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I’m so glad you liked my first Picture It post; I feel like I’ve had so many food memories already and will undoubtedly have more so I can’t wait to share more of them.

Yesterday, it seemed that everything was in excess. Luckily, I’m in a mindset where I’d sooner laugh it off than actually fret. Every day is a new day and the bigger picture is always more important and dwarfs those little “outrages”. And you always have the power to change.

I don’t even know how many cups of decaf coffee with stevia I had yesterday; today, I’m all about the moderate amounts of teeccino(non-acidic, herbal coffee). In fact, now I’m just drinking unsweetened herbal tea because I really just want water but it’s so cold I need something hot.

Newman's Own Organics' Super Dark Chocolate

Newman's Own Organics' Super Dark Chocolate

1/2 of a big Newman’s Own OrganicsSuper Dark Chocolate Bar? Yeah, that’s not so bad…

Endangered Species Deep Forest Mint Dark Chocolate

Endangered Species Deep Forest Mint Dark Chocolate

Add on what was left of a really old Endangered Species mint dark chocolate bar and maybe my love of dark chocolate is a little excessive. I had had this one lying around since Summer because–blech–it just isn’t very minty(for the record, Alter Eco‘s Dark Chocolate Mint is much better).

Empty Wrappers

Empty Wrappers

I imagine I look a little guilty with these in my trash right now, but I sure as hell don’t feel guilty. At least dark chocolate is low on sugar, dairy-free, and high with flavenoids? I love excuses. I eat chocolate like it’s my job(moreso than just being a chocolate reviewer), so if anyone could hook me up and make that really the case, I’d be mucho appreciative. And, yes, this is me excessively pleading to get a Summer job in the chocolate industry.

Yesterday was filled with an excessive amount of work; I anticipate being much more lazy today.

Last night, I clicked on iTunes to start downloading my Doctor Who way too much to no avail; it finally did so this morning.

And Bear Grylls giving himself an enema for the sake of rating was all too excessive. And I would not care to say more.

Pomegranate Yogurt With Apple Ginger Granola, Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Maple Butter

Pomegranate Yogurt With Apple Ginger Granola, Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Maple Butter

I’m sure you don’t need 2 guesses to know what I wanted at breakfast this morning. I completely removed that from being an option, and you’d have thought I’d shot myself in the foot. What to do, oh, what to do? I topped oatmeal with Mighty Maple and maple butter(which I wrote about last weekend), and topped 1/2 an Honest Foods bar on a pomegranate Chobani.

Honest Foods Apple Ginger Bar

Honest Foods Apple Ginger Bar

Oh, yum. I just loved the apple ginger bar. This could easily be my favorite non-chocolate bar out there. It tastes kind of like an apple cinnamon oatmeal Quaker Oats square. But it’s also bursting with an welcomed excess of dried fruit and nut, and the nutrition of it is amazing. Even though almond butter is the fat used to cook it, it’s not a strong flavor, which I love. What a great way to start my day of moderation.

What’s been in excess in your life lately? Please, no references to the band or awful CBS show…

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20 Responses to “Excess”

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Brrrr, I’m drinking tea right now to warm up as well.

I’ve been eating seeds in excess. Kind of makes me feel like a woodland creature though, so it’s all good 🙂

In excess? Home baked goodies. I have a hard time turning down cookies… oh well! Chocolate cookies at that 🙂

two words: peanut butter. Unfortunately, school work has also been in excess lately.. mehhhh.

I know chocolate is your thing, but for me my excess lately is chocolate. I think I over did it Friday with a few pieces of Dragobar dark chocolate with my lunch followed up with homemade hot chocolate (melted dark chocolate chips on the stovetop with vanilla almond milk). It all tasted great, but I didn’t feel too great afterwards. I’m trying for a chocolate free day today.

Cereal! It is just too addictive, but that is okay by me!

I’ve been ODing on peanut butter lately. My skinny jeans HATE me for it. 🙂

Smoothies and rain!! The good and the bad I guess 🙂

I’ve definitely eaten my fair share of sweets this weekend. I would definitely call it an excess!

High school students, as we’ve just ended our Model UN conference – I couldn’t wait to get away from them! (I am not usually so mean, but I’m tired and they made my head hurt, lol)

I just LMAO reading the comment you left re your grandma finding money left and right and wondering if she was the one who drops it. OMG that is classic. LOL!!!!!!!!

Excess. Umm time in the gym listening to 40 yr old men grunt when they are clearly out of shape and trying to impress with weights. Not so impressed 🙂

This chocolate. LOVE It all!!

I really cant believe that you’re a decaf or herbal guy. I can see you being a total caffiene addict. Glad that youre not but yeah. I am. ha!

Fast oxidizer and all that..yeah there is no way i could do all that protein. Nightmare on the tummy.

Have a fantastic day, Evan!

I’m SO grateful to you for telling me about Teeccino! I gave up coffee completely a few months ago, and while my migraines are much better without the tons of caffeine I used to drink, and I do drink tons of herbal tea very happily, I still long for my morning cup of coffee… I can’t wait to try teeccino!! Thank you so much!! How do you drink it? Black? With soymilk and stevia? I’d love to hear your recommendations! 🙂

I drink it like I would my coffee, which for me is black with stevia

P.S. Oh yes, I’ve been watching an excess of Vampire Diaries episodes lately… Guilty pleasure… *blushing* 🙂

I love finding the gummy vitamins in your posts–it’s kinda like Where’s Waldo? Do you know if those vitamins have any added sugars in them?

Oh they definitely do. They have a good amount of sweetness I’m guessing so that kids would eat them. The other ingredients listed are glucose, cane juice, gelatin, citric acid, natural colors, natural flavors, and coconut oil

I should note they do offer the multivitamin and mineral in a vegetarian formula, but mine happens not to be that one

On Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 5:33 PM, Thomas, Evan wrote:

> Oh they definitely do. They have a good amount of sweetness I’m guessing so > that kids would eat them. The other ingredients listed are glucose, cane > juice, gelatin, citric acid, natural colors, natural flavors, and coconut > oil > >

Excess…I have been on one hell of greek yogurt kick…I mean every single day kind of kick! I can’t get tired of it!! haha…Fage is my fave even though it is so $$$$!!! 😦

Yep, you got it! high in flavanoids. I love dark chocolate. I never feel guilty eating it everyday 🙂 This weekend I’ll admit, I drank a bit too much, so that was my “excess”. I seriously can’t believe how little it takes me to feel drunk! It’s not something I do a lot, at all, but sometimes I like to let loose and enjoy. Last night, I did 🙂 That won’t happen again for a LONG time!

Oh…and excess of any chocolate Tj’s product…i need to stay away, ASAP.

and love those honest foods bars! im’ wondering if they changed their recipe for the cranberry lemon…it was really really strong and overwhelming.

You sure do love your chocolate but then again who doesn’t?? I love the Newman’s Orange Dark Chocolate!

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