What’s In The Oil?

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I feel like I’m part of that Reddi Wip commercial asking “Oil or cream?” Uhh, you know what, keep both.

Oatmeal With Vanilla Almond Butter

Oatmeal With Vanilla Almond Butter

But what I would like to know is what’s in the oil that we constantly stir(or not) back into or nut butters? Last night, my Naturally Nutty vanilla almond butter was a bit more than thick; it was more like almond meal than butter. I had a thought: Why not take the oil off of plain almond butter and rehydrate this one? That’s what I did, and it worked beautifully. Afterwards, I decided to look a little more into almond oil.

Apparently, it’s not so obscure an ingredient. You can buy pure almond oil from plenty of sources, and among its uses other than cooking is body care. It’s high in monosaturated fats and is good to keep around because the low number of essential fatty acids in it(the omega-3’s that we otherwise want a lot of via fish, flax, hemp, or other fats) means it won’t go rancid quickly, even at room temperature. Did you learn something about almond oil? I sure did!

Birthday Cake And So Delicious Mint Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Birthday Cake And So Delicious Mint Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream

For sort of a “dormroom sundae”, I had the last piece of Bob’s Red Mill cake with the last scoop of So Delicious mint chocolate ice cream. I love finishing  things! It gives you an excuse to get more new stuff, right? 😉 This was so delicious(pun not intended), but it made me realize that, for all the coconut milk ice cream I’ve had, I don’t think I’ve had “coconut ice cream”. Weird, huh? I’ll have to look for that one next.



I love learning about my readers. For instance, from this post I learned you’re all hardcore when it comes to waking up and getting to the gym! I love it. And today I figured I could be “hardcore” to. I got up at 6:15(which clearly would be sleeping in for a lot of you), grabbed a banana and some water, and hit the streets.

11.55 Miles

11.55 Miles

The weather in the early morning couldn’t be more perfect for running this time of year: slightly cool with a breeze. And it was so much more busy than I would have guessed it to be! Apparently, there are more morning runners in this city than I know. A convoluted path and a stop at Whole Foods later, I went 11.55 miles and whipped up a breakfast for class.

Pumpkin Oats With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Vanilla Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

Pumpkin Oats With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Vanilla Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

Again, I did the oil trick: A little pure peanut oil in the the butter toffee flavor and it was the right consistency once more. Peanut oil is much more commercially available than almond oil for cooking and frying, but it has a lot of the same properties. The major difference I found was that peanut oil is often more fragrant and nutty than almond, at least when it’s unrefined. The yogurt tasted especially good this morning, and I don’t know why; I guess candy on yogurt can’t be bad 🙂

How do you like your peanut butter? Runny? Thick? I definitely hate mine to be runny; I want something thick and wet, like an actual butter and with a sort of fibrous mouth-feel to it.

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21 Responses to “What’s In The Oil?”

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I love thick butter… the kind that sticks to your ribs!

Very interesting stuff! That butter toffee flavor sounds so good! I like thick peanut butter! I like keeping it in the fridge.

I want my peanut butter thick and crunchy!

in my oats, i like my pb to be runny. but on bread – thick and crunchy!

Lol I don’t think I have ever seen you eat a banana 😉

ICK…I hate runny PB. I like mine thick. I actually prefer crunchy over creamy!

I like it to be thick, too. If I want it runny, I can microwave it!

I’m with you, I like it thick too! This was a very informative post 😉

your dormroom sundae is about 10000x healthier and better than anything i made in college 🙂

i like my PB thunny – a nice mix of thick and runny!

I like my PB thick!! Except not so thick that it won’t melt into my oats 🙂

when’s your next half marathon?? I remember that you signed up for one, but forget when! haha

It’s May 2nd. And an early one, too, with an 8am start

Nice and thick! Sometimes I don’t mix up the Justin’s squeeze packs enough and it starts to come out runny which is no good!

Ditto on the way you like your nut butters!

I like my pb THICK!! i hate when its runny!! just like you 🙂 nice job on the 11.56 miles..you are a ROCKSTAR, evan!! i could nver keep up with yoU!! haha

Yeep. That Ready Whip stuff gives me the creeps with its crazy ingredients. I’ll take PB any day. Speaking of which, please give me THICK peanut butter that stays on the spoon. Sometimes I’ll pour a little of the oil out before mixing to make it a little thicker – perfect.

I like my nutbutters thick and if not crunchy, at least with a rougher texture.

Very cool info about almond oil. Clever trick for “rehydrating” the mealy AB.
I like my PB thick but meltable…I hate it when it’s so hard that it just stays in a hard ball.

I like my pb running if i’m eating it in cereal or yogurt…but thick when it’s on my sandiwches!

Oh you MUST try and find real coconut ice cream, it is so, so lovely… I have found it in thai and indian restaurants before- but I’m not sure as regards the U.S! Btw, nut oils (i.e. not peanut) have traditionally been used over salads/ or for dipping etc, because they are ‘delicate’ in flavour 😉 Have a good weekend, despite the work. I feel your pain!

I like having both runny and thick depending on if I want to drizzle it or not.

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