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Blue Skies

Blue Skies

Today looked so beautiful out. But would you know it was below freezing with the windchill?! Seriously, March, what did we do to p*ss you off? Even though it was so cold, I wanted to run outside for practice for tomorrow. I know I could have taken a rest day. When I thought about it, however, I realized all the times I’ve set distance PR’s I’ve also ran the day before. I’m not racing this half-marathon for a time; what’s important is that this will be my longest outdoor run by 1.9 miles. And so running as usual seemed the best thing for me to do on the day before this race.

9.57 Miles In 1:20:47

9.57 Miles In 1:20:47

I think I was a little faster just because I wanted to get somewhere warm 😉 After the first 3 miles, I couldn’t feel my fingers Note to self: BRING GLOVES tomorrow. After that, I started to get into it; for the first time I realized you can be cold as hell and still enjoy your run. I got into the music, regained circulation, and ran the planned course. I was happy to have thrown lunch in the oven before I went out, too, so that was ready for me.

Maple Tofu, Roasted Broccoli, Hickory Honey BBQ Chips

Maple Tofu, Roasted Broccoli, Hickory Honey BBQ Chips

Instead of pressing the tofu, I threw it in as was at 300 degrees for 90 minutes with maple syrup on it; it ended up baking perfectly! Low and slow, baby, low and slow 😉 I also threw in some broccoli while I showered. And on the side I had a snack attack of hickory honey barbeque baked kettle chips for some carboloading and deliciousness. Aren’t the chips at the end of the bag just the best?

Decaf Cappuccino Frozen Yogurt

Decaf Cappuccino Frozen Yogurt

Instead of a cup of decaf coffee for dessert, I went straight for the good stuff and made a cup of Elan’s decaf cappuccino frozen yogurt. It was definitely too cold to enjoy outside so the window shot was all I got. Eating this, my dad arrived and we loaded up the car with stuff to bring home.

Organic Apple

Organic Apple

On the way, since I was told we had no groceries back home, we stopped at Whole Foods in Bellingham, where I quickly grabbed an organic apple that was up front. Cortland? Empire? I can’t remember, but it was damn good. I love going to a grocery store you haven’t been at in a while; I feel like there was so much new they now carried!



We got plenty of groceries including yogurt, produce, and random snackage. My favorite items were the frozen ones, of course.

Purely Decadent Cookie Dough Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Purely Decadent Cookie Dough Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I just had to grab a new coconut milk ice cream flavor of So Delicious: cookie dough. I was thinking about buying this yesterday for a Friday sundae but all I could find was the soy variety 😦 Once you go coconut milk, you can’t go back–it’s that good. And I like that the coconut milk ones have a lot less sugar and taste creamier.

Purely Decadent Cookie Dough Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Purely Decadent Cookie Dough Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Mmmm. I think the “vanilla” base could have been better. It was very “vanilla” when I was hoping for “vanilla bean”. Other than that, the chocolate speckles were nice and of course the gluten free cookie dough balls were a bit of heaven. When are they not? Here’s a new product suggestion: Just the balls.

Organic Apple

Organic Apple

I snacked on another apple while making dinner. It was so awful and mealy :-/ What was with that, Whole Foods? At least it was organic, but can’t doing the right thing also taste good? And I also reunited with my dog in this time 😀 Who couldn’t have been less interested in me. He smelled, anyway.

Sweet Potato With Black Beans, Herbed Turkey Burger

Sweet Potato With Black Beans, Herbed Turkey Burger

We grabbed USDA approved ground turkey at Whole Foods. In it, I mixed rosemary, salt, and dill, and made it into 4 quarter pounders. On the side, I was craving a good ol’ roasted sweet potato with black beans. Mmmm, this combination is amazing; how come I forget about it so often? And plenty of carboloading in that 🙂

Hmmm, you know what else has carbs? Oats and more ice cream. Sounds like a night! I probably won’t have time to pop in in the morning so hopefully the next post will be a run recap. Until then, don’t forget to enter my giveaway and enjoy the weekend!

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21 Responses to “Carboloading”

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I need to try coconut milk ice cream. If only I had a freezer bigger than my thumb. Grrr!

Anyways, great run today; having lived in Michigan most my life and spent my winters in Canada, I’ve gotten quite used to running outside regardless of the temperature. You always warm up after a few miles. 🙂
GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! You are gonna rock it!

That cookie dough coconut milk ice cream is awesome! I loved cookie dough so much as a kid, but then I realized it was unhealthy and never ate it again. I tried the Purely Decadent version, and as you say, the cookie dough bits are heaven.

sounds like someone is starting to enjoy the outdoor yogging 😉

Good Luck tomorrow Evan !!
I have had that flavor before, so I don’t think it is new unless they changed the recipe or something

i carbo loaded last night. it was awesome.

omg, you were able to wait 90 minutes for the tofu? you have some patience there because i would definitely not have been able to wait for it!

random question. i see you have a forerunner 205, do you know the difference between that one and the 305? i’m going to be buying a HR monitor and i was looking into the 305 but i can’t really seem to find the difference of why that one is $50 more than the 205. also, do you know if the 205 can keep track of your calories burned for the day?

I do not know the differences. For simply running, 205 has never been an issue. Tina just did a review of the 305 here: If you’re looking for HR compatibility, I don’t think the 205 has any of that and it doesn’t calculate calories either, or at least not any better than using the same guestimation as a calorie counter on a treadmill has.

Good luck! You ran 10 miles before your half? Bow down to you. LOVE black beans – love. And sweet potatoes…AND ICE CREAM of course!!! I once – just once – seen that cookie dough one in a tiny littttttle store – read: uber-expensive :(…downtown – but never picked it up cause it would have melted…and it was expensive as said…but LOVE anything with cookie dough 😉

OMG you’re a running animal! GOOD LUCK, but you dont need “luck” so just have fun!

Have fun at your race! I was just outside walking McKinley & I gotta say, hope it warms up for ya!

Totally with you on the coconut milk ice cream – so much better! Just wish it wasn’t so $$

good luck sunday! and brrrrrrr it was cold yesterday. glad you still got out there though

I guess you’re probably running right now?!? I know you’re killing it! Good luck!

Good luck today!

So I guess I need to try that coconut ice cream?? I have actually thought about making ice cream with coconut milk, at home. I think it would be really tasty.

I love your large plate half filled with bright green broccoli. We eat so much broccoli here in this apartment, it’s crazy. Crazy good 🙂

Nice job on the 9.5 mile run!! Great time, even in the cold weather. You’re going to do FANTASTIC today!!! Those cars will really help. We sure to finish the race with some carbs and protein 🙂 I’m sure you know.

Hope the run went well this morning 🙂

I know it’s probably already over, but good luck on the half!!! It’s very very impressive you can run that far, AND that fast!
If I run at all, it has to be 60 and sunny outside haha, last time it was under that, I felt fine, but didn’t realize until I came back in that my hands had gone totally numb and I could barely turn my keys in the door.
I hope you’re currently enjoying some post race grubs (chocolate, oats, pb, ice cream, CARBS!!!) and I can’t wait for the recap!

Awesome grocery haul–you’re making me want to try coconut yogurt again!

Evan, I recently had the nastiest apple from WF, as well. It was a beauty on the outside, but disgusting on the inside.

Perhaps you East Coasters will get the nice weather that we are having in Colorado, absolutely perfect.


Coconut ice cream is great, but sometimes the saturated fat is too much; so you’ve got to try the Tempt line (non-dairy hempmilk ice cream) by Living Harvest. Coffee Biscotti and Mint Chip rock! Have seen it carried Whole Foods.

I’ve thought about trying the tempt ice cream, but I’m always hesitant to pick up a new brand. It looks OK from what I’ve heard, but the sat fat in coconut milk ice cream also doesn’t bug me much because it’s Medium Chain and so I guess I’m just hard pressed to try something new

You said it!! I live in Portland, Oregon and it’s been nothing but NASTY rain, wind, thunderstorms, and coldness. Yuck. 😦 So ready for some sunshine.

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