bins are super economical and eco-friendly. However, I try to not to think about who are what has come into contact with them…just like I avoid thinking of the millions of germs that live on the subway rails.

I can’t think of a greater reward to a 11 mile run than a great vegetarian restaurant. Your meal looks awesome, especially that juice!

I try to operate under the idea of “ignorance is bliss” when getting food from the bulk bins. haha…but yes Averie’s post made me squirm! haha!

That ice cream looks so decadent! I love all the pb action in this post. If I can’t order a side of natural pb at a restaurant I usually have a packet of Justin’s in my purse. You know, for those kind of “emergencies.”

I’m known to never order a meal how it actually comes on from the menu. I don’t mind asking for special things…maybe waitresses hate me but I doubt it because I always leave a good tip! 🙂

You’re keeping Garden Grill in business!

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