So Sick…

Posted on April 13, 2010. Filed under: Daily Update |

I started feeling off late this morning, and it has really flared up over the last hour. I havd a post planned but I can’t do much of anything right now so I just uploaded my day so far. I’m taking an emergency trip home now. Hopefully, that’ll help, or at least I won’t have to fend for myself tomorrow. Wish me good health.

Free Goat Cheese

Free Goat Cheese



Salmon, Goat Cheese, And Avocado Salad With Raw Avocado Dressing

Salmon, Goat Cheese, And Avocado Salad With Raw Avocado Dressing, Multi-Green Kombucha

Vanilla Coconut Milk Yogurt With Goji Berries

Vanilla Coconut Milk Yogurt With Goji Berries


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21 Responses to “So Sick…”

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Ohhh – take care Evan! What kind of sick? Stomach or flu-like sick? I recommend some TV, ice cream that’s easy on the tummy and then some hot drinks ;)…hot and cold can be good no?

Feel better soon!

Evan, I hope you start to feel better – enjoy home & crappy tv if you can!

aww i’m sorry you’re sick. i hope you feel better soon! at least you get to go home. i’ve been sick quite often up here at school, alone in my dorm with nobody to take care of me :(. haha, i’m kidding. but not really.

I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well 😦 Rest up and enjoy some good food at home!

Blargh! Feel better soon. Going home was definitely the right decision!

Hope you feel better soon! Its good to see someone eating so nutritiously. It makes the sickies far less worrying!
Hang in there and ice cream always helps 🙂

Oh no…I am so sorry Evan!!! Feel better ASAP!

Feel better!

Is it a stomach thing or a flu thing?

Feel better soon!

Get better quick!!!! I miss ya already!

Oh no…hope you feel better!!!

I hope you feel better soon Evan! Getting to sleep in your own bed always helps!

I hope you feel better, Evan. Rest up and get well soon!

Evan I am sooo sorry to hear this!!!! if you’re on email, take probiotics, about 3x the recommended dosage. It will jumpstart your immune system (80% of which resides in your gut) and if your gut is imbalanced, it will help restore that too. Acidophilus and bifidus is best for GI stuff.


Oh no! I hope you feel better!

oh no, feel better!!!

Hope you feel better soon!

Hope you’re feeling better, Evan! Enjoy the ice cream 🙂

FEEL BETTER EVAN!! Lots of probiotics, garlic, electrolytes, host defence and RESIST-X!!! Vit C! Seriously, I really hope you’re okay. You aren’t the type to suddenly get so sick that you need to go home stat. Keeping you in my thoughts!

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