My 15 Miles Of Fame

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One day it’s cheesecake for breakfast, and the next…

Divine Dark Mint Chocolate

Divine Dark Mint Chocolate

…it’s having 1/2 of a Divine Chocolate bar between breakfast and a snack before 10am. Uhhh, whoops? I think it’s easier for me to avoid chocolate than stop eating it. I’ll admit: I felt a little disgustingly full after this and had to wonder, “why?” but that made my workout all the better.

Walking Break

Walking Break

I ran 15 miles in 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 17 seconds. Twice I stopped, filled up a cup with water, and walked briskly. Normally this might bug me but when the temperature increases proper hydration is a must. It was long, sweaty, stinky, and–towards the end–boring, but all in all it felt easy. I actually only “planned” 10 miles, and then felt good enough for 13.1, and finally pushed it to 15. Don’t you love workouts like that? I still had more than enough energy to walk to get pick up kombucha and spinach for lunch.

Spinach Salad With Hemp Oil, Chickpeas And Mulberries, Beets, Citrus Kombucha

Spinach Salad With Hemp Oil, Chickpeas And Mulberries, Beets, Citrus Kombucha

Chickpeas And Mulberries, Beets

Chickpeas And Mulberries, Beets

As good as it feels to be able to run 15 miles, I’d have to say it feels better to love healthy foods. Seriously, I was all over this lunch. I dressed the spinach in Foods Alive‘s hemp oil Sweet & Sassy dressing, tossed about 2 servings of chickpeas with Navitas Naturalsmulberries and sea salt, and added beets(aka Nature’s red dye #40 candy) on the side. So sweet! Have I mentioned I could eat chickpeas ’til the [vegan] cows come home? I totally could.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Zing

Chocolate Peanut Butter Zing

During my 2nd class of the afternoon, I snacked on a chocolate peanut butter Zing Bar. As much as I love chocolate and peanut butter, I’m so so fussy about the actual combination of flavors. And this just didn’t do it for me :-/ The chocolate was nice and sweet, but the whey flavor was whey(hehe…) too strong in the peanut butter part and that was all I could taste. I did love that it had so much protein(13g) and healthy fats(10g); after finding out that I’m a fast oxidizer, I’ve definitely noted ways in my eating habits that would support that.

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

Waiting for dinner, I snacked on a red delicious apple from the dining hall. While I was running my 15 miles, they did a segment on The Today Show about what a “medium sized” apple is and how many calories are in that. Who has time to worry about the calories in an apple? Worry about how much is in a giant plate of pasta alfredo, not an apple…

Grass-Fed Burger With Sweet Potato Fries

Grass-Fed Burger With Sweet Potato Fries

I think I’ve had this same dinner every Wednesday night for weeks now(except last week because I was still sick), and it’ll never get old. I just love the sweet potato fries, although all these baked fries are giving me a craving for the real deal. A little EVOO is just not the same.

Food Inc is on PBS tonight at 9 across the country! Confession: I haven’t seen it yet! And I’m unsure whether I’m going to watch in preference to other shows(Modern Family). As I’ve made a point of, I support a real food movement, especially away from cruelty against animals. That being said, I’m not sure I want to see the cruelty. I also feel like I’ve gathered the main points from blog summaries. Have you seen Food Inc? What did you think, if so?

Ever wonder what or why those crystals form on ice cream? Read this article to find out more.Now, I believe my dearth of ice cream throughout the day calls for some serious catching up tonight between work, don’t you think?

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26 Responses to “My 15 Miles Of Fame”

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All those apple really add up… to obesity!!1

I am going to watch Food Inc. tonight too. Confession: I haven’t seen it either. I eat mainly vegetarian, and I am hoping the movie helps my husband understand why and choose it for himself.

I really enjoyed Food Inc–I actually just wrote a paper on it. It really reinforced my feelings about the way our food system is currently run–that is, I don’t trust it at all.
I had beets for lunch today too, in hummus form:)

I watched food, inc. with my boyfriend and we both really enjoyed it. I would watch it if I were you because it doesn’t bash all eating meat, but actually includes a really humane farmer and his methods of raising his livestock. We both really enjoyed it. Oh, and I could eat sweet potato fries every night too if I could!

I have seen Food Inc. There wasn’t anything in there that I didn’t already know, but it was interesting none the less. I hope you enjoy it!

AHAH agreed-who cares about an apple?! isnt it like ZERO calories anyway because you chew so much? whatever-thats what ill believe

YAY TO GO!!! 15 miles…woot!!

Ok, if you saw Fast Food Nation (or read it) you’ve seen Food Inc. Honestly, it is not made for us…it is made for those that don’t understand why we think the way we do. So, I vote for Modern Family??? That show cracks me up!!!

Great job on the run! I could have worked out longer today too. Maybe it has something to do with getting over the hurdle of the middle of the week. Seriously, the size of apples??? Really, that is totally the problem with weight game! Haha! Enjoy your ice cream tonight!

“Worry about how much is in a giant plate of pasta alfredo, not an apple…” LOVED THIS. So true!!

I’ll be watching it! I saw it when it was in theaters, and really liked it. I will say, some scenes were hard to watch, but honestly, it was nothing that I hadn’t seen or read before through other anti-animal cruelty literature and campaigns. The PETA pamphlets they used to pass around my grad school were way worse!

I haven’t seen it yet either and i’ve been dying to!!

I YouTube’d it and they are missing one part of the film, but other than that I’ve seen it all and it’s fairly decent. I enjoyed it and wasn’t too disappointed with any of it. Nice job on the 15 miles too!

I don’t want to see the cruelty either…I know that’s a “cop-out” – denying what’s really happening…but I’ve seen stuff on youtube before – and if you know, you know…that’s the main thing.
What motivates you for your running by the way?? I wasn’t wondering your reasons for it now – do you really, just love it?

It’s definitely my favorite form of exercise, and I love being able to go such great distances. I can’t say that every day or time I’ve gone running I’m 100% in love with it–sometimes it’s just a form of exercise that feels like more of a health chore than mind break.But on the whole I definitely love it as a sport

I have yet to see Food Inc!! I heard too late they were playing it tonight:( It’s on my to-watch list!

Woah! 15 miles! Sounds intense!
I saw Food Inc a while ago. I definitely thought it was interesting but I hate watching the stuff about factory farms. While it’s not my main reason for not eating meat, it still makes me sad.

only vegan to not see food inc or any of the other food documentaries. but i am on board with all of that jazz. Obvi.

M. Pollan eat junk/if you make it yourself…love that and those raisinettes..nice!

Personally to save time this is what I would do…scatter the raisings on wax or parchment, then just melt the choc sauce, or coconut oil choc, and then pour it over them, throw all in the freezer and break apart as needed. No, it’s not going to be that pristine hand-dipped individual look, but will save hella time.

Just my unsolicited advice 🙂

And raisins. They are very high in iron. Could be the craving. Or the fact that i talked about dried fruit in my post yesterady and i was the culprit LOL

And that you’re paying attn to your fast oxidizer status. Wow. Impressed!

Wow, I’m impressed that your school gym lets you stay on a treadmill for over 2 hours! The ones in my school’s gym have a 30 minute limit. Literally. They shut off after half an hour. talk about LAME!

Yes, I’ve seen Food Inc and it was amazing. Don’t worry too much about the cruelty because there isn’t much shown on-screen. Robert Kenner (the director) wasn’t going for shock value when he made the film. I actually saw him speak at my school a couple weeks ago and he said that he never even intended Food Inc to the be expose at all- he just set out to find out where our food comes from and it all went from there.

Do you normally not drink water on your runs?!

Usually, nope! I think I’m like a camel. It also helps to eat a lot of sodium like I do which helps the body hold on to water to sweat out.

Are you really a fast oxidizer or is that something you want yourself to be?

For instance, in the morning do you really C. Have something heavy like eggs, bacon or steak, and hash browns? At buffets do you really choose Heavy, fatty foods like steak, ribs, pork chops, cheeses, and cream sauces? When have you ever had pastas, steak, and potatoes for dinner?? When have you ever had fatty foods before bed? Your food portions are definitely not large (especially compared to college freshmen guys) When have you ever just had meat for breakfast? Your personality type is definitely not extroverted.

Hi Neena. First, I would say that I tend not to get too involved in any sort of dietary label or anything like that just because I don’t feel they best address individuals, and so whenever I’ve been mentioning oxidation it’s been somewhat light heartedly. But I would arguue that, if anything, I am a fast oxidizer. Or, in broader terms to avoid labels, my body responds better to fats and proteins than excessive carbs. No, I do not eat steak bacon, and eggs at breakfast because I do make an effort to take in small amounts of cruelty-free animal flesh and so jsut don’t eat that much meat and, subsequently, protein. That’s not to say I don’t think my body would respond better off of that; I think it would. But as is and being a runner, I feel like I’ve reached a good equilibrium in my diet that doesn’t fight nature and gives me the nutrients I need.

I’m tentative to watch Food Inc. as well. I get the message, and appreciate what the documentary set out to reveal to people about the hazards of the Western diet…but I just don’t think I can stomach it (no pun intended.)I felt the same way about “An Inconvenient Truth” (which I still haven’t seen).

Your lunch salad looks delicious and gorgeous!

Oh my god, I hear you on the apple. I’m always amused by some of the caloric info people obsessively try to calculate. Avocados, veggie juice…puhlease! Let’s discuss tiramisu and olive garden pasta alfredo.

Total agreement about the apple cals… Slow news day, Matt?

I’m afraid to see it!!!

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