You Don’t Have To Run To Be A Runner

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This morning felt like the worst.

Pomegranate Walnut Crisp Honest Foods Bar

Pomegranate Walnut Crisp Honest Foods Bar

It was hot. I was stressed. I felt lethargic. I had just about every negative word in the book to say. I wanted to run when I knew I wasn’t mentally “there”. I had a piece of Honest Foodspomegranate walnut crisp granola plank, which was even more a tip-off I was stressed(granola is definitely my stress-food). 10 minutes later and I still wasn’t running or feeling any better.

No Meat Athlete T-Shirt

No Meat Athlete T-Shirt

I put on my No Meat Athlete shirt today, hoping it would inspire me to run. Instead, it did something of the opposite and I couldn’t be more grateful: It reminded me that you don’t have to run to be a runner. I have a bad habit of forgetting and needing to relearn lessons, like why labels don’t matter. Today, I had to relearn that you’re just as much a runner on a rest day as the days you go out. Meghann and Ashley are just as much ultra-marathoners now, even though they aren’t currently running one. And we’re all just as much food bloggers as when we aren’t taking photos of our food.

This lesson was in part learned this morning, when an update on the news about the West Virginian miners abruptly ended my pity party(please, pray for those families; it’s all they ask for). Part of it came in my Object History course when we did an exercise judging each other on our clothes. Immediately I was pegged as a vegetarian. I then had to explain why I wasn’t but still wore the shirt because I support Matt himself as a runner and the rights of ethically and naturally raised animals(touched on in my food philosophy). When I was asked if I was”OK” with people assuming I was a vegetarian, I didn’t know how to respond; of course I was “OK” with it, if the contrary opinion is that I could walk into a KFC and order some chicken without caring one bit about the animal that gave its life for that piece or how it was raised. Even if I wasn’t running a half-marathon then or eating raw food I was just as much a runner and a raw food enthusiast. I didn’t have to be doing either to be either. That is what I learned in class today.

Chickpea Salad With Raw Garlic Cheddar, Maple Golden Raisins, And Hemp Oil Spinach

Chickpea Salad With Raw Garlic Cheddar, Maple Golden Raisins, And Hemp Oil Spinach

For lunch, once I decided to not run, I made a highly raw salad, with chickpeas, spinach dressed in Foods Alive hemp oil dressing, Next Generation Organic Dairy raw garlic parsley cheddar cheese, and my attempt at maple golden raisins.

Chickpea Salad With Raw Garlic Cheddar, Maple Golden Raisins, And Hemp Oil Spinach

Chickpea Salad With Raw Garlic Cheddar, Maple Golden Raisins, And Hemp Oil Spinach

The organic hunza raisins were a new product from Tierra Farm. I wanted to rehydrate them in a mix of water and maple syrup; it worked a little bit and where it did was wonderful. But they needed much more time than the 1 hour I allowed.

Citrus Kombucha

Citrus Kombucha

In the beginning of Object History I sipped on a citrus kombucha; the ginger and lemon reminded me of a vinegary, unsweet lemonade on this 90 degree day and was the perfect flavor.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Zing Bar

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Zing Bar

A little later on, I snacked on an oatmeal chocolate chip bar by Zing. I got the chocolate chip part, but other than that this was just plain ol’ sweet. What I really liked moreso was the nutrition. It had a good amount of healthy fat from cashew butter, 10g of protein, and was sweetened with natural fruit juices and agave. I would have thought all that nutrition would’ve stuffed me up. It didn’t.

White Chocolate Cranberry Gelato

White Chocolate Cranberry Gelato

I was dreaming about this gelato all through class; how could I not outside on a 90 degree day? It tasted perfectly rich and sweet, and I ate it on my way to–drumroll–Whole Foods! I had a major salmon craving, and the weather was so nice. I couldn’t find a reason not to walk the 1.2 miles and pick up a dinner.

Citrus Salmon, Kale Avocado Salad, Raw Broccoli With Lemon

Citrus Salmon, Kale Avocado Salad, Raw Broccoli With Lemon

Citrus Salmon

Citrus Salmon

I brought this dinner of salmon, avocado-kale, and raw broccoli back to the dorm to enjoy. The salmon was perfectly what I needed to eat. And Whole Foods makes the best avocado kale! I need to take tips from them. And no one fret; I changed out of my No  Meat shirt before eating this 😉

Wow that post took a while! But I think it was worth it, and all stuff that needs to be said. Just because I haven’t been studying doesn’t mean I’m not a student, right 😉 And if this self-reflection helped or resonated with just one person, it will be worth it. G’night!

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18 Responses to “You Don’t Have To Run To Be A Runner”

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Good for you for listening to your body!!

Sometimes I have to tell myself the same thing, that I don’t HAVE to run every single day. When I just do what I want, it makes exercising ten thousand times more enjoyable. I need to learn to listen to my body more.

Yum, yum, your chickpea salad looks delicious. I just had some chickpeas on my salad for dinner and it hit the spot. Delicious.

The West Virginian families are in my prayers.

+1 to listening to your body! And I want… no I need that gelato!

Listening to your body is key- I had to do so today:( kinda sucked, but i’ll be back!

I’m glad to see you’re following the “No meat in the No Meat Athlete shirt” rule we discussed!

That’s cool that you guys happened to have that discussion in class on the day you wore it. I like your response to the question about whether you’d be OK with people thinking you’re a vegetarian. It’s strange to think that some people could take offense to that, but no doubt many do.

Hope you feel like running tomorrow! People say when you really don’t feel like running, it’s your body telling you it needs the rest. Who knows.

I definitely fall into the “must run every day even if I don’t want to” trap too! It’s always good to get a wake up call.

Is that an ice cream dish made to look like a cone? Or an actual cone…?

– Nell

It’s a little cup with a cone pattern

Great post Evan. I like the deep thoughts posts 🙂

The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Zing Bar. I love bars like that. I need to try to that one. it looks dense AND sweet. I mean, perf!

the salmon, kale, and brock. OMG That looks amazing. I ate salmon when i was pregnant, even though i am allergic to it, it sure tasted good going down 🙂 Yours looks great as does all that greenery.

I love that you asked us to pray for the families/mining. That is lovely.


I know what you mean, it can be very difficult living up to the titles we’ve given ourselves. No person is just one thing, and you are many wonderful things: student, runner, cook, etc. Sometimes a spontaneous rest day is mandatory, good job listening to yourself.

Oh, and white chocolate cranberry gelato? *picks self up off of floor* WHERE did you find that?

Unfortunately, it’s a very small, local brand you couldn’t find not in east MA or Rhode Island

Really interesting post. It’s important that we don’t let labels run our lives– although it can be hard to remember sometimes!

Great job listening to your body man. I am sure you will be ready to kick some ass out there tomorrow!

Thank you for this! I have been really down the last few weeks about having trouble running, but a short time off doesn’t mean I’m not a runner! I’m still a swimmer even though I don’t swim all the time!
Damn, I really want gelato now!

Mmm…your salmon looks awesome! 😀

And you’re so right…I love your thoughts on being a runner!

I love your realization. I so often catch myself falling into an all-or-nothing thought process. Really, nothing is all-or-nothing. Haha.

Hope you have a great day today!

Success…it motivated me to realize that I’m also still “a runner” even if I don’t run or don’t do a particularly swift run or want to take it easy. It’s healthy to remember that, since overdoing it is not something any of us want. My friends always say I’m a runner, and on days I don’t run I feel a little like I haven’t lived up to that, until I remember the same things you mentioned in your post.

Fantastic insight bud! Great to hear you are giving yourself a hint of rest for a change…

The funniest thing about running is that when I have a set schedule of running days/plans, I begin to CRAVE running after a rest day while I get excited for what i can do with my extra time FOR my rest days!! Its AWESOME! I just started on this running plan, 4 days a week and 1 day of cross training…and it works SO well for me!!

Gosh, look at the salmon. YUM. Your meals sounds absolutely awesome to me. I wonder if my WF has avocado kale!!!!

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