Sundae Friday At Ben & Jerry’s

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Happy Friday! I can’t get the lyrics “Everybody’s working for the weekend” out of my head; if that was true for you, well good news: it’s here! I have plenty of homework, though, and not much else on my mind for the time besides that; I hope you’ve something more enjoyable on your plate. Speaking of plates(or bowls)…

Maple Tofu And Coconut-Maple Chickpeas Over Spinach

Maple Tofu And Coconut-Maple Chickpeas Over Spinach

For lunch, I threw pre-cubed, firm tofu from the dining hall in the oven after a little maple syrup bath and had that on one side of the plate. On the other, I added a little coconut milk to the remainder of a can of chickpeas and drizzled maple syrup on top, sprinkled with some sea salt. I’m not sure what made me think to put maple syrup and coconut milk together but I’m so glad I did! Seriously, this combination was divine. I loved having this all over spinach, too, because that just soaked up the juices.

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's

My afternoon was pretty tediously spent on assignments which I won’t bore you with. Around 3:30, I stepped out into the rain for a field trip to Ben & Jerry’s on Thayer St. Over the past 5-6 weeks, I’ve started a tradition of “Sundae Friday”. This Friday, I couldn’t have been more enthused for a sundae.

Brownie Sundae

Brownie Sundae

While there, I ordered a brownie sundae. First, they heated up a brownie from the display case. I chose Fair Trade Vanilla as my flavor and two small scoops were added on top. On top of that went a parade of hot fudge sauce, finished off with a coating of fresh whipped cream.

Warm Brownie, Fair Trader Vanilla Ice Cream, Fudge Sauce, Fresh Whipped Cream

Warm Brownie, Fair Trader Vanilla Ice Cream, Fudge Sauce, Fresh Whipped Cream

While I try to avoid gluten and dairy fat because of their difficult digestion, I can digest both. And today my longing for a sundae was beyond absurd, so Ben & Jerry’s it was!

Warm Brownie, Fair Trader Vanilla Ice Cream, Fudge Sauce, Fresh Whipped Cream

Warm Brownie, Fair Trader Vanilla Ice Cream, Fudge Sauce, Fresh Whipped Cream

And–again–while I don’t love the Ben & Jerry ice cream, I do love their company for their activism and awareness. By the end of 2010 they plan on using only cage-free eggs, and by 2012 have a completely fair trade ingredient list; the vanilla I had today was just the start of that movement. All their flavors already have all-natural ingredients. Even in their scoop shops, I was impressed with the quality of ingredients, certainly not the least of which being fresh whipped cream instead of something more convenient like Reddi Wip.

All Gone

All Gone

While it’s obviously important to eat well and exercise a moderate amount, it’s equally important to treat yourself. And there are other ways to “feel good” about what you eat besides it being healthy. For some, that’s having the 80-20 mindset, and for others that’s veganism; for me, it’s a natural and ethical ingredient list. Have you treated yourself lately? I hope so, or living would get tough! What mindset makes you “feel good”? Of course, at some point we all have to get back on the wagon…

Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potato, Maple Baked Tofu, Soy Sauce

Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potato, Maple Baked Tofu, Soy Sauce

Besides the fact that I’m horribly monotonous, this was incredibly tasty. I still had a little maple tofu from Easter to eat up, so I roasted broccoli, sweet potato, and a little extra tofu; I think I made too much tofu in the end, because that dominated the bowl. Oh well, it’s my favorite ingredient, especially when it’s slightly soft and mushy on the inside 😀

As if the monotony couldn’t get worse, I realized 1 week ago today I had the same dinner, and my afternoon snack was 1/2 a vegan cupcake with ice cream, haha. With any luck, that’d mean I’m eating at Grezzo’s tomorrow and Easter’s on Sunday again; wouldn’t that be nice.

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8 Responses to “Sundae Friday At Ben & Jerry’s”

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Amen – here’s to treating yourself! 🙂

That whole thing looks so good! I can honestly say your garbanzo bean/spinach concoctions are just as appealing as that ice cream amalgam! If only everyday could be Sundae, though! 😉

Love that you dredge everything in maple (and coconut milk). Perfect!

The madhava vanilla from the last post…I have that! I bought it like a year ago and forgot I have it til like a month ago and I opened it for the first time and tried it. Definitely a nice “treat” but at 2x/price oz for oz (or thereabouts) as regular agave, I think I may just add vanilla extr or nilla stevia to my agave. That last sentence makes me ask myself, am i nuts…sweeten much? LOL

Love your sundae action too. Treat myself…yes I indulge in way too much coffee, daily. With real sugar. And i freakin love it!

Yay for treating yourself! I’m all about the 80-20 mindset. Works great for me.

oh what great flavors to add to the tofu!

mmm maple baked tofu? sounds amazing! I’ll definitely be having to try that soon!

I am so bad at cooking tofu… How do you make it look sooo good???

I couldn’t agree with you more, we have to treat ourselves once in while!

Good Luck with all of you school work!

there are days when all i crave is the warm hot fudge sauce. oh man.

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