Chocolate For My Morning And How To Do To-Do

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Who else watched the Biggest Loser last night? I loved that the contestants got to see their families and had so much support. And I totally thought Jillian was going to bust out of that big box and whip them in to shape. Anyone else? While I was watching that, I was writing an essay on my midterm about the gripping effect sugar had on England between 1600 and 1800 and how that pushed slavery. Yikes! Scary stuff. So I made a resolution to eat without added sugars for a bit.

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

An apple fit that bill and made me feel healthy for the time being. “I’m on a roll!” I thought.

Emmy's Organics' Lemon Ginger Raw Macaroon

Emmy's Organics' Lemon Ginger Raw Macaroon

And then, whoops! Fell off that train πŸ™‚ I had a hankering for a lemon ginger macaroon by Emmy’s Organics. I think choosing raw desserts sweetened with agave nectar is a pretty good compromise for sugary goodness πŸ˜‰ The hint of spice here from lemon and ginger is so nice! It was a perfect treat for sending in my take-home midterm.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And French Toast Almonds

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And French Toast Almonds

And then–ipso facto–sugar never counts when it’s on top of oatmeal πŸ˜€ I had pumpkin oats with some butter toffee peanut butter from Naturally Nutty and my own homemade french toast almonds to seal the night off. This made me thing homemade nuts would be a great thing to make for Easter lunch. The only thing is I’m not sure if/which flavors would work. Suggestions?

I listened to not 1 but 2 of my mental health tips. First of all, after I sent that paper at 9:15 it was me-time all the way. I spent it with television and mindless games. It’d be more fun if me-time were, say, during the day, but I’m glad I snuck it in at the end. I also didn’t set my alarm this morning, got 8 and a half hours of sleep, and decided to postpone any run. Even if I end up running to the bickering of Kathy Lee and Hoda, the sleep was worth it.

Pomegranate Chobani With Dark Quinoa Chocolate, OIAJ

Pomegranate Chobani With Dark Quinoa Chocolate, OIAJ

Breakfast in bed had to be a little bit more “desserty” than usual, right? The first thing that came to my mind was pre-flavored greek yogurt; this always tastes like a dessert, but totally passes the “healthy” bill. I grabbed a pomegranate Chobani and added some Dark Quinoa Chocolate from Alter Eco. And then what could be better than oats in a chocolate peanut butter jar?!

White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter Oats With All-Natural Fluff

White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter Oats With All-Natural Fluff

In the bowl jar was my standard 40g oat blend, what was left of the white chocolate cherry almond butter from Naturally Nutty, and some all-natural fluff. I was worried because the fluff stuff was rock hard at room temp(it’s an old container), but it seemed to melt well over everything and add a smooth vanilla tone.

To-Do It Right

To-Do List: Homework

To-Do List: Homework

Last night’s Mental Health Week tip was all about decluttering your workspace; now I want to talk about how to work! While we could try to juggle everything in our mind, why? All that remembering and forgetting easily adds stress. The first step is to put it down in writing. I use Google Tasks because it goes wherever I go, and I can have different lists. Above was my homework list circa 11am yesterday morning, but I also have them for everything from blog stuff, to television shows I need to watch online, to my grocery list, etc. And my favorite mental booster is to cross off–not erase–tasks gone by; seeing things with a strike through them will remind you of what you’ve done and make you feel more accomplished. Do you keep a list? If so, where is it?

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20 Responses to “Chocolate For My Morning And How To Do To-Do”

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I keep lists in my planner and love to cross things off when they are accomplished!

And i would love to know more about your paper and the details behind the subject matter!

I am THE list maker! I usually have a few going at once- one for long term, one for the week, and one for the day! I use iCal and I have a couple of paper lists in a Moleskin that I always have on me!

i have lists EVERYWHERE πŸ™‚ on postits on my desk and counter. scattered in my purse. and there’s usually a few in my pockets, as well. I need lists!

oooh I think I might have to forgo my paper to-do list and look into this sexy google task thing. Also, I totally thought Jillian was going to pop out of the big wooded box last night. πŸ™‚

haha already planning out easter lunch? For the holiday, I would make some dark chocolate almonds. And I keep a daily list with pen and paper

I do keep a list, usually near my desk and then in my purse. Not the most organized, but I’m on the run sometimes!

Lol I think it is impossible to avoid added sugars.

i need to catch up on the biggest loser. i watch lost during that time slot instead. i keep a couple lists: one is in my planner and another is on a sheet of paper on my desk. i love crossing things off of them!

Ina Garden has a really great recipe for mixed spiced nuts…but if I recall, I think they might be kind of “wintery” in flavor.

I LOVE making lists πŸ™‚ I keep them everywhere in my house on little post its, along with ideas for writing and classes. I’m sure my husband loves it.

Sadly haven’t seen an episode of the biggest loser in like two years because they waste too much time doing stupid ass blatant product advertising during the show.

And where do you get these organic macaroons? I’m constantly impressed by your ability to find the most unique food items.

All the Emmy Organics( products I have right now are from mail ordering. Although they do sell in stores, just none near me, and are worth locating through their site

I only make lists if I am feeling stressed, but they DEFINITELY help!

Wow, GoogleTasks looks SO cool! I just use a classic paper planner, but this looks so much more portable and efficient! (and, well, just cooler! πŸ˜‰

LOVE the photo of the fluff melting over the oats! Sooooo dreamy!

I ❀ lists! I make one everyday in a spiral notebook. Love them!

my naturally nutty chocolate butter toffee is almost gone..whooooops!

all i do is make lists. i have too many, actually!

I have a task list on my gmail…but it’s things like: bake that bread, write to such and such, apply for jobs, run this # miles. haha

I am SUCH a list-maker! I make to-do lists in duplicate (on iGoogle, on paper, and in my planner), and really enjoy making grocery lists too:)

I keep lists: I email them to myself or keep them on my iCalendar on my macbook. Sometimes I’ll write them down though.

that spoon is adorable with the little baby.

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