Why Fish For Lunch And Tofu Is Local

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It’s the last Friday in Lent and I didn’t slip! Not on eating meat, not on eating “prepared soy”, not on anything. Trust me: There have been some times when I almost threw it all by eating bacon peanut brittle on a Friday(only I could make this mistake…), but not today.  Of course, my biggest challenge came on the last day…

Avocado Kale Salad With Roasted Cashews, White Fish With Lemon

Avocado Kale Salad With Roasted Cashews, White Fish With Lemon

I ended up eating lunch at Whole Foods again, this time with my dad on the way to Boston and then home for Easter weekend. When I got to the salad bar, all I could find was meat and tofu. And it looked goood. The one fish I was able to find had a wheat cracker coating, so I brushed that off and added a lemon wedge. It was totally overcooked and tough; in a phrase, it was Lent.

Avocado Kale Salad With Roasted Cashews

Avocado Kale Salad With Roasted Cashews

Trilogy Kombucha

Trilogy Kombucha

Of course, I had to have more of that amazing kale and avocado salad; I can’t wait to try to make this myself! And kombucha is on sale this week so I had a trilogy flavor to wash that all down. Yum!

Green & Black Cherry Dark Chocolate

Green & Black Cherry Dark Chocolate

Actually, before lunch I went for a run. My “prerun fuel” was 4 more squares of Green & Black cherry dark chocolate. Would I fuel with anything else 😉 I did not feel like I had energy the first 3 miles; in fact, I thought of cutting it short early just because it felt like I was “chugging along” and not really running. I may not run pretty, but I have good endurance and I convinced myself I could “chug” the full 9.5.

9.5 Miles At 8:12 Pace

9.5 Miles At 8:12 Pace

When I got back, my jaw almost dropped looking at my watch. I “chugged” the 9.5 mile route 3 minutes faster than I had so far this year. Apparently, I don’t know my own speed! That kale and avocado salad from yesterday must have been my running magic, which is why I took it again today 😉

"The Vegan" Cupcake

"The Vegan" Cupcake

I don’t suppose it would surprise you if I told you we went to another Whole Foods after passing through Boston, would it? This cupcake was part of my birthday celebration; it’s “chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips, a chocolate ganache center and chocolate frosting” and all vegan. It’s made by Kickass Cupcakes, so it’s all-natural, but it’s not gluten-free. I’ll just be paying for that last part later.

Cupcake And Coconut Ice Cream Sundae

Cupcake And Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream Sundae

First thing we grabbed at Whole Foods was chocolate So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream, a spoon, and a cup. There’s something so amazing about buying a pint of ice cream and eating it on the spot. When that was devoured, we got almost all our groceries for Easter Sunday, and headed across the way to the 2nd most glorious place on earth:

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's

I can’t believe this must have been the first time I went in to a Trader Joe’s in over a month! There were some new goodies to gawk at, but I wasn’t there to dilly-dally. My favorite fun find was milk chocolate peanut butter eggs(!!). I’m thinking/hoping these are going to be like the Reeses’ eggs.

Organic Fuji Apple

Organic Fuji Apple

Putting away the groceries, I snacked on an organic apple. The coconut milk I was trying to bring home totally went bad after 5 hours in the car 😦 Good thing we got a new can. We also wanted to eat out for a birthday dinner but the restaurant had nothing free tonight. Double 😦 Good thing we had groceries for dinner, too.

Maple Baked Tofu, Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potato Chunks Drizzled With Maple Syrup

Maple Baked Tofu, Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potato Chunks Drizzled With Maple Syrup

I did what I always do when I feel like a simple meal; I threw maple coated tofu, steamed broccoli, and raw sweet potatoes in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes. At least I know I couldn’t go wrong here. And you really do learn something new everyday. At dinner, my mom told me the man who started Nasoya lived two doors down when we first moved in(I would have been 2 or 3). I’ve always known Nasoya’s a Massachusetts company, but I didn’t realize we were that close. I like to think that means I’m eating local whenever I have tofu 😉

And now, as you might have guessed, I’m at home. Man Vs. Food is on the Television. I completely embrace the crappy and addictive shows whenever I can get them. Happy Friday and do enjoy whatever is your “guilty television programming” 😀

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12 Responses to “Why Fish For Lunch And Tofu Is Local”

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That cupcake. looks. delicious. I am majorly jealous…too bad it wasn’t GF though. Is the avocado kale salad premade or did you throw together stuff from the salad bar? The first place I ate at when I got home for break this week was WF, but I didn’t see that salad there. 😦

Lent is ALMOST over!

It was premade. I’m going to try to make it from scratch though for Easter

Glad you enjoyed my questions today on the bloggie LOL

Ok the kale with cashews looks awesome, as does the fish, even though i wouldnt eat it.

Vegan cupcake. NICE! But not GF. That’s a peeve of mine that as long as someone is going vegan, why not JUST also make it GF. That’s my major beef with ED & BV cookbook, she is most def NOT gf plus cooks with a pound of tofu in everuthing.

Did i miss something…you’re trying to go soy light and stevia light? Meant to ask you about that. Soy, i get. Stevia? I admit I use a ton. Other than cost, why would you cut back? haha!

I’m definitely not going soy light. In fact, once lent’s up I’ll probably be eating it more. Stevia I’ve been drawing out little by little and replacing with agave in hopes to lower my sweet tooth or at least get full off the sugars I do eat.

If you want to watch “food” TV on Friday nights, check out Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC (also online)!

I am hugely craving chocolate, so I am jealous of that cupcake! I’m sure you’ve already talked about this, but are you totally Gluten free now?

I had no idea that Nasoya was a MA company, cool! Happy Saturday, Evan!

Definitely not gluten-free 100% nor do I think I could be. There’ll always be a cookie or cupcake around the corner

I absolutely LOVE kale, but have yet to eat it straight up in salad form like that. It looks yummy with the cashews! 😀

Your cupcake looks pretty much amazing. 😀

I want that cupcake!

great running. the amazing weather is just a huge boon for running 🙂

I am jelous of your ability to go to TJ’s, even just once a month. Due to liquor laws in the beautiful state of CO, TJ’s will not be coming here anytime in the near future 😦

The cupcake looks great!!! Out here it seems that most cupcake shops have gluten free options, but then are not vegan. If it’s not one thing, it’s another, huh?


It’s true. The same shop has gluten free flavors, but none vegan. The real seller was the chocolate ganache in the center; I don’t like things too too cakey so that added a lot of richness and made it worth my while

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