Nutrition Starts TODAY

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Rise and shine! It’s always easy to say that when you’re the one who got a good nights sleep, but a nightmare to hear on the other end. Right? I am so ready to start my day, get back to classes(which, according to this post, a lot of you can sympathize with), and maybe sneak a run in? Only if it doesn’t feel like an overexertion.

Sweet Scoops Black Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Sweet Scoops Black Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

I grew up always eating ice cream at my grandparents house. Lots and lots of ice cream. Because of that, I developed a strong taste for the “old people flavors”, or at least the ones they always kept: black raspberry and coffee. Black raspberry easily trumped coffee in my book, along with most other flavors. And so I was super excited to find a brand that makes an all-natural one. And they’re local! Double bonus 🙂

The actual flavor was a little light on the sweetness and a touch icey. That said, I’ll gladly finish this pint, and I’m sure there’s another one down the road I’ll have, too. Last night, I got to enjoy this while reading 1 of the 4 food magazines I’ve had sitting around for way too long. I fall behind on those so easily with school work 😦 Once that was done, I pulled out dessert number 2.

Local, Gluten-Free Brownie

Local, Gluten-Free Brownie

In case you were wondering why I didn’t call this post Nutrition started yesterday, where the hell were you?”, this is why. I realized there were about 10 other, more vitamin-packed things I could eat in this dorm to fight my flu. But we picked this up at a little Natural store in my hometown and I wanted to eat it while it was fresh. C’est la vie. Oh yeah, and on including nutritional panels on home baked goods: I did not want to know.

Local, Gluten-Free Brownie

Local, Gluten-Free Brownie

This was good, but not really great. It had that “gluten-free flour” taste to it, which it masked with loads ad loads of dark chocolate chips. I’d rather have one of my gluten free brownies, which definitely have less fat and still taste phenomenal. Plus, I think the black bean flavorin them is less pronounced than the starchy flavor in this one.

Oatmeal With Chocolate Almond Butter, Pomegranate Yogurt With Pomegranate Walnut Granola, Multi-Vitamins

Oatmeal With Chocolate Almond Butter, Pomegranate Yogurt With Pomegranate Walnut Granola, Multi-Vitamins

After 10 hours of serious downtime in bed(part of which spent with the brownie), the oatmeal of the day was topped with Justin’s chocolate almond butter. This stuff is serious yum, but I can’t wait to restock on the chocolate peanut butter. And to get my probiotic dosage pomegranate Chobani topped with the remainder of an Honest Foods pomegranate walnut crisp plank. I love how much seeds and nuts are in these! But I wish that were all there where and not whole wheat flour :-/ I don’t think a little at the bottom end of the ingredient list is going to trigger any gluten-intolerance; I just wish it weren’t there.

Yummi Bears Sour Multi-Vitamins

Yummi Bears Sour Multi-Vitamins

Aren’t these little buggers cute? They bring me to a theme I’ve been thinking about lately. I’d like to [re]emphasize in my diet over the next month the following things

  • Probiotics, probiotics, probiotics
  • 3 sour gummy bears daily
  • More fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, when available
  • Less sugar
  • 3 Servings of dairy a day, max
  • Be more gluten aware

Like I said, this isn’t so much a change as a re-emphasis on things. And nothing’s maniacally absurd. I’d like to reduce dairy because it’s mucus forming which is an easy gateway to getting sick.

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19 Responses to “Nutrition Starts TODAY”

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That brownie looks amazing!

I try to cut back on my dairy intake too because it’s mucous forming.

I love that you take kiddie vitamins 🙂

I take kids vitamins (Flintstones all the way!) because “adult” vitamins always give me an upset stomach! I’m glad you are feeling better Evan!

The yummy vear vitamins are SO cute! 🙂 I love black raspberry ice cream too… 🙂 I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling better!

I’m sure you will do great! I’d love to get more veggies in, but as you know, its a work in progress. 🙂

I’m always striving to eat more whole, fresh foods (and less candy and cookies!), but it’s an on-going battle. I love that cone-shaped ice cream bowl. Yum.

Nothing wrong with getting your diet back in check. You have a great diet as it is, so it shouldn’t be too much different.

actually dairy isn’t mucus forming. there was an article in the nytimes science section this week that said only a really small percentage of people produce mucus in response to dairy but for the overwhelming majority of people it’s just a mental thing. but it’s all about what youre comfortable with. hope you start to feel better!

Thats funny! I’ve heard singers avoid it like the plague before shows/concerts because it clogs up their vocal chords?

i’ve only heard about the mucus part forming when you’re sick and have milk products…otherwise the rest of the time it’s not there…hrm.

i’m sure you’ll do great w/ your goals. you already have such a great diet!

Great job checking in on your nutrition and looking for areas to improve!

those little buggers are SUPER cute!!!! I love black rasp fro y!o! have you ever had crescent ridge?!? their black raspberry fro yo is out of this world!!!

i havent been to your blog in a while. SUPER bbusy. I love the new look though, the colors are my two favs … that sort of limey spring / summer green with the summer blue 🙂 orchid and pink and orange I like too haha.

anyways, you are always good for some yummy foodie porn haha


Those bears are vitamins? I have to swallow a horse pill everynight. Those little guys look like much more fun. I may need a switch.

Those vitamin bears are cute little nuggets!! Sounds like a good plan to refocus on nutrition!

Love the vitamins! I feel like my dairy consumption is getting out of control…I should probably follow your lead!

Wow, I didn’t think anyone had a sweet tooth that could rival mine. I stand corrected.

Check out this gluten-free chocolate rice krispies recipe on my blog:

Hope all is well, and you are recovering from your sickness!

Haha, love how you call them “old people” flavors!

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