Target Finds And 10 Reasons To Love Home

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Hey, all! As if I couldn’t be more confusing, I’m back to blogging from my dorm. I felt good enough today to come back for my Thursday classes. In all honesty, I wanted to come back early today to go to the classes I missed, but common sense prevailed and I needed to rest. Would you believe those are the only 2 classes I’ve missed all year?! I’ve always been the type of person who hates missing classes and trumped to school when he was sick >:-( Were you like that? Or were you more than happy to have an excuse to miss class πŸ˜›

Newman's Own Organic Super Dark Chocolate

Newman's Own Organic Super Dark Chocolate

I knew I was feeling more like myself when I wanted to snack on some Newman’s Own Organic Super Dark Chocolate before lunch…

Grass-Fed Burger, Indian Fries, Sea Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips

Grass-Fed Burger, Indian Fries, Sea Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips

The weather today was lovely. It took every ounce of my strength not to break rest and move around outside. Instead, we gassed up the grill to enjoy the sun. I prepared sweet potato fries with EVOO and indian spice last night before I got sick, so we reheated those up along with a grass-fed 85/15 burger. And then there were Sea Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips with extra sea salt. Yum! I think I’m addicted to chips in the good weather.

Jokerz Candy Bar

Jokerz Candy Bar

Jokerz Candy Bar

Jokerz Candy Bar

As we drove around town to run some errands, I cracked open a Jokerz candy by from Go Max Go Foods. Love these! If I didn’t limit myself to 1 a week I’m sure I’d be in the poor house before I knew it. Speaking of the poor house, my favorite store, Target, will do that to you. And look what I found!

Luna Protein Cookie Dough Bars

Luna Protein Cookie Dough Bars

S'mores Z-Bars

S'mores Z-Bars

Disclaimer: I didn’t actually buy either of these; I have enough bars to last me through a snow storm and more. But I did find it interesting that 6 cookie dough Luna protein were only $5.99! Also, remember Spooky S’mores? They’re now a permanent flavor! Wahoo! I think I’m going to base my diet around bars now just so I can run out and have an excuse to buy these(not really(sort of)).

Fruit & Nut Boomi Bar

Fruit & Nut Boomi Bar

Boomi Bars are a good deal more natural than the Luna’s, anyway. I loooved the nutty flavor of this one; something about whole hazelnuts really put a smile on my face πŸ™‚ And it was a good deal fruity, too. It just seemed to have too many sesame seeds 😦 I’ve never been a fan, and this wasn’t Fruit & Nut & Seed.

Yummi Bears Sourz Multi-Vitamin

Yummi Bears Sourz Multi-Vitamin

I made one last purchase at Whole Foods that was a tough decision to make: Yummi Bears Sour multi-vitamins. In the past, I’ve always been somewhat against multi’s, saying that it’s better to just pay and get your nutrition from the foods you eat! And I still believe that. But lately I’ve been frustrated with the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in my diet. And, short of going to Whole Foods every few days and dropping way too much $$ on produce, I haven’t been able to find a fix for this. The sudden illness just put that all over the top, so I thought for my last month on campus I’d keep the nutrition up by taking a multi-vitamin to ensure nutrition. Yes, I realize these are children’s and yes I realize they’re sour bears. Why else would you think I’d buy them πŸ˜‰

Tofu And Tempeh With Broccoli And Coconut

Tofu And Tempeh With Broccoli And Coconut

Dinner was a simple 5 ingredient meal:

  • Soy Sauce
  • Tempeh
  • Tofu
  • Broccoli
  • Coconut Shreds

I cubed the tofu and tempeh and threw those in a pan over medium-high heat. As they were cooking, I added the soy sauce toΒ sauté them in. Meanwhile, I steamed broccoli in the microwave for 3 minutes and then threw that in the pan for the last few minutes while everything cooked down. Over the top, I added shredded coconut for the nuttiness of it(it probably would be more flavorful toasted but I already had washed the pan and moved upstairs. I don’t normally love tempeh, but from time to time it’s a nice change of protein.

Going home reminded me of all the reasons it’s a great place to be. In fact, I’ve found it easier not to want to go home simply by forgetting all the reasons it’s a great place to be. But, alas, I can’t fight those feelings anymore, and so I made a list of the 10 things I’m looking forward to about living at home over the Summer.

  1. Montana(and the other people, potentially)
  2. A bigger refrigerator
  3. A quiet room and bed
  4. Fresh produce and food
  5. Grilling
  6. Baking
  7. All my wonderful neighbors
  8. Farmer’s markets visits
  9. A paying job(?)
  10. Less expectations and more time to be lazy πŸ˜›

Why do you love home?


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23 Responses to “Target Finds And 10 Reasons To Love Home”

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i’ve almost bought gummy vitamins many times. sadly, they lack iron, which is the one thing i know my body sometimes lacks. no fun vitamins for me!

gah I hate missing classes! I once missed a voluntary Discussion and felt soooo guilty- it didn’t help the fact that it started to storm right after!.. O_O

I think getting children vitamins are better in a way so you don’t overdose on vitamins when you do get a “good” amount πŸ˜€ just my 2cent~

i loved living at home! after college I lived there for a year and a half and loved it! it did get to the point where it was time for me to be on my own, but loveee going home always πŸ™‚

taget has some GREAT finds!!

you dont like sesame seeds?!? i would havenever guess that!!

sour gummy bear vitamins?? um yeah… I think I need these. How’s Brown? I know a guy going there from my school who has a track scholarship!

I STILL can’t find the S’mores Z-bars! I feel so deprived… 😦

On a more positive note, though, I’m glad you’re starting to feel a little better. Like you, I’m the type that typically goes to school unless I feel like death.

I’m right there with you on the bars. I have enough to last me through the next natural disaster. Unlike you, however, I have no self control and bought three boxes on sale at Target. Bad me πŸ™‚

I love living at home because I always have access to good food and I can always find someone to give me a hug if I have ever had a bad day!!
I also NEVER miss classes. I had to leave a class early for the first time Today and I was so scared… I had to get to a therapy appointment and I had to leave class 45 minutes early!! 😦

same reasons you love home πŸ˜€

i hate missing classes too. something similar happened to me during my freshman year. i was home for the weekend already and my doctor ordered me to stay home an extra day. i don’t know if my tears were from the exhaustion i was under or the fear of missing classes! haha.

glad to hear youre okay!

Ahhh, yes, there’s really no place like home. I think about that all the time, living so far away from mine. You sound like you have an awesome summer lined up– it’ll be here before we know it!

Last time I was at Target, I bought gummy vitamins too! And a romper, but that’s a less important fact;)

Very excited about the s’mores zbars!

Evan, I’m so glad you are a huge nerd like me!! haha, in a good way πŸ™‚ I’m proud of the fact that I only missed 5 (or 6?) classes during my entire college career. It obviously helped me! It will help you too.

I will never pay more than a dollar for any bar, that’s my deal with myself. I always wait until they are on sale, or buy them in bulk!

I love home because of the delicious Italian food that my dad makes all of the time! its truly comforting to me.
I remember eating on campus was really hard too (i just graduated college last may). I am a veg as well and was taking disney princess gummies to supplement lost nutrients.

I love home because the people I care about most are there πŸ˜‰

I work part time at Target, so I find the store to be a little less fun than I used too πŸ™‚ But you’re totally right, we do have a good selection of bars and organics. The funny thing is though, the WF in my area is actually the same price or cheaper for all of these same brands. So I usually just shop there. Everyone talks about how expensive it is, I don’t get it because I really don’t think its bad at all.

I’m glad you feel better πŸ™‚ And my home is Upstate NY.. as in, the very top, practically Canada. And there is nothing up there so the only things I miss are family, friends, and the leaves in the fall. Oh yeah, and the bagels!!!

I have never bought or tried a Z Bar. I think they are prob like Jokerz that once you pop, you cant stop so i should prob avoid πŸ™‚

I am worried those Lunas arent selling well b/c i see them really cheap every where i go now…sometimes target also put slightly smaller sized bars in the multipacks so they can make em cheaper that way.

Anyway i am SO GLAD you’re feeling better!!!!!! I was really really worried about you. Seriously was thinking about you and praying you didnt end up in the hosp or anything crazy! Whew. you’re fine and alive and almost well.

Multi vite. In college with all those other germy ppl, yes, take one!

I never missed classes in jr high and h.s. but in college, i cut class left and right the ones I knew i could Ace just from reading the book. Why listen to the teacher drone on if i didnt need to was my theory πŸ™‚

I only skipped class a few of times in college and it was only for bike races (I raced in college) and when I was super sick (which happened at least once a year, stupid dorm germs)!

i love your coconut on top of dinner! i wouldn’t have thought of that before.

oh man, home…i’ll be there soon; 4 weeks~ well, until i move out again, two days afterwards. awesome.

I’m so with you on the not having a job part- going back to grad school after 3 yrs in paid employment, just doesn’t sit well with my work ethic ;( If it helps, don’t forget you are getting serious vitamins and minerals in your other foodstuffs- tofu, oatmeal, milk, nuts, yes even chocolate, and it aaaallll adds up! Check to see the percentages if it helps! Don’t fall into the bloggosphere trap- although I know you are wise beyond your years anyway! Besides, ODing on some vitamins/minerals can actually have pathological consequences themselves- espec your fat soluble ones. I seriously miss my homes- my parents one, and London, where I lived for 6 yrs and all my friends still are. Theres something comforting about familiarity, and people knowing you inside out and still accepting you. Sorry for the long comment! πŸ˜‰

Oh, and I never used to miss classes or exams- to the point of me collapsing at the end of my second yr uni exams with a severe chest infection. I still haven’t learnt my lesson- Catholic inborn trait?!

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