Rough Night And Maple Talk

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Ugh, I don’t know where to start. Aren’t Sunday mornings when you’re supposed to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated and ready to tackle on another day? I definitely was not able to get enough sleep, and my throat’s soar so I’m drinking tea like there were a fire there and I could put it out :-/ On the bright side, my Saturday night started out promising.

Walnut Date Boomi Bar

Walnut Date Boomi Bar

I sat down with this Walnut Date Boomi Bar to watch Anchorman and get some serious work done. You’d think the two wouldn’t work together, but they did. Every time I see that movie, I like it more(I hated it to begin with so that doesn’t have to be saying much). The bar as also not a disappointment; I loved how it tasted simply of walnuts, dried fruit, and a touch of honey. I think there could have been the raisins left out and honey brushed up a bit, but overall this was fantastic. And hand rolled?! Did I read that right? Amazing.

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Mint Chocolate

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Mint Chocolate

I wasn’t hungry for much, so I just finished off the night with the rest of my Alter Eco dark chocolate mint. I can’t believe 2 night-time snacks and this bar is already gone 😦 I’ll have to get another; I love the bits of whole sugar in here! It’s definitely a textural and taste sensation.

I also managed to write and submit a full rough draft of my before going to bed!! That was the one thing I’ve had looming over my head all weekend, and to be honest I thought it would take a lot longer and I might not get it down with all my other work. But now I feel like I won’t be chained to books until Tuesday night, and that’s a very good thing 😀

2 Apples

2 Apples

Around 2:45 was when the trouble began; I woke up to go to the bathroom and couldn’t get back to sleep 😦 There was a loud party downstairs that kept me up probably until 4:20. I ate an apple around 3 and then another around 4. I get that people want to party, I do. I can’t really blame them. But last night was absurd. At one point, a girl got her feelings hurt apparently and took it upon herself to run around screaming and crying and banging. After some random person wrote on my door, I locked things up.

But the past is the past.I slept in a bit extra, woke up with a sore throat, and finally had an appetite for breakfast. Food tastes so much better when you really, truly want it. And all I wanted was a big bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter.

Pineapple Chobani, Oatmeal With Homemade Peanut Butter And Maple Butter

Pineapple Chobani, Oatmeal With Homemade Peanut Butter And Maple Butter

Oatmeal With Homemade Peanut Butter And Maple Butter

Oatmeal With Homemade Peanut Butter And Maple Butter

And a big bowl it was. I upped the amount of grains and made a special peanut butter out of Teddie’s, sea salt, brown sugar, and maple butter. I wanted to try and remake Garden Grille’s, but this wasn’t quite that good. On the side, I had a pineapple Chobani, hoping that the probiotics in there will help prevent anything I might be coming down with.

Maple Talk

As if you can’t tell by the maple butter dousing my oatmeal, I’m a maple freak. But it occured to me that not everyone grew up in New England with lumberjack grandparents who feed a maple addiction, so I thought I’d give a little lesson on the different kinds of maple. I’d also like to take now to unveil my review page Justin’s Maple Almond Butter; I’ve had this in my pantry almost a year now and finally got around to writing about it.

Maple Syrup: The most common form of maple available, the sap from the tree is cooked down to a syrup, making for a pure, unrefined sweetener thinner than honey and involving no animal by-product.

Maple Taffy: This is the product of cooking down maple syrup a bit more. More moisture is taken out, leaving a rich, thick taffy. Unsuitable for pouring over breakfast goods, this is reserved mostly for use on ice cream or even snow.

Maple Sugar Leaf

Maple Sugar Leaf

Maple Sugar: The sugar is the maple with all of its moisture removed. It is solid at room temperature and has a brown, rich flavor to it that regular sugar doesn’t. It can be substituted in any recipe at a 1:1 ratio with regular sugar.

Maple Butter: With a slightly higher moisture content than maple sugar, maple butter has to be kept in the fridge lest it melt into a thick taffy. Maple butter is granulated and perfect for spreading on toast. Note: It involves no real butter and is 100% maple.

Clearly, we New Englanders have a religion around maple products. Don’t try to tell me the “maple flavored syrups” or “sugar free maple syrup” are any kind of real food; they aren’t. You just can’t go wrong with the pure, true stuff itself. But if maple syrup isn’t your thing and chocolate is, check out Avery’s Chocomize giveaway!

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16 Responses to “Rough Night And Maple Talk”

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Sorry about the rough night :-/ At least the oatmeal looks delicious!

Love the “maple lesson”

My dad is actually outside taking down his sap lines right now!

I saw the boomi bar on another blog and was asking about it and then you just happened to post about it, awesome timing!

ugh. loud parties. college. though, i think that would’ve been me throwing the loud party. i apologize on behalf of your dorm mates.

Thanks for the linkage.

Thanks for the maple info!!! Love that! I have never had maple butter b/c I am cheap$ and it’s always been quite pricey (rightfully so). I have had maple sugar before but also never made taffy. I bet I could try that at home…but visions of bubbling vats of maple boiling over my stovetop dont inspire me to want to try. I’m raw b/c it’s easy LOL

Sorry bout the sleeping drama. And tell (drunk) feelings hurt girls to pipe down at 4am. Sheesh!

Sorry you had such a crummy night! I have to say though, like Lynn, I probably would have been down at that party, jumping on someone’s bed screaming Kelly Clarkson songs…

You are *so* right on with maple syrup. Sugar-free does not compare…at all.

Yummm, I’ve had one of those maple leaf sugar candies and just about died…that way it melts in your mouth is just too good – I’m jealous that is in your possession. 🙂

stinks about the rough night. but at least it wasn’t on a weeknight as some on my campus (and likely yours too) are so inclined to do and you were able to take advantage of sunday by sleeping in a bit. buttt since they were keeping you up you should have gone to join them 😉

Maple is yummy! Hope you start to feel better soon!

I think that’s one of the hardest parts of being a college athlete-wanting to sleep at normal hours when everyone else is partying! Your dedication to a healthy lifestyle, even while living in dorms, is impressive!

I linked through to your blog from Love Veggies and Yoga a few days ago and I look forward to reading more!
Oh, and I loove maple! I also think that maple and peanut butter were meant for each other.

If you ever need any ideas for gluten-free food you can check out my blog!

Thanks for the maple info–I live far, far away from New England, but I like to think I have a healthy appreciation of the pure stuff too. Maple syrup actually has lots of antioxidants in it, so I say drink up:)

I LOVE maple syrup!

Hopefully you can get over that little cold pretty quickly. Running actually helps me feel better if you are up to it.

Hope you get some time to relax now! sounds like you’ve been busy!

What do you mean they “wrote on your door”?? Hopefully, tonight will be better for you. Chocolate doesn’t even last 2 nights in my place….

Lol, I’m from Canada- Maple Syrup is our thing. I think they sell it in every souvenir shop! You should’ve seen how crazy they got when the Olympics were here! Nothing beats the taste of real Maple Syrup!

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