The Earth Will Forgive Me

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*I don’t think google reader has yet picked up this morning’s post at the time I’m writing this. I’m hoping this was just an individual problem, but if it persists I’ll look into it*

So, if I was supposed to “celebrate” the earth in some way today, the earth is going to have to forgive me. To be honest, I find a lot of the notions put forth about Earth Day a little silly. The whole thing is counterproductive: we build up so much about recycling and being green this 1 time a year that it’s as if to say we aren’t expected to do this all the time. We are.

3 things have really rubbed me the wrong way today

  • Having to go down to the bank this morning to cancel my current card and request a new one to be sent to me in 5-7 business days. Looks like I won’t be purchasing any peanut butter online in that time(but maybe that’s a good thing). Oh, at least while I was down there I bought a gingerade kombucha. No need for the day to totally suck, right?
Gingerade Kombucha

Gingerade Kombucha

  • Cookies/Bars that use banana as a binder. Don’t ask me why but I hate these and I’ve been seeing them everywhere recently. If you made them and have been eating them and love them, that’s all that matters. Personally, I’ve never had a baking success with a banana besides banana goodness bread, and even that relies on eggs.
  • The idea that eating vegetarian today at all has to do with “celebrating Earth Day”. I don’t know how to feel about this one other than like it’s a personal attack saying you can’t eat meat and also be green. You can. You can  also be a vegan who litters. Shocker. I happily and greenily ate my naturally-raised, grass-fed burger for lunch today.
Grass-Fed Burger, Sweet Potato Hash With Olive Oil, Spinach

Grass-Fed Burger, Sweet Potato Hash With Olive Oil, Spinach

(Not so) funny story. When I got to class, my friend Alex knocked this all over the floor :-/ I really didn’t have anything else to eat, so I just ate it anyway, hoping things were clean enough(most actually went onto her purse). Was that green? I don’t know. But at least it still tasted good. I tossed the sweet potatoes in EVOO after they grilled in my pan for added fat and flavor. Delicious. Since I wasn’t even all that hungry to begin with, this held me over well into the afternoon.

Alter-Eco Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bar

Alter-Eco Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bar

I whole-heartedly believe that the best way to be green is with our shopping cart and the foods we buy. That’s why so often I look for good companies like Alter Eco who not only make tasty chocolates but use fair-trade, organic ingredients. This particular flavor is not my favorite(I hate crunchies in my chocolate), but I’m still working on project clean out.

Organic Pink Lady Apple

Organic Pink Lady Apple

I also snacked on an organic apple. As I’ve said in posts before, I don’t always by local or organic produce, simply because it’s not affordable 100% of the time. If there’s a sale, or it’s a small cost extra or something, I’ll gladly buy organic, even choosing a pink lady over my beloved red delicious. I’ll eat pink to be green.

Dinner was something special tonight. I’m going home for the weekend for an event tomorrow night and then one Friday, so my dad came down to pick me up and start moving things home. On the way, he grabbed take out from Garden Grille that I placed. I tried a new dish: their vegan and gluten-free baked macaroni and cheese.

Gluten-Free, Vegan Baked Mac N Cheese With Broccoli And Mushrooms And Tempeh Bacon

Gluten-Free, Vegan Baked Mac N Cheese With Broccoli And Mushrooms And Tempeh Bacon

How did it taste? Honestly, I just uploaded the picture and need to start packing the car, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow 😉

What’s something you do year round that’s green? Proceeds for my favorite chocolate bar by Endangered Species go towards rain forest preservation. I wonder how many trees the 6 I’ve bought in the past week have saved… But seriously, I do believe my greenest contribution takes place in the market, and I take pride in that. Today, in fact, I signed up for a program next Fall to get fresh produce from local farmers weekly through my college. If that ain’t green, neither is broccoli.

Perhaps more controversially, Do you see eating green and eating vegetarian as one in the same? I can picture an indirect connection being made between the two. But to directly relate one another is, I think, invalid.

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17 Responses to “The Earth Will Forgive Me”

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I had a gingerade kombucha today too 🙂

You can definitely be green and still eat meat. I am eating a burger tonight to prove it 😉

I agree with you, I don’t think they are directly related. You have such interesting food pictured, I’ve never heard of quinoa chocolate!

those pink ladies are my fav.
how was that tea? been dying to try it, but kinda scared about the taste with all that stuff in it

I don’t know, really.. there are figures as to how much water and feed it takes to raise a cow, combined with their methane output, but then I don’t know how this damage might be equally be taking place in order to grow huge expanses of soybeans in deforested areas of South America, plus the shipping/flight carbon footprint. I don’t know about you, but I get a little tired of the frequent negativity and judgemental attitudes around such issues- it doesn’t constructively help the Earth/anyone does it? Apparently I own a small part of a forest somewhere here in England where trees have been planted- that and being vegan, + STILL being unable to drive hopefully help a little. I think one of the biggest contribution you are giving, Evan, is the fact you don’t drive one of those gas guzzling giant SUVs everyone in America seems to have! Oh, and I really sympathise with the credit card situation- exact same thing happened to me about a month ago- I was BEREFT!

Kombucha makes everything better! Just like pb or ice cream:)

Ooh, that mac n cheese with tempeh bacon sounds like the best meal ever! To me, being vegan is just one of the things that I do year round that is “green”. Yet, I did not go vegan for the environment, but for animal ethics. I actually blogged about it today in my Earth Day post. 🙂

no there are plenty of vegetarians in the world (ahem, my husband) who are plenty not green. i’m looking at processed packaged non-local foods being consumed all the time.

I don’t think eating green and eating vegetarian are the same thing at all…..but ethical eating is a whole other thing 🙂

Being vegeterian can help offset the global warming. The more meat humans eat, the more cattle breeding there is. And cattle breeding is one of the worst food source in term of environment: it takes a lot of water, it creates methane, and cattle eats a lot of corn and other often transgenic and pesticide filled grains. Not to mention that those grains (organically grown please) could nourrish much more people instead. So here’s my connection between vegetarianism and Earth Day!

I don’t think they have to be related, but I think this is the way people think- hippies = green = vegetarian.

“You can also be a vegan who litters.”

And you can be a very un-green vegetarian. I do not consider Lucky Charms, Doritos, soda, tons of white sugar and flour to be healthful. however, there are lots of “vegetarians” who eat them. There are alot of vegans who subsist on enough soy to make a man menstruate, too, with all that soy-based estrogen. I can think of a few vegan cookbook authors who cannot make any vegan food taste good without a slab of tofu. Far past the point of “moderation” type thing. And just b/c it’s vegan or veggie, doesnt automatically make it “Green”. Enter raw vegan desserts. They aren’t green; they’re a healthier dessert. Dessert. Key word. LOL

Your bank mystery charge. I have had a few of those in life. Usually in the 4 figure range. One was international. Scott has had a 5 figure mystery charge. Boy, that really messed up our cash flow for awhile!

Enjoy going home!

And oh, I cannot make any raw desserts w/ bananas. They turn into a flop. Meaning, it becomes bread or muffins b/c bananas in cooking just turn everything to slop. Good slop, but ya know.

I agree with Averie. I think there can be folks who eat meat, yet live green because they eat local, get in a lot of fresh produce, and eat little – or no – junk/processed food.

Living green is not black and white. There are so many aspects. And like, Averie said, someone can be a “vegetarian” yet eat loads of processed stuff and litter.

Go figure… LOL


YUM that is the best kombucha flavor! well ireally like al that Ih ave tried…the guava is right up there as one of my favotires as well!

year round, i try tobring my own bags to the grocery store!

Ok, so I agree with what Veronica had to say about the effects of raising cattle, and therefore I think doing the meat-free thing one day a week is a reasonable thing to ask. (I am a vegetarian, but I definitely don’t want to force my beliefs on anyone.) However, (sorry Jo,) I do drive a gass guzzling SUV. And I love them, and will probably always have one. I hope that my next one can be a more fuel efficient one, and maybe not quite as bad. I think everyone has to do what they can… I drive an SUV, (HORRORS!!) but I use my own grocery bags, I rarely buy bottles of water or use disposable coffee cups, I eat vegetarian and organic and local as much as I can, and I use all Earth-friendly cleaning products in my home. I absolutely do not think you are doing anything wrong by eating meat. In fact, I totally applaud that you make a conscious desicion to eat free range, grass fed meat. Not contributing to factory farming makes you green 🙂

you CAN eat meat and also be green – Amen!

I definitely agree that the best place to go green is in the marketplace. I love pink lady apples!!!! (though i despise red delicious; to each his own, since I also hate crunchies in my chocolate)

Hehe, “I’ll eat pink to be green.” That should be on a bumper sticker or something.

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