Dark Chocolate Obsession And Declutter Your Mind

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Regarding this morning’s mental health tip, I’m happy to hear I have so many sound sleepers! Not too long ago there was a time when I was the worst offender of sleeping too little; I remember a week of school I think I got 13 hours of sleep over 5 days–no lie. And that was voluntarily! If sleep’s a drug, find a good dealer 😉 Remember, there’ll be mental health tips all weekend long capped off with a giveaway!

365 Brand Canned Tuna And Chickpeas

365 Brand Canned Tuna And Chickpeas

Lunch was a bit of a rush; who has time to think of cooking with 3 hours of midterms coming up next? That was my dilemma. But you also don’t have to eat unhealthy just because you’re relying on processed foods; anything with 1 ingredient like chickpeas, tuna, peanut butter, etc. can be a great on-the-go grab.

Tuna Salad, Chickpeas, yumnuts Chili Lime Cashews

Tuna Salad, Chickpeas, Yumnuts Chili Lime Cashews

I ended up making a salad of undressed spinach, chickpeas, tuna salad(made with Voskos plain non-fat greek yogurt), and chili lime Yumnuts. I was also craving something along the lines of cashew cheese, which I don’t think I’ve ever had before. Do you ever crave things you don’t eat? Well, I had cashew butter

Love Raw Foods Raw Cashew Butter

Love Raw Foods Raw Cashew Butter

I’m pretty sure this is like having a craving for real cheese and using real butter to satisfy it. Regardless, the dollop of Love Raw Foodscashew butter was pretty tasty. I also forgot what a kick those chili lime Yumnuts cashews had–wowza! Was that there before?

Most of this was scarfed down in between essay sentences during my History midterm. I’m happy to say that went well overall! We knew all the essay questions beforehand, but the main concern was just getting all the thoughts down on paper in time, which I think I managed. After that was a Latin midterm. Again, I think it went as good as I could have asked for! There wasn’t much of a way to study for this, so I more-or-less went by the seat of my pants and lucked out that I paid attention in class enough all along to remember the passages. When I got back to my dorm, it was time for some mental refueling.

Gingerade Kombucha, Endangered Species Organic 70% Dark Chocolate

Gingerade Kombucha, Endangered Species Organic 70% Dark Chocolate

Is there anything more restorative than my favorite flavor Kombucha and 5 squares my favorite dark chocolate by Endangered Species? I think not. I’m always disappointed when my Kobucha doesn’t taste as… fermented as I think it should. You’ll be happy to know this one was super strong and tangy–love it! And the dark chocolate… had antioxidants. Seriously, I might have to do a wellness tip on that one 😉

Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream And Endangered Species Organic 70% Dark Chocolate

Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream And Endangered Species Organic 70% Dark Chocolate

This week, I have a new mission: finish what ice cream I have in the freezer before Spring Break without buying more. I had 6 pints and 1 quart at the start of the week. All of the pints have only 1 or 2 servings left, so they shouldn’t be too hard, but the quart? Well, it’s “light frozen yogurt” so I’ll give it my all 😉

Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream And Endangered Species Organic 70% Dark Chocolate

Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream And Endangered Species Organic 70% Dark Chocolate

I took 2 more squares of my favorite dark chocolate and shaved them in to the last of my So Delicious vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream. Do you see the obsession I have with that chocolate? This was creamy and delicious and hit the spot. I don’t know that I’d rush out to buy that flavor again(even though this was the 2nd pint I got of it) because I’m sure there’s a better vanilla out there somewhere; this one’s a little too coconutty for my taste.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes And Broccoli

Roasted Sweet Potatoes And Broccoli

For dinner, I made simple roasted broccoli and sweet potato rounds with some baked maple tofu. Weirdly, this combination of food fills me up not at all, despite the fact that I love it and eat it so much. I swear, the kombucha and dark chocolate is more filling. But it’s my comfort dish and I can throw it in the oven and be done with it! I also probably turned to this because it has been the dreariest day in a while in New England; sun, won’t you come out for my half-marathon and birthday?  Before I get in to my mental health tip, I want to mention this giveaway for some bootay! Pirate’s, that is. And there’s also this giveaway for Nature’s Path goodies.


Bed Area

Bed Area

Desk Area

Desk Area

I could not imagine leaving my room with an unmade bed. Hell, I couldn’t imagine being around with an unmade bed, dirty dishes, unorganized pile of papers–you name it. My point is not to make your bed, however; I don’t even do this at home when I spend almost no time in my room. My point is to declutter the area you spend the most time focusing. It’s a fact that if you only look at mess, you’ll only feel like a mess and stress out. Keeping a work area neat and tidy is the most important thing not just for organization but also mental health. Where do you do the most of your work? And is it spick and span, or should we grab you a sponge? Now I get to write the fastest 3-4 page paper of my life and be done with my take-home midterm. Have a great night and don’t forget about The Biggest Loser at 8!

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23 Responses to “Dark Chocolate Obsession And Declutter Your Mind”

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I do my work here at my desk like I am supposed to be doing right now :)… Thanks for the correction on my blog. I didn’t think soy was complete but I just did a little researching. My teacher last year taught the class that it was NOT. Oh well, hopefully they will all find the truth. I knew Hemp Seeds were a complete protein but I wasn’t eating that. It was Turkish Figs. The seeds are amazing though! I like them better than flax! I really appreciate the comment though!

you are so neat – boys are usually little piggies! even my dorm room was a disaster! now 97% of my work is done on my couch 🙂 muahaha

I agree–something about a ‘made’ bed makes the whole house/room feel cleaner. I hate coming home to an unmade bed which always happens when I leave before the bf. Grrr. I could not imagine having that much ice cream in my freezer. I’d be screwed.

I have to be neat and organized. I make my bed first thing every morning. As soon as I am out of bed, I make it. It drove many of my college roommates nuts. It’s just ingrained in me by now.

I’m the same way; I practically never make my bed at home because I’m never in my room. But I LIVE in my dorm room, so keeping it clean is an absolute must.

I have to say, I am super jealous of your ice cream and chocolate eats. I gave it up for Lent and can’t wait to have it again…haha.

I do all my work on the couch, lol sad I know but I get a little set up: book next to me, work spread out in front, drink/snack;) you get the idea

I do most of my work at my desk. It is spotless!

have you had the purely decadent soy-based vanilla? I like it, especially the nutty taste you get from the soy. but if you’re looking for more for your money, Trader Joe’s has a vanilla “soy creamy” that I love and it is sold in quart size.

I do my “work” lying on the floor in front of my couch. The only thing I’m messy about is my laundry. I HATE folding laundry. I’m currently avoiding doing that chore right now…

I love that you crave things you’ve never had!! I do it too and I have no idea why!
I do most of my work at my desk in our spare room. I definitely find that if there’s even a little clutter I can’t focus properly. Clutter makes me feel like my whole life is unorganized! So dramatic but so so true!

Oh I think you have seen the inside of my house..it’s anally neat and clean. And my food, I am a super neat cook. Skylar is the neatest 3 yr old ever, too. She hates mess and clutter. I am a total neatfreak and thank god so is scott. men, sorry!, can be sloppy but he’s not 🙂

The dairy post. Glad you like it! And yes, lots of info, one stop shopping for the future and blackstrap molas is great…not only does it have calcium but it’s got iron, too. Pregnant women who are vegan and wont take iron pills, ahem me when i was pregnant, just a little dab of that and my iron levels looked like a steak eating lumberjack’s. Great stuff.

Okay, that Tuna Salad, Chickpeas, Yumnuts Chili Lime Cashews mix is GENIUS! I can’t wait to try something similar!! Nom. Nom.

I’m embarassingly compulsive about things being tidy where I work. The kids in my class often tell me “you’re the most organized teacher I’ve ever had” – makes me beam!!

Wow. Lots of yummy treats – and food for thought! 😀

I totally agree with the organization and neatness. I once read that you don’t even sleep as well as you could if there’s a lot of clutter in your room – even under your bed where you can’t see it! Because you know it’s there and you can’t rest well. So I totally believe neatness helps us focus. 😀

I feel much better when things are fresh and clean!

it’s funny; in college i was a total mess. but now i’m a neatfreak – can’t work in clutter!

Sounds like both of your midterms went well– congrats!

I do my work in the guest bedroom…and it is clean, but cluttered. Every time I de-clutter, it gets cluttered back up within a day or two!

Good luck on the paper!

I do work in the living room. I’m not the *messiest* of people, but I definitely like to scatter out. Everyone comments that I’m taking over that specific room, which I’m sad to admit is probably true. You’ve inspired me to tidy up. :mrgreen:

I’m so impressed with your perfectly tidy dorm room! I’m the same way – I much prefer to keep things tidy and organized, to keep myself feeling relaxed and motivated! When I was in college so many of my friends had super messy dorms, though – I never figured out how it didn’t drive them crazy! :-p To each their own, I suppose… They probably thought I was a “neat freak.” *giggles*:-)

Good luck on mid-terms and papers!! You’re gonna rock them! 🙂

LOVE the shaved dark chocolate in the vanilla ice cream! Gorgeous!

I need my workspace to be CLEAN! Clutter stresses me out and makes me feel antsy!

I love that your comfort food is so healthy!!

I do a lot of work at our kitchen table since we don’t have a desk (which I desperately want, but no room!) There are way too many papers on the table, but I try to keep them neat!

I’ve had those moments with Kombucha, sometimes I even get ones that aren’t fizzy – just flat. That makes me sad…

I’m a pretty tidy person but one thing I hate doing is dusting!

Oh and no I’m not quitting blogging, just sick of the snow… 🙂

I have 6 ice cream containers in my freezer too, it’s a bad habit!

I am so addicted to kombucha and hate when I buy one that tastes “flat”. I don’t buy the green one at all anymore b/c it has been flat the last couple of times. I love the one in the tye-dyed bottle, grape and the gingerade! YUM…making a special trip tomorrow!
Cute blog:)


No matter how many times I clean my room…it gets cluttered within 48 hours. I would like to say that it’s because I’m an abstract minded person, ha. So I don’t do my studies at home, just barnes and noble.

I would love to get my desk decluttered like yours. one day…

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