Those Extra Miles I Didn’t Know I Had

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I don’t know what it was, but after this morning’s post I had no motivation for running :-/ I could feel the energy from the maple sugar leaf(drool), but something wasn’t clicking. I even sipped on half a can of Zevia Twist–no clue why! Finally I just threw myself out the door and hoped something would happen. At the very least, I had 3 new songs on my ipod to listen to. And I’ll say that the first miles were tough. Nothing was achey physically but mentaly something still hadn’t clicked. Trucking along I got more and more into it; before I knew it, I threw myself onto the long route I did Saturday without my Garmin.

13.23 Miles In 1:52:04

13.23 Miles In 1:52:04

And it was long! This is definitely my furthest distance running. And even though I was mildly tired by the end, mentally I was ready to go further. Do you ever feel like you need to get going before you really get going? I don’t even know how to process being able to do runs this long. And enjoy them! If only they didn’t drain time from the day. After that, lunch was canned.

Tuna And Chickpea Dill Salad, Raw Broccoli And Nut Cheese

Tuna And Chickpea Dill Salad, Raw Broccoli And Nut Cheese

Literally. I made a salad with the leftover kale, chickpeas, tuna, and lots of dill seasoning; dill is my favorite for fish and this was just like my favorite salmon burgers which I’m sure there’ll be plenty of in the Summer. And did you catch that other plate?

Raw Broccoli And Nut Cheese

Raw Broccoli And Nut Cheese

A lot of you had good guesses as to what was in that jar on the last post; the answer was nut cheese! Cashew cheese, to be exact. I’m definitely no expert and won’t even bother posting a recipe or how-to as of yet, because I’m still learning. The texture was perfectly airy and delicious. The flavor was more meh; it tasted like cashews. I think it needed to culture more, though–again–I’m so separated from the science of all of this.

Gingerberry Kombucha

Gingerberry Kombucha

This afternoon was spent procrastinating/packing more/etc. Instead of randomly snacking, I sipped on a new flavor of Kombucha. Among the benefits of kombucha is “weight management”; I would take any and all claims of the “health”iness of this drink with a grain of salt. BUT I will say that sipping on this throughout the afternoon definitely eliminated any random snacking and was far more tasty(OK, this is a preference). have you tried kombucha yet? Why do you drink it, if so? For me, it’s all about the flavor and probiotic boost.

Giovvana's White Chocolate Cranberry Gelato

Giovvana's White Chocolate Cranberry Gelato

Normally, I like low-fat fro-yo, or rich, fatty vegan ice creams. I forgot about this gelato buried in our freezer. I don’t even like gelato normally but this local brand has won my heart. It’s a lot softer in texture than what I think of as gelato. The white chocolate flavor is incredible; it’s a little curious the ingredients are “whole milk, cranberries, white chocolate, emulsifier”, but the brand is local and food-conscious so I wouldn’t question them. It’s so hard to track this down, though!

Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, And Watermelon

Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, And Watermelon

After my extended Spring Break, we really needed to pack it up and hit the road tonight. On the way, I snacked on some melons from Easter tossed with a little sea salt. Salt makes sweet fruit sooooo much better. Try it if you haven’t!

Roasted Carrots And Broccoli, General Gao's Chicken, Golden Sesame Tofu

Roasted Carrots And Broccoli, General Gao's Chicken, Golden Sesame Tofu

And dinner was at one of the best restaurants in town: Whole Foods. OK, there are better restaurants, but this is fast, easy, and everyone can get what they’d like. I had some roasted veggies, of course; these always taste better when you don’t have to roast them. And then I got a strip of General Gao’s chicken and golden sesame(fried) tofu. I know I’ve asked a lot of questions, but here’s what I really want to know: What do you get at the salad bar, Whole Foods or not? The last few times I got pretty boring stuff; what I really like to get is nasty, greasy stuff like I did tonight. I love it because I know it’s just as unhealthy but I feel better eating it because it’s from Whole Foods; really, what Chinese restaurant do you know that guarantees naturally raised chicken?

OK, my bed looks like a disaster zone because I just threw everything that didn’t need refrigeration on it and started blogging. I need to work on that and hit the hay for 9am class!

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17 Responses to “Those Extra Miles I Didn’t Know I Had”

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I loveeeee the Whole Foods salad bar- especially their plantains. I try to mix in some healthy stuff, too but their options are so tantalizing- as you know! It can get tricky;)

Okay, so here are my WF hot bar faves: vegan Thai dumplings, sweet potato/apple/fennel mixture, palak paneer (from the Indian section), hot/spicy sausage mixture, and mexican chicken salad (or the one with grapes and walnuts in it).

at my whole foods salad bar some of my favorites are cajun sweet potato wedges, broccoli rabe with garlic and red pepper, broccoli with sundried tomatoes and pine nuts, bbq seitan, and super foods grain salad (kale, cashews, cherry tomatoes, bulgar, etc). i also like getting the spinach/cucumber/avocado brown rice sushi!

I have tried Kombucha, but it’s not my thing. I call it prison hooch.

I usually get about 1/2 pound of salad goodness when I hit up the Hannaford’s salad bar, but I would love to hit up the Whole Foods Hot bar soon, I always find so many delicious goodies that I wouldn’t make myself!

I really admire your ability to push through not wanting to run. You have awesome stamina, Evan!

I haven’t tried kombucha yet…I bought myself some ginger kombucha during Christmas break, but forgot to drink it. It’s still on my list of things to try, though.

Okay, my favorites at WF: the roasted sweet potatoes, hands down (How do they get them so perfectly roasted and creamy on the inside?), Mediterranean kale salad, cucumber mint salad, asian broccoli, and any other random salad that strikes my fancy. I try not to put any salad dressing on it and just eat it with my toppings. I always save the sweet potatoes for last, though.

I love the WF salad bar. It’s my go to when I need to pack dinner and don’t feel like it. I usually try to even things out. I start with a big bed of baby spinach and a few other raw veggies (bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers) and then top it with all the less heathy goodies.

I had to laugh, you gave up tempeh! bacon for lent and you call tofu and brock greasy from WFs hot bar. I mean, you are truly a healthy boy. Love that about you! At your ripe old age no less. Adore.

I posted about watermelon today for prob the 1st time ever, just in passing, and here you ate it.

Dill with those chickpeas..just add some of the cashew paste to that, you will have a cheezy dill nut pate meets hummus of sorts.

The nut cheeze. Ok first, you need to add salt, lemon juice, proper fermentation, and varoius spices and since you’re ok w/ garlic and onions, do that. I will look up Ani’s nut cheezes later or google ani phyo nut cheeze and see what you can find online. She has the best ones. Or go the forums and google, those ppl know what they are doing 🙂

ketchup = sugar + tomatoes, perfect for me too 🙂

I LOVE the WF hot bar. I always go for the tofu dishes because I can never make them that good at home!

Whole Foods salad bar always has the BEST tofu!

Ive heard other people say that salt on melons is good! Thought they were crazy but maybe I’m the crazy one for not trying it yet!?

lol– I get “bad for you” salad bar toppings at Whole Foods too. The fried tofu just looks so golden and delicious!!

Mmmm…lurve gelato!

When I used to run I was NEVER in the mood, but once I started running I always loved it, and felt like I could keep going and going. I understand!

Regarding the tea you are drinking, I have seen it on many blogs lately. I have never tried it because well, I just don’t trust those probiotics. Yogurt and milk are the best carriers of probiotics and there is no evidence that the probiotics in that tea actually survive the shelf life and your intestines. I will only trust probiotics from yogurt and dairy products.

Ohhhh, the gelato looks so dreamy…. *sigh* 🙂

Having dinner at Whole Foods is definitely the best!! 🙂 My favorites are their okra and stewed tomatoes and the cajun spiced baked tofu – I’m a southern gal! 😉

I love the gingerberry kombucha! I drink it because it makes me feel good, and it does stop me from snacking…not sure why…

awesome run!!!

Awesome job on the run! Phew, you’re a machine! I definitely know what you mean about getting going before getting going. I had a run like that yesterday.

Can you believe I’ve never been to the Whole Foods Salad Bar? I’m going to change that soon…

when i’m at whole foods, i usually get a whole bunch of lettuce (since it’s light) and then load up on the prepared salads. i can’t be wasted with raw veggies and unmarinated beans b/c i can just get that stuff at home and it’s heavier! when i pay that much for the pound it better be big and filling and tasty.

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