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I can’t tell whether I’m happy or sad Sunday night has come already. Today, I was lucky enough to have done most of my work and not have anything planned. The next day that’ll be like this is… farther off than I know. So instead of trying to do more, I just took care of everything domestic, starting at the gym.

10 Miles In 86:18

10 Miles In 86:18

I ran a rather speedy 10 miles while watching the first episode of the new Dr. Who season on my ipod(!!). So excited that’s back, and even more excited that I was able to multi-task like that because otherwise those miles would have felt looooong. Lunch was definitely not a quick post-workout meal, but it was well worth the time put around it.

Burger, Vegan Cayenne Cheddar Fries, Gingerade Kombucha

Burger, Vegan Cayenne Cheddar Fries, Gingerade Kombucha

Burger, Vegan Cayenne Cheddar Fries,

Burger, Vegan Cayenne Cheddar Fries,

I threw sweet potato fries as soon as I got back, and after 30 minutes they weren’t crispy but definitely edible. I tossed those with some cayenne parma for serious flavor. The burger was meh. It was a lot like the last, in that a) I undercooked it and b) the meat was of questionable quality/age. Getting sick threw off my “mojo” but now I’m happy those burgers from last week are all gone. And my gingerade kombucha was tangy, but not fizzy; what gives? I hope the probiotes were still alive… Not being able to keep sea monkeys I can deal with, but killing kombucha and I’d really feel shame.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods

I walked the 1+ mile to Whole Foods in the mediocre weather because I’m not sure when/if I’ll have time in the coming days. If you’re wondering “Why the money?”, it’s because I’m following suit with Holly on Project Cleanout. Not only do I have more than enough lying around to eat, but I’ll literally have to clean out the dorm in a month, so it’d be a lot easier if most of it wasn’t here. I gave myself a $30 limit to buy whole foods I’ll eat over the week.



I’d say that was a success. I clocked in at $23.05. I actually don’t think Whole Foods is all that unreasonable, except for the produce. I have a post in the works on how to shop there and get bargains. Yes, you heard that right. Keep an eye out for that. In my bag was

But let me stress: I’m not perfect.

Chocolate And Cheesecake

Chocolate And Cheesecake

If you count these in, I definitely went over budget. “What’s the deal, Evan?” Well, the deal is that these were a deal. I knew I’d be buying my favorite chocolate bar again some time some day, so I bought 3 while they’re on sale to save $3. I’m also putting them out of reach so that I won’t touch them until I eat more of the other chocolate bars I’ve started or won’t replace. And the vanilla bean cheesecake was 1/2 off, so I couldn’t say no. All of these little “splurges” that aren’t real groceries I buy with a gift card I was given by my neighbors, and I save the grocery money for fresh foods.

Lake Champlain Peanut Butter Breakfast Egg

Lake Champlain Peanut Butter Breakfast Egg

I’d like to say I snacked on a healthy egg, but instead I snacked on a peanut butter egg from my Easter basket. This was a Lake Champlain creation with milk chocolate, white chocolate(somewhere), malt, peanut butter, and peanuts.

Lake Champlain Peanut Butter Breakfast Egg

Lake Champlain Peanut Butter Breakfast Egg

If I realized before it had wheat, I probably would have passed it up. Honestly, it was just alright and not really worth risking setting off my gluten intolerance. I loved how much of it was peanut butter; it was like eating straight out of the jar. But it also had a pretty “cheap” taste to it even if it was all-natural. Clearly, I’m not a fan. But I would have felt amiss not to have a giant egg this time of year.

Red Anjou Pear

Red Anjou Pear

I also snacked on the largest red anjou pear I’ve seen from the dining hall while dinner cooked, and did chores around the place. My new “saving grace” is baking soft tofu for 90 minutes instead of pressing it first and still getting the same texture. Pressing’s great, but it uses up too much paper towels, and I much prefer this no-fuss method.

Maple Salad With Tofu, Cashews, Cheddar, Onion, Carrots, And Spinach

Maple Salad With Tofu, Cashews, Cheddar, Onion, Carrots, And Spinach

For dinner, I made a simple salad with spinach(!!), maple baked tofu, Next Generation organic raw cheddar, carrot shreds, red onion, Tierra Farm’s maple glazed nuts, and watered down maple syrup for dressing. Perhaps it’s being a blogger, but I’ve gone for not caring for any greens to seriously preferring spinach over any other, so I’m always happy when the dining hall has that. Besides that, I loved how easy and no-fuss this meal was 🙂 What’s your favorite no-fuss meal? I could always use suggestions for that.

On the agenda for tonight:

  • Write up a short paper
  • Call my cousin to say happy [belated] birthday
  • Eat cheesecake!

Sounds domestic to me 🙂 G’night.

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22 Responses to “Everything Domestic”

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That peanut butter egg looks like the most sinfully delicious egg combination.

My favorite no fuss meal is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I love them…it brings out the kid me in! 😉

Oops…I meant the kid in me! haha!

Haha, I love how you have a budget- I went in blind once to the hot bar and spent $15. They make it wayyy too easy!

I love tossing hummus and veggies in a pita pocket. So quick and easy and the flavors never let me down!

Veggie burger sandwich. Works every time.

HOLY PEANUT BUTTER EGG! and you did very well on that whole foods trip dude – way to go. i don’t think ive ever spent that low of an amount there 🙂

happy week to you!

Wow! I’m impressed by your budget! I spend so much on food! Is that everything for the week?

Hmm pretty sure that peanut butter egg looks like the best thing I’ve seen all day!

It’s most of what I’ll eat for the week, aside from broccoli, spinach, and maybe some other produce from the dining hall. I also eat a lot of yogurt but happen to have a full fridge of that atm

There is no way to NOT buy chocolate @ the grocery store…it’s not just you 😉

I agree, I don’t think WF is unreasonable on everything. They had Zevia for $3.99 a 6-pack yesterday and I stocked up! I always get my meat there. The produce is tough, yeah…but not all of it! Potatoes and ginger are always a steal there 🙂

Great job on the run! You are one quick dude!!

I appreciate you mentioning baking tofu to dry it out, I always feel like the most un-green person when I use a boatload of paper towels to press the moisture out!

how is that pear compared to the green ones (i forgot what they are called)?

A little sweeter

Buying extras of things when they are on sale saves you big time money, even though it seems counter-saving at the time!

I justify my spending like you do…if you buy it now when it’s on sale you technically save in the long run right? RIGHT! I love that vanilla honey voskos yogurt.

i agree I dont think that whole foods is that expenside, if you find the right choices and items! some of the local or organix stuff can run you quite a chunk of change BUT if you stick to the generic stuff, or regular items you buy its reasonable! I think most people call it ‘whole paycheck’ because you cannot walk out with just a few things because it is just the best store EVER

Hi Evan,

I was wondering at what temperature you bake your tofu at for 90min? I also hate pressing tofu and wasting so many paper towels. Thanks!

I baked mine at 300. I’ve also done it at 350 before and it came out the same. I’d say go lower if you can’t be checking on it every so often to make sure it won’t overcook

Trader Joes has some great “no fuss” meals…their Pizza is a personal favorite!

Yum cheesecake. Great job on staying within budget at Whole Foods. I always fail at that 🙂 I know how you feel on the food situation. I am trying my best to also use up what we have here before buying more stuff at the grocery. Good luck as you finish your semester and clean out your food supply!

Project Cleanout. Ah yes. The problem being with me, it would probably take me a year to get through all the dried beans/pulses/grains that I ‘cleverly’ bought in bulk to save money. The world is definitely a better place when Dr. Who is back on TV. Badly missing Mr. Tennant’s brilliance though ;( Are you able to get the series that is currently being aired on British TV? If not, I can give you a link to where you can…

Beans and grains are never a bad thing to keep on hand in my mind. It’s the mountains of nutrition bars that scares me… David Tennant was so my favorite doctor–hysterical! The new guy is OK, but he’s going to take getting used to. I’m getting the current season, but I think it’s 1 week behind the episodes airing in the UK because first it has to air on BBC America and then I can download onto itunes. I’m also (not so) patiently awaiting the next Torchwood season…

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