On Fried Foods And Chocolate

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2 things

  1. I’m a little slow on catching up on comments, but I love how you all fully support my chocolate addiction. You won’t be disappointed today, either.
  2. I try to keep this blog food and running focused, leaving out most of the rest of my day and mood. But I’ll admit right now I’m feeling a little frustrated from the housing lottery for next year 😦 The whole thing is a stress breeder, but basically I had to throw my hands in the air, pass, and throw myself at the mercy of the housing Gods, and probably won’t know what’s the deal until the Summer. Right now, I just about want to curl into bed with a bowl of oatmeal and drift off, but I just kept repeating these thoughts in my mind: No matter what, I will be a passionate food blogger, I will run and love it, I will have my wonderful friends and family, and wherever my bed might be or rooming situation will not change that. *Sigh* It feels even better writing it out. On to the eats!
Salad With Broccoli, Snap Peas, Beats, And Golden Sesame Tofu

Salad With Broccoli, Snap Peas, Beats, And Golden Sesame Tofu

I love fried food. What did you think, I’m not human? At least fried tofu is a little healthy, right? Right? I could never fry it myself; that’s why I let Whole Foods do it and only pick it up once and a while. It made this salad glorious, along with steamed broccoli, cooked sugar snap peas, and raw beets. Yum! I haven’t eaten beets in sooo long(I hate their dubious side effect). I forgot how much they’re nature’s candy(along with nature’s red dye #40…)!

Tazo Thrive

Tazo Thrive

I sipped some of Tazo’s new Thrive tea during the meal to make it feel like I was at a Chinese restaurant. You can read my review to find out more about it, or just know that it tasted like a good green tea.

Endangered Species Organic Smooth Dark Chocolate

Endangered Species Organic Smooth Dark Chocolate

That salad held me over a really long time, but eventually I got munchy. Can I say just the sight of the blue butterfly makes my heart flutter a bit for this chocolate bar? I know I said I wouldn’t touch the 3 I bought until I ate up more of the ones I had opened…

Endangered Species Organic Smooth Dark Chocolate

Endangered Species Organic Smooth Dark Chocolate

I lied. To be fair, I said that because I didn’t want to have another half eaten chocolate bar lying around. There was no survivors here. I ate and loved the whole Endangered Species bar–no shame. The most “dubious” ingredient on the list is only soy lecithin, which–so long as it’s from non-GMO soy–I don’t really give a second thought. Can I now have another?

Spinach, Avocado, Southwest Wildwood Veggie Burger, Mango Kombucha

Spinach, Avocado, Southwest Wildwood Veggie Burger, Mango Kombucha

I packed dinner and ate it at the afformentioned lottery: spinach, 1/2 an avocado with sea salt, a Southwestern Wildwood veggie burger, and a mystic mango kombucha. Really? Could I have upped the fried food today a little more? This was seriously one of my favorite kombuchas thus far. It was also a very different drink. Because of the mango puree, this was more like a juice than a tea, and had a higher sugar content. But it still had that great, raw kombucha fizz to it and a tropical twist. I will definitely be getting this one next time they go on sale again.

I need carbs. Or anything not fried. My brain feels fried from tonight. I’m sure I’ll feel better in the morning. G’night, and go enter Lauren’s giveaway for Amazing Grass goodies.

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14 Responses to “On Fried Foods And Chocolate”

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Beets are great- Try them roasted!

fried food is the best everrrrrr so don’tcha worry. i could pretty much live off of onion rings and chicken fingers.

Oh good luck on the housing! I know that can be so stressful. Go curl up with some oatmeal with peanut butter and jelly…that will definitely make you feel better!

Ordinarily I think fried food is the most delicious unhealthy thing ever but fried tofu does NOT rock my socks. It’s a texture thing. It reminds me of fried egg which is just plain gross.

god, i remember housing lottery nightmares. just know this – it all works out in the end. i PROMISE. had i not lived where i lived each year, i wouldn’t have ended up with my husband. or at least, that’s what i tell myself.

I cheated and lived in program housing (Buxton- I know, hilarious) purely because my roommate and I didn’t want to go through the housing lottery! I know it will all shake out for you my friend!

Holy that sucks buttloads that you are at the mercy of the housing gods. Crap. Feel for you. How bout this, you can laugh at me, but wouldnt it be just as easy/cheap and in the long run SO much better to just find a roommate and a cheap apartment on craigslist and to hell with all this on campus housing stuff? I mean for the avg kid the meal plan is key..for you, it costs you money I would surmise.

I actually moved out of my parents house when i was 16 and lived in the dorms til i was 17 and then emancipated myself and got an apt when i was 17.5 and never looked back. My roommate used to bring guys home at 2am and she had the top bunk in my door room. 2 sememsters of that was like my threshhold!

As for emotions, bring em onto the blog. I love the people side of the blog, not just the recipe/what i ate side 🙂

Oh I would LOVE to live off campus, but that just can’t happen sophomore year. MAYBE I can shoot for it next time if I could convince my parents, because really I’d sooner take the crappiest apartment I could find just for that “free” feeling.

Awww, so sorry to hear about the housing thing– I can only imagine how stressful that must be. I hope everything works out okay!

Ah housing sucks. I am so glad I live off campus 🙂

So, I want you to know that you were on my mind while I was at Whole Foods the other day. I had a small list of things you talk about that I wanted to try, including Newman’s Own peanut butter cups, (couldn’t find,) different flavors of peanut butter, (I got Vanilla-Cranberry,) and coconut ice cream. (DELICIOUS.) So thanks for all the suggestions!

Oh dear, housing lotteries are SO stressful! I well remember sitting in the lobby of my college’s housing office, waiting to see if my number would grant me a place to live that wasn’t too scary… Sending big good luck hugs!!

Did the housing lottery turn out ok? I’m an extremely solitary person who cannot share space (not necessarily a good thing, but a fact of life) and my sophomore year lottery was pins and needles all the way. I ended up scoring the LAST SINGLE ON CAMPUS — which was bug infested and in a dorm that used to be a mental hospital, and so drafty I caught pneumonia mid-year. Was it worth it? YES!

It hasn’t been resolved, and might not be until Summer. But thank you for caring! I’ll keep the blogworld updated with whatever I know

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