When Beans And Coconut Collide

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“If running were easy, it’d be called your mom”

That’s the thought I told myself after running my first mile this morning. It goes to show just the kind of things I’ll think without the distraction of an iPod 😉 I have to admit, the first few miles today were really tough, and I couldn’t tell if it was from being sick or if it’s because running’s a sport and those are meant to be challenging.

10.72 Miles In 1:29:38

10.72 Miles In 1:29:38

I stuck with it. I’m a tough, old bat. It didn’t get easier, but at least it got more amusing. I got to explore most of the half marathon route I’ll be running. And, for the first time in far too long, I did it all without an iPod. That kind of time lets you think a lot to yourself. Do you ever run without any distractions, just your mind?

Chickpea And Mulberry Salad With Simple Coconut Maple Dressing, Mo' Betta Odwalla

Chickpea And Mulberry Salad With Simple Coconut Maple Dressing, Mo' Betta Odwalla

This meal was as thrown together as any to make it to class in time. I wanted a chickpea salad with mulberries, but to avoid cheese and dairy. To keep it interesting, I tossed it in some simple coconut maple dressing. 2 ingredients, no refined sugar, creamy and satisfying–what’s not to love?! On the side, for my wellness, I had an Mo’ Beta Odwalla.

Mo' Beta Odwalla

Mo' Beta Odwalla

This was delicious. I loved that it was all fruit juice or all fruit puree. And it packed some serious vitamin content if we’re to believe the labeling. My biggest shock, however, was noticing stevia on the ingredient list! Don’t get me wrong–it’s way better than finding evaporated cane juice. But why did it need any sweetener with all this fruit? Regardless, I hope this’ll knock back any cold or flu.

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I managed to get through my classes only by thinking about the wonderful ice cream awaiting me at my dorm to enjoy in this hot, sunny weather. The catch was it wasn’t actually that warm; it just looked really nice out the windows sitting in class 😦 I could definitely still go for ice cream, though!

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I just love the specks of vanilla bean in here; seeing them definitely make me smile 🙂 And because it’s non-dairy and sweetened with agave, it’s a great choice for me to cut back on refined sugars and dairy! I love finding excuses to eat ice cream like that.

Nature's Path Peanut Choco' Granola Bar

Nature's Path Peanut Choco' Granola Bar

OK, I’m not trying to cut all refined sugars out of my diet, so I didn’t feel bad breaking into this peanut choco chewy granola bar by Nature’s Path. I could have had an apple, or a pear, but when you’re in a granola mood, only a granola bar will do, ya know? Actually, this didn’t do much; I guess my first day back to running and my hunger was ready to come out, guns ablazing, too.

Wildwood Southwest Veggie Burger, Broccoli, The Heat Is On PB, Mustard

Wildwood Southwest Veggie Burger, Broccoli, The Heat Is On PB, Mustard

Mmmm, fried food 😀 There was no coconut at dinner(what a shame), but there were beans in the form of tofu in my veggie burger. I reviewed this Southwest Wildwood burger last semester and picked it up this weekend for a flavorful meal in place of fake meat which so often has gluten. Like I say in my review, these are taaaasty. But that’s probably because they’re fried. It’s good oil though, so it’s healthy, right? Right? To add a touch more fat, I had The Heat Is On peanut butter and mustard with some steamed broccoli. Delicious and nutritious.

Wildwood Southwest Veggie Burger

Wildwood Southwest Veggie Burger

What’s your favorite veggie burger? I have a motive in asking this question. I’m looking for some brands to try because I simply don’t know/have a favorite since moving to an all-natural diet and then giving up prepared soy for Lent. I like the Wildwood burgers, but I’m not sure if they’d grill well, and the outside is entirely fried which, while tasty, might not be an everyday thing.

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24 Responses to “When Beans And Coconut Collide”

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wildwood burger do grill well.

Cold or not…vanilla ice cream is always a winner! I love the specks too!

I don’t do the store bought burgers anymore since I can’t have soy. I make bean burgers at home! I love them!!!

I’ve had the Le Sol Veggie Burgers – really good! I’ve noticed Dr. Praegers’ has some Tex-Mex style ones too that I might try.
Lovin’ that ice cream!!!
Do you ever eat @ the dining hall now?!

My favorite is the Boca Burger they serve at a HotWings restaraunt by my house. Since I am the only one in my family who doesn’t eat meat, that is my one option there. I have no idea what they do to it, but it is the best burger ever!

I’ve only ever tried boca burgers :/ but I love portabella mushroom burgers!

Love me some vanilla ice cream!

Cashews are in the mail 🙂

I definitely love the Sunshine burgers, but when I don’t feel like dropping the money I stick with the black bean Garden Burgers.

i 2nd madeline on the sunshine burgers. i dont eat them, have had them but they are soy free and not full of well, soy and other processed crap. i know you say you dont care about soy, but in case you did, sunshine burgs are good

and your last post the re-emphasis on probiotics, gluten awareness, and dairy moderation. amen.

The local GF brownie that had the GF flour taste. THATS why I rarely cook/bake, and I’d rather un-bake b/c you dont get that bleah taste

And my PB ball recipe todya…thought of you totally when i made them as they are 1 bowl, nothing fancy, easy, fast, dorm room material 🙂

I think you might like Sunshine burgers. They are hearty and very tasty. The ingredient list can’t be beat either. A little lighter are the Amy’s Burgers – also delicious!

I think you might find this review of gluten free veggie burgers useful!
I’m also on the hunt for a soy-free, gluten-free burger..but I’m in Canada so we have a lot less selection! Haha, cheers 🙂

I really love portobello mushroom burgers!

Good for you for pushing through! You’re awesome!

I usually workout without any distractions. (yes, there’s the radio on in the gym, but I usually tune it out)

My favorite veggie burgers were Sunshine Burgers, before I saw this post! That Wildwood Southwest Veggie Burger is making my mouth water. And you’re killing me with those So Delicious coconut milk ice cream pictures! Now I have to run to the freezer and polish off that pint of Turtle Trails.

I know its less than pleasant for yourself, but it is helpful to know that even great athletes like yourself have runs where you just need to switch off and run through the discomfort. Running/exercising is so great when you’ve got something on your mind- something about getting into a rhythm and having time to work it out. Have you ever thought of Quorn? Its really, perhaps surprisingly nutrient dense-very high in protein, B vitamins (e.g. 12) + iron! Some have a little gluten added, but others not at all, and you can make your own with the mince-style. Yes, I am a nutrition geek 😉

Glad to read you’re on the mend from that unfortunate illness!

I definitely like to run once in a while without any distractions, it gets me locked in on focusing on my breath and my thoughts. Great job running such a long distance without any auditory assistance!

My favorite veggie burger is either the yve’s good burger or Amy’s.

You know I think Sunshine burgers are the bomb. 🙂

I like making my own black bean “burgers” or corn burgers. Also, I never run with an ipod unless I am on the treadmill (which is next to never). I love that time to think and emotionally detox

I really like the Amy’s Bistro burger, which is one of the few that I’ve found that is gluten free. It has a great flavor to it!

I rarely run with music. I can usually keep myself occupied pretty easily.

My favorite veggie burger is the sunshine breakfast burger. It is the only kind I have had of that brand, so I want to try the others.

My favorite veggie burger from a resturaunt is from Houston’s…AMAZEEING! But I like the Garden Burger variety when I buy them at the store.

I LOVE seeing specks of vanilla bean in ice cream! That is calling my name! That Wildwood burger looks promising. I really like Amy’s Bistro Burgers which, by the way, are gluten free 🙂

I love the spicy black bean morningstar burger – that’s one of my favorites.

great job on the run! I’ve never run more than 7 miles, so it still seems impossible to me to run that far 🙂

and I haven’t run with music in over a year! I have an mp3 player, but I usually run with Nick and we talk, so once I quit using it, I just haven’t gone back! It’s nice to just run with your thoughts and be able to hear nature around you.

Great run! Good for you for sticking to it. 🙂

My favorite veggie burgers are Amy’s Texas burgers or Dr. Praeger’s California burgers. So good.

Sunshine burgers are hands down my favorite! I’ve tried the Falafel, Garden Herb, and Barbeque and they’re all amazing, and gluten-free with a short ingredient list. Usually just sunflower seeds, brown rice, carrots, and herbs 🙂

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