Half & Half

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It took about half an hour after finishing this dinner and post for me to be starving; don’t you hate it when the best tasting meals aren’t the most filling?

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Brown Sugar

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Brown Sugar

This bowl with mighty maple certainly did the trick, especially after not having any grains since breakfast. I love the way a little real brown sugar tastes granulated on top, but pumpkin oatmeal just wouldn’t be right without copious amounts of salt to me. The duo was superb. And this bowl held me through plenty of work into the night, until I decided to make a snack in the name of carboloading.

Raw Avocado Pudding And Vanilla Coconut Milk Yogurt

Raw Avocado Pudding And Vanilla Coconut Milk Yogurt

Maybe my snacks veer more towards fatloading–that works, too! I had 1/2 of my bowl with raw avocado pudding made with xagave and 1/2 with coconut milk vanilla yogurt. Yep, I’m definitely finding a new food obsession in the coconut milk yogurt. What on earth prompted me only to get 2? I also caught the last half of Jamie Oliver’s food revolution, which I don’t think we needed to realize America needs reform, but was a helpful reminder. The USDA requires 2 breads be served at every lunch?! Why not 2 fruits or 2 vegetables–baffling.

1/2 Perfect Foods Fruit & Nut Bar

1/2 Perfect Foods Fruit & Nut Bar

And I finished the night with 1/2 a Fruit & Nut Bar from Perfect Foods. My appetite wanted a whole one; I wasn’t at all hungry–1/2 seemed like a good compromise.

1/2 Perfect Foods Fruit & Nut Bar

1/2 Perfect Foods Fruit & Nut Bar

That left the other 1/2 for devouring when I woke up at 6:40. I’m really starting to prefer eating nothing before my run or waiting to have a full breakfast and run mid-morning. But unfortunately today I needed to run early for timing and my runs are always better with a little snack so snack it was.

12 Miles In 1:45:30

There was no halfassing today. It felt great to be reunited with the treadmill and the today show, and that motivation pushed me through 12 miles, which felt easier than you would know. Even if I may not like a small snack before hand, it sure has results. After that I was a sweaty mess and ready fro a full breakfast.

Oatmeal With Raw Cashew Butter And Honey Maple Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With Raw Cashew Butter And Honey Maple Peanut Butter

I topped my oatmeal 1/2 with honey maple peanut butter and 1/2 with Love Raw Foodsraw cashew butter. Come to think of it, I think I just used a full serving of each because they’re both so tasty; I can’t go 1/2 way with nut butters 🙂

Vanilla Greek Yogurt With Lucuma Powder

Vanilla Greek Yogurt With Lucuma Powder

On my yogurt, I added 1/2 a tablespoon a hell of a lot of lucuma powder, which, I’ll have you know, will be my newest food obsession even though this was my first time trying it and I’ll eat enough to turn into a lucuma fruit in 10 days. It’s an alternative sweetener that’s low sugar and made just from the powdered fruit and tastes absolutely amazing–sort of like dates! Apparently, it’s even a popular flavor in Europe? How come I never found lucuma gelato before…

And my plans that had me running early have fallen through and been rescheduled. Fun. At least now I have the day free, and while I could use all that time to work for midterms, something’s telling me to grab more coconut milk yogurt while it’s on sale. Happy Monday! If such a thing exists.

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23 Responses to “Half & Half”

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It is a great gelato flavor!

hmm never heard of that lucama powder before, but it tastes like dates?? sounds fabulous!

I always feel better with a small snack in me before working out too. I find myself working out harder that way. 😀

Your raw pudding is making me drool! :mrgreen:

A date flavored powder sounds good to me! Nice run!

I didn’t get to catcht the “Food Revolution” but I love Jamie Oliver. I agree that it’s no secret things need to change, but maybe this will be a good jumpstart or shine a light on the problem.

I didn’t know there was a USDA bread requirement for lunches. That does seem like a strange place to put the emphasis.

I’ve actually had lucuma gelato and it is DELICIOUS! I’ll have to look for the powder!

Hmmm… nope lucuma isn’t popular in Europe- its native to Southern America I believe, where lucuma ice cream is the equivalent of what the American peanut butter flavour ice cream is in popularity? I wondered when some would wing its way to you after you said you were interested… nice isn’t it? Hope your Monday goes ok- can’t be long to Spring break now surely?!

You always find these unknown foods that I would love to try. Like peanut flour and now lucuma powder? I’ll have to keep an eye out for those.

This is the first time I’ve seen your revamped site. Love it!

Nice job on the run! Love all the ways you incorporate nut butter into your day 🙂

You are the treadmill king!!

I’ve never heard of Lacuma but I am interested….

Dang it! I forgot about Food Revolution– I really wanted to watch it!

Lucuma powder?? This sounds very interesting. I’ll assume you bought it at Whole Foods. I need to check that out. I don’t necessarily buy any sweeteners other than sugar, honey, molasses, and Truvia, BUT I like to try them all!

Regarding your comment on my blog, yeah, there really aren’t any true cons about grass-fed beef, only the fact that it isn’t as GREAT as what people might think, considering the price. I do think I will try to incorporate more grass-fed beef into my diet, but not all the time. It’s true, the smell doesn’t quite compare to salmon. Cooking salmon in your dorm MAY get you kicked out 🙂

I think I was a little confusing, mostly because I don’t know too much myself, but lucuma isn’t *quite* a sweetener like sugar, honey, molasses, etc. It’s the dried powder from the lucuma fruit, so it’s more along the lines of acai powder or hemp powder. It just happens to have a very sweet taste along with that. The nutrition is per 15g tablespoon, 60 calories, 13g carbs, 0g fiber, 2g sugar, 1g protein and is particularly high in carotene and B vitamins

I LOVE your new look! It’s so clean looking! 🙂

That avocado/coconut milk yog mix looks fantastic – like a black and white cookie!

GREAT run…you are turning into a little speedster!

1/2 way with nut butter is just crazy talk! I’d pick grocery sales over midterms any day! Hope you had a good one!

only when i do longer runs do i eat something before hand. and even then it’s just an apple. i always eat more afterwards and the night before!

never heard of lucama powder. sounds interesting!

Nice combo of avocado pudding and coconut milk yogurt. Two delicious things in one bowl, you just can’t go wrong! Now I want to try lucuma powder. 🙂


I was just asking on Twitter today how folks use their lucuma powder – and you’ve dumped yours on yogurt. Awesomeness! Have you used it any other way yet? I just got a bag and am trying to think of creative ways to use it. Of course, it’s going in a smoothie ASAP but I’m looking for other uses, too. 😀

[…] (from Food Makes Fun Fuel) dumps Lucuma on his yogurt! Haven’t tried that yet, have […]

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