Cheesecake For Breakfast

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I can’t offer you some recipe for oatmeal that will make you think, “Wow! This is so good, it’s almost like cheesecake for breakfast!” Instead I can say, if you want cheesecake for breakfast, have cheesecake at breakfast.

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

Let the jaws drop. I guess I still am feeling a little defeated from last night, because this morning, nothing was appealing. Oatmeal wouldn’t have done anything for me. And this cheesecake needed to be eaten sometime. All that was a big “Why not?” to me.

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, Pomegranate Chobani, Cookie Dough Cashew Butter

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, Pomegranate Chobani, Cookie Dough Cashew Butter

“Oh thank God. He’s got protein in there”. On the side was a pomegranate Chobani and a ball of cookie dough cashew butter. Gotta get those healthy fats in there, too, right 😉 To be honest, I don’t feel guilty in the least. There are times when you crave cheesecake for breakfast and times when you crave oatmeal for dessert. And I know my nutrition overall is good and that this is not a habit. For instance, I craved and ate oatmeal last night before bed.

Oatmeal With Chocolate Hazelnut Butter And Coconut Milk

Oatmeal With Chocolate Hazelnut Butter And Coconut Milk

Swap the two around and you have an indulgent night and a back-on-track breakfast. It was definitely one of those times when a big and warm bowl of carbs felt like just the right thing. I love Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter, but not quite as much as the almond or peanut flavors; this one melts too much, I think because it has more palm oil maybe? 😦 And I had to  got to open a new can of coconut milk…

Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk

Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk

But I’m really not loving this brand. It was Thai Kitchen, organic, and on sale. I thought it would be better than store brand, especially when the water and milk separated and I was able to drain that off, but it actually becomes more watery on top of oatmeal :-/ Back to 365 brand, it is!

Gummi Bear Vitamins

Gummi Bear Vitamins

Oh, I’m also eating my multi-vitamins along with breakfast, too. That makes the cheesecake healthy, right? Now the real question is, do you think they’d let me join the cast?

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16 Responses to “Cheesecake For Breakfast”

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Ahhh, Golden Girls…such a classic 🙂 I’m loving the Betty White revival that seems to be going on right now. And I’m loving that you ate cheesecake for breakfast– excellent choice, sir 🙂

That cheesecake looks heavenly. I LOVE cheesecake. I might have to make a trip to Whole Foods so I can have some for breakfast tomorrow 😀 You inspired me!

Haha, Golden Girls. My mom used to religiously watch the reruns every night.

Good for you with the cheesecake. On my birthday I usually have dessert for breakfast. It’s like a rebellion, only not. 😉

You need to find a cheesecake oatmeal recipe and let me know when you have it perfected 😉 I saw the title and thought that’s what the post was going to be about. Haha.

Nothin’ wrong with a little cheesecake for breakfast once and awhile! 🙂

& I wish I could just “hop” over to TJs whenever I want – the closest one to me is in Tyngsboro, which is over an hour from me – gotta stock up when I go 🙂

ha, i LOVE the Golden Girls.

I love the Golden Girls and I love cheesecake. Looks like you’re starting your morning off right!

I love love love the golden girls. And i love that you ate cheesecake for breakfast….yum!

Oh I love Golden Girls! haha!! Cheesecake for breakfast…love it!! haha!

Um…best breakfast EVER.

I love your cheesecake philosophy!! 🙂 I hope all works out well with the housing battle – I know that’s soooo stressful… My fingers are crossed for you!

Haha, love the Golden Girls shout-out. They do need a replacement for Bea Arthur(RIP)…

Betty White just had a hot dog named after her!

Dare I ask, what is on the Betty WHite?

So you switched up your nighttime treat and healthy breakfast, no worries hehe

Haha, way to make like Blanche and go for the cheesecake! I think it’s admirable that you’re able to just eat what you crave.

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