Updates, Updates, And More Updates

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Because I know you all were worried sick about every little detail of my life, here’s an update on all of them. No, really.

Green Apple

Green Apple

Update on apples: I really don’t like green ones. They taste sour and yucky 😦 It’s also all the dining hall has. BUT they now have fair trade and organic bananas! Sure, they won’t stop bragging about them, but I think it’s still a win.



Update on our kitchen: I was spoiled at home. I had a nice, big, working stainless steel kitchen. Now the stove I usually use doesn’t work anymore, and the other kitchen in this building has a major ant problem; ain’t that cheery? That’s what I had to be creeped out by while cooking.

Update on the computer: We(my dad and I) assume it shuts itself off from overheating. After meals and meals, there’s probably way too much salt, coffee grounds, and other food particles trapped in the vent 😦 I took it to the service desk, and they wanted to hold on to it from 1-7 days. I couldn’t make that kind of commitment so I kept it.

Update on Betty White: I love her. Her SNL appearance will be in May, and I might even stay up past my bedtime to see it live(Shh, don’t tell anyone). Betty White fans? I’m guessing yes.

Burger Salad With Grass-Fed Beef, Sweet Potato Hash, Spinach, Nutritional Yeast, Ketchup And Sea Salt

Burger Salad With Grass-Fed Beef, Sweet Potato Hash, Spinach, Nutritional Yeast, Ketchup And Sea Salt

Update on ketchup: It’s a vegetable. Period. If french fries can be called a vegetable in schools, so can ketchup. Oh, and this was really tasty. I might have overcooked the burger(odd, because all I wanted to do was get away from the ants), but the sweet potato with nutritional yeast made up for that. And ketchup. Lots and lots of ketchup.

Update on midterms: I got 2 midterms back today. I did really well on the one I expected to do poorly on and not so well on the one I thought was a breeze. Isn’t that the way life goes?

Raspberry Chocolove Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Rush Kombucha

Raspberry Chocolove Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Rush Kombucha

Raspberry Rush Kombucha

Raspberry Rush Kombucha

Update on my diet: *Note: I’m using the word “diet” here as in “food intake” and not “weight loss eating”; the latter is not a concern of mine* I did some thinking last night in bed(usually, this turns out as bad as doing thinking while visiting WebMD and looking up random symptoms I think I have). I used to aim for 2 sources of probiotics a day; this always made things feel more “regular”. At some point, I stopped caring simply because I was addicted to yogurt and frozen yogurt and never had a problem with getting those 2 or more. Recently, I fell out of that habit. But I want to get back into it! So hopefully I will be with help from Chobani, So Delicious, and kombucha. I also realized I had no dark chocolate yesterday; an ounce of dark chocolate has been shown to be incredibly delicious reduce your chance of stroke and ease stress levels. I want to also aim for at least 1 ounce of dark chocolate a day. I think I had enough Chocolove for today and yesterday here 🙂 Lastly(bear with me; I want a lot because I’m a needy person), I still want to incorporate more raw foods with living enzymes into my diet, for similar reasons as the yogurt. While I wait and train to become a better raw (un)cook, fruit and vegetables like the banana and 2 apples I’ve had so far seem like the easier way to incorporate this.

Nut Cheese

Nut Cheese

Update on my nut cheese: It smells like a funky funky monkey, but still tastes a hell of a lot like cashew butter from the sample I had. I’ll give it until tomorrow morning and then move it to the fridge.

Green Apple

Green Apple

Update on these apples: Nope, not growing on me. But filling!

Grass-Fed Burger, Roasted Sweet Potato With Sea Salt And Cinnamon, Garlic Broccoli

Grass-Fed Burger, Roasted Sweet Potato With Sea Salt And Cinnamon, Garlic Broccoli

Update on repetetive eating: It’s gotten worse. We all know bloggers love to eat the same things, but really? All I was craving for dinner was a sweet potato and burger. If it’s any consolation, I only bought 3/4 lb of meat, so I won’t be eating many more unless I get to a Whole Foods one of these days. OH! New sales tomorrow! That just made my evening 😀

Broken Knife

Broken Knife

Update on my life: Today officially could not get any weirder. At this point, I’m just telling myself tomorrow will be better.

Update on the essay draft I have due tomorrow: I haven’t written anything, or even finished the book. Update me on your life and g’night!

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23 Responses to “Updates, Updates, And More Updates”

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Can I just tell you that the salt on that burger looks amazing?!? Wow. All of a sudden I want a bite, and that’s huge!

How did you break that knife my friend?!

I honestly don’t know. I took it out to cut the sweet potato and it just collapsed in my hand. I’ve broken them before stirring nut butter, but this was just weird

I wholeheartedly know the feeling one gets when a paper is due tomorrow and haven’t started… I have one due in two days :S

Kudos to you for always taking your probiotics. I think this is a new goal of mine. BTW, garlic with broccoli sounds fantastic. I think i might have to make something like it.

Do you watch how much red meat you eat? I love the burgers! And, gross to ants – ugh worst part about dorms…do you have to cook in their kitchen and then walk to your room??!!!
And that chocolate habit shouldn’t be too hard!! Haha – I definitely get more than my quota…not a good thing …:(

Haha, I love the updates! I don’t like green apples either, unless they’re baked in something. And Betty White rocks! Definitely worth staying up late for 🙂

Ketchup is definitely a vegetable 🙂 I love it on anything and everything!

And yay, probiotics. Reason #56784 why I love yogurt and Kombucha.

Wow. I fear the day when I break my knife, because it’s the only one I have that actually cuts through things…

As far as updates go, I have eaten far too much candy today. Too, too much. And that was a needless piece of info, haha.

I LOVE green apples and never ever understand how people hate them. But to each their own!

I also love Betty White- Golden Girls? Boston Legal? Anyone? She’s awesome.

I’m also a repetitive boring eater. But I do my best.

Thnx for the updates, and good night!

should i try kombucha? i’m a little afraid of it. i really hate tea so if it tastes too tea-y i will probably not enjoy it, but i love vinegary stuff so if that’s the overwhelming flavor, it might have potential…what’s a good flavor to try first?

It definitely doesn’t taste like tea. And any of the flavors with ginger are among my favorite

OMG I feel like the WORST repetitive eater. I feel like I post the same things over and over. But that’s what i eat. Plants. That are raw. The only thing that varies is the dressing or two. And that’s it! That’s where the desserts at least keep it interesting 🙂

Sorry you’ve been having ‘puter issues, that totally sucks, they are the WORST!

and also tummy issues. GEt off a little of that yogurt (b.c all the probiotics in the world cannot counteract the glommmy mucus forming nature of dairy) and take oral probiotic pills, sans dairy. My .02 that i gave you unsolicited, which of course, i hate people like me 🙂

happy nite, Evan!

I hate green apples too!!! My favourite is Red Delicious! I made the mistake the other day of buying some gross spartan apples that had about 1/2 inch think wax barrier on them. And a lot of them were bruised! Thank god I went to Cosco today to stock up on some more Red Delicious!

Hi! I’m a frequent reader/lurker.
So, since reading your blogs, I’ve integrated several new eats into my life, e.g. Kombucha, SoDelicious ice cream w/ coconut milk, dark chocolate. And wow, now I know why you rave about them so much! I just bought some coconut milk kefir that I can’t wait to try.

And agreed, green apples are no fun.

– Nell

I want to go on the kombucha/dark chocolate diet!! 🙂

Nutritional yeast on sweet potatoes! Yes!

Both your selections in Kombucha and dark chocolate flavors are excellent. I love how there are just chunks of raspberries in the bar.

Hope your life is a pleasant shade of normal today! Weirdness can be great, it just depends.

I am a huge chocolove fan, but I have bought it in forever because I have too many chocolate samples I need to go through. My favorite flavors have been cherry & almond dark and cherry & chili dark. While I love milk chocolate, I eat it WAY too fast.

Sorry to hear your computer is still acting up – good luck getting it repaired! I loved your WebMD comment, I have a love/hate relationship with that site, because I love to self-diagnose, but I hate thinking I have cancer once a week, haha.

Dude I just ate a burger the other night and now I want another one. You are killing me!

I totally agree that green apples just don’t work! I like pink ladies…I am kinda of weirdly picky about my apples though!

I love Betty White and I hate ants. I also love the way you eat. Just sayin.

I hate green apples but love Betty White…so we are in agreement 🙂

Sweet Betty White, she is everythig that is right on the world.

I had a similiar problem with my computer, a few weeks back. I won’t organic sugar coat it, I ended up buying a new one. Hope you have better luck than me.


HUGE Betty White fan here–Golden Girls was an essential part of my adolescence.

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