The Foods I Crave

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I’m a big fan of “eat what you crave”. I truly think cravings can be a way for your body to tell you something that you need. I also tend to crave really yummy things and might just use that as an excuse to eat them more often. Take your pick.

Grass-Fed Burger, Maple Tofu, Spinach With Sassy Hemp Oil Dressing

Grass-Fed Burger, Maple Tofu, Spinach With Sassy Hemp Oil Dressing

Today for lunch I craved a juicy piece of red meat. I do think I crave meat when my body wants proteins or specific vitamins at times but I would never assert that you need to eat meat or even dairy to get those. I think you can be completely adequately fueled and nourished whatever your diet may be so long as you pay a little more closer attention to what you might be missing. On the side I had some maple tofu, not really because I was craving it but it was Easter leftovers. I have craved tofu at times before; that’s always a fun and unexpected craving πŸ˜€

Cashew Almond Pranabar

Cashew Almond Pranabar

I think my lunch needed more veggies because it wasn’t very filling :-/ Happily, I broke in to the cashew almond Pranabar I packed. Even if it wasn’t what I was craving, this was good! Β I never would have guessed from the packaging it would be so chunky and nutty. I love that it’s mostly raw with living enzymes; and the nuts are chunky and delicious πŸ™‚ I definitely can’t wait to try more Pranabar flavors; I might even start to crave them.

Strawberry Chobani

Strawberry Chobani

What I was craving was a strawberry Chobani. My friend, Alex, ate one in our 1pm class and for the next 3 hours I couldn’t get my mind of the smell of sweet strawberries and the Summer air *swoon*. This did not disappoint, but it was a little too tiny to really fill me up before dinner.

Dining-Hall Apple

Dining-Hall Apple

If I ever do crave an apple, it’s a nice, fresh, crisp red delicious, and not this slightly bruised one that I had at hand. That being said, I go with what’s free and convenient. Did you know vegans can get all their Vitamin B12–something normally found in animal proteins–through the decay and bacteria on fruits and vegetables? I guess this was insurance if this burger didn’t have enough :-/…

Chickpea And Cheddar Salad With Maple Syrup And Maple Glazed Nuts

Chickpea And Cheddar Salad With Maple Syrup And Maple Glazed Nuts

Chickpea And Cheddar Salad With Maple Glazed Nuts And Syrup

Chickpea And Cheddar Salad With Maple Syrup And Maple Glazed Nuts

And I absolutely crave chickpeas; I could eat them for every meal, and I know I’m not the only one. They’re like little nuggets of vegan joy. Besides those, I don’t normally crave cheese but I do enjoy it(and love the bloggers who do crave it) and Next Generation Dairy makes a fine raw cheddar cheese. I topped off the salad with some Tierra Farm‘s maple glazed nuts and sea salt.Β Fun fact: I’m convinced if I ever start craving canned tuna, it means my sodium level is low. I’m also sipping a root beer Zevia with dinner, for anyone who cares; it’s my first stevia sweetened beverage of the day and after no coffee or tea I was craving something other than water.

What are you craving right now? Personally, I could go for some coconut milk hearing Β Heather talk about it so much lately. And I haven’t had my healthy ounce of dark chocolate yet today. Hmm… decisions, decisions. If you crave Greek yogurt, you’re in luck with thisΒ Oikos giveaway!


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21 Responses to “The Foods I Crave”

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Your body probably craves meat when it is low on iron. As a runner having an iron deficiency is common…

hmmmmmm let’s see…i always crave pizza, spinach, and pasta. in that order πŸ™‚

I was craving spaghetti and garlic toast tonight, so i used quinoa as the base with sauce and white beans on top. It was SOOO GOOD! Oh and I obviously had that garlic toast πŸ˜‰

Honestly? I have been craving dairy like woah lately. And I feel terrible succumbing to my temptations, because everyone seems to agree that dairy is a seriously unhealthy thing to be consuming. Is there anyone out there left that disagrees with this? Or is it universally acknowledged that dairy is bad and we just can’t stop eating it?

I don’t think dairy is very easy for digestion and have noticed myself being sluggish right after eating it, but that’s never stopped me from enjoying yogurt, cheese, or ice cream. I say if you keep craving it, go for it! There’s definitely something good to be said about the complete protein and calcium

I’ve been craving sweet and cold things…green monsters and ice cream to be exact πŸ˜‰

and evan did you know (i bet you do) that when your body does crave a certain something, whatever nutrient is in that food is exactly what your body is calling out for. so when people crave chocolate they might be low on magnesium, but they need to remember that dark choco is a much better source for magnesium than milk choco.
i crave cukes all the time…can’t figure out what nutrients are in there

I crave chickpeas ALL the time–there’s a reason it’s one of the biggest items in my tag cloud:) I was craving raw tofu today for lunch…so that’s what I had.

Prana bars are delicious! I definitely crave their blueberry coconut flavor. πŸ™‚

Im craving sweet potato fries like mad so I just popped them in the oven! Cant wait to eat em!

I crave yogurt and granola alot lately… could be simply pleasure-related reasons, though!

Funny thing, we were talking about cravings today in class and how apparently they are indicative of what your body needs…I don’t know if I completely buy into that, but if it means I can eat more figs and dates, I’m all over that!

I literally just ate dinner, so I’m not really craving anything other than perhaps some chocolate, which I don’t have. I think I’m going to make myself some mint tea instead…

lol…burger and tofu over salad. That is a great combo πŸ™‚ I really like those Prana bars too! Great chew and texture!

Lol now I am craving a burger πŸ˜‰

Would never have expected that my worst cravings would be bread! I can’t stop thinking of a thick good white bread toast with butter and honey. Too bad that’s not very healthy. At least it’s better than candy bars!

I crave sweet potatoes like WHOA

Love your opening paragraph, i feel like that little disclaimer was written just for me LOL you can get it plant based, listen to your body, etc. Love it πŸ™‚
And what you’re doing was what i was trying to get at in my post the other day, intuitive eating. Kids do it unless their mechanisms have been tainted by twinkie-feeing parents or mother who dont nurse and bottleprop and the baby has to either chug formula or choke. They chug. They stretch their stomachs and their mechanism is nver the same. That’s my science du jour. Unlikely this matters to you, an 18 yr old guy πŸ™‚

Loved the almond oil info in the last post.

Prana bars. Good have had 1 once, ages ago. I remember it as a chunky lara that’s more exotic and “raw” tasting.

Per iron, i just read kelly’s comment, you know that Beets are natures highest iron or one of? Peel them, sliced them like “cheetahs” bake covered at 400F for half hour, flip and uncover, dosed libearlly in EVOO or oil and S & P. amazing. Back to pregnancy sorry to start in agai, but i never once! took an iron pill while pregnant and i GREW a human. B/c of beets πŸ™‚ For 99% of women, that’s not the case.

I finally made maple tofu yesterday!! Actually an entire maple stir fry, rather than baking, because I wanted food fast. It was so amazing, I did the exact same thing with different veggies today. Yesterday was tofu, portobello mushroom, onion, mixed peppers. Today was butternut squash cubes, fennel and asparagus (this was def a winner!!!) I think next time I’ll add flaked coconut to it.
Thanks for the great ideas!
I also love when I get cravings so that I get the chance to listen to my body. I think everyone, though myself in particular, get into routines and just sort of eat because it’s time to eat, or eat whatever is available, or eat what I think I should eat rather than what I feel like. I tend to never even get the chance to feel true hunger, so I totally appreciate stomach growls so that I can honor it, and cravings too. Like maple tofu πŸ™‚

If I ate everything I craved, I’d weigh more than a gigantic manatee. But since you asked!

-Reeses Pieces
-Chocolate cake
-White Chocolate
-Crunch bars

I was just craving strawberries & ricotta, but I ate that so, craving satisfied.

And I have been craving olives all week!

I’m craving some ice cream actually πŸ™‚

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