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Whole Foods doesn’t get the name “Whole Paycheck” from no where; You can easily go in and find an organic goat’s milk cheese for $30 a pound or organic marinated pork for $15 a pound. But where can’t you find pricey items like that? The truth is that Whole Foods can be equally as thrifty as expensive if you play your cards right.

Avoid The Perimeter

This sounds like exactly the opposite of what you’re supposed to do at a super market; the outside is where all the fresh produce is. Well, that tends to be Whole Foods downfall. Their conventional and organic produce are often more expensive than at other stores. Leave these be here, and instead look elsewhere for produce.

365 Reasons To Love Whole Foods

Like any store, Whole Foods has their own brand: 365. And it’s very reasonable! There are plenty of products I find comfortable and cheap getting 365:



Canned beans and meat are pantry staples and always taste fresh from Whole Foods. For something even cheaper, get a bag of your favorite beans dried and make them yourself.

Flavored Decaf Coffee

Flavored Decaf Coffee

Whole Foods is one of the few people to sell decaf coffee that’s also flavored. And it’s priced reasonably, too! Beyond that, it just tastes good and not like the muddy other store brands I’ve had. Wake up 365 days a year to Whole Foods.

All-Natural Soap

All-Natural Soap

Beyond food, I also use some Whole Foods products in other places in life. Their soap is by far the cheapest all-natural brand around. The same can be said about a lot of their 365 personal care items. If you’re picky about your body care, it may not be premium. On the other hand, if you’re just a bachelor like me, it’s as good as any.

See The Whole Deal

If you’ve never picked up a Whole Deal flier, you’ve been missing out. Not only does it have fun recipes and ideas, but it’s filled with coupons. And if you match these with store sales, the savings can be unreal. I paired a Steaz beverage sale(2 for $5) with a buy 1 get 1 coupon to get 8 Steaz for 2.50! That otherwise would have cost $9+.

365 Peanut Butter

365 Peanut Butter

My favoite current coupon is $1 off their 365 peanut butter, which brings the price down to just $1 for a 16oz jar. This is by far one of the best all natural peanut butters I’ve had, and that price is better than so many else. I would say pick up a jar or 5 while they’re still so cheap!

Buy In Bulk

Bulk Section

Bulk Section

The bulk section is one of my favorites. It’s double beneficial: Usually, whatever you can get at the bulk bins are cheaper than buying them otherwise. I get my organic oatmeal for $1.50 a pound, or 99 cents if it’s on sale. It also helps that you can buy just the right amount at the bulk bins, too. When I’m making my raw vegan brownies or any other recipe with dried fruits and nuts, I use the bulk bins to buy just what I need and not have extra. Averie has brought up–and rightly so–that these can be breeding grounds for God-knows-what and you can never know whose hands have used them. Still, I put trust in my bulk bins and enjoy so much from them.

Eating At Whole Foods

Lastly, one of my(and I suspect others’) favorite past times is eating at the amazing Whole Foods salad bars. These can also be a nightmare for cost-conscious people. I would say first and foremost to just enjoy it like a night out; how often do you really get to do this?

Roasted Carrots And Broccoli, General Gao's Chicken, Golden Sesame Tofu

Roasted Carrots And Broccoli, General Gao's Chicken, Golden Sesame Tofu

Avocado Kale Salad With Roasted Cashews, White Fish With Lemon

Avocado Kale Salad With Roasted Cashews, White Fish With Lemon

But there are ways to save, too. Look where and what might be cheaper. Is the $7.99 a pound from the salad bar really the best option? It might be cheaper to buy a protein from the prepared foods(not to be confused with the salad bar) or the refrigerated section. And if you’re just going to be getting plain veggies, get them from the produce section and use the in-store microwave to cook them. Just because you’re eating at Whole Foods doesn’t mean you need to eat from the salad bar; save that for fun and unique foods that you wouldn’t be able to make yourself or get any cheaper.

Those are my tips for Whole Foods. I hope I’ve encouraged anyone who has avoided this store to give it another shot. There are plenty of ways to eat great and cheap, too! Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go pick up more jars of 365 peanut butter…

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14 Responses to “Shop And Save At Whole Foods”

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excellent post! i am a huge fan of whole foods, but was spending way too much money there. so i finally spent time and combed the aisles searching for the cheaper stuff. and after hours of searching/researching i found that a lot of their stuff (organic too!) was far cheaper than my local grocery store. amazing. plus buying a freezer chest for which to place lots & lots of bulk items saves money too.

Great post! I am going to have to look for that decaf coffee!

Great post! I ❤ WF

Ah no fair man…no WF’s here…this is a taunt!! Oh well , at least others can enjoy it and flaunt it…just another dream of mine i suppose…

Love this post Evan! I agree with everything you say. I love their 365 brans and the pb is one of my absolute favorites! Happy weekend!

Next time I hit up WF’s I’m totally consulting you first on the deals & sales – you’re a master!

thank goodness for the 365 brand. and their coupons too!

LOVE this post, Evan!!!!! Wow, your blogging in the 6 mos or so that I’ve read your blog has just skyrocketed with great info…I love these types of posts every now and then…so good!

Perimeter. Yes. Yesterday when i went there for Veganaise and Nooch, that’s it. I almost bought a pineapple. The checker told me it was gonna be 9.43. For 1 pineapple. I said ummm no thanks. At the groc store they are between 2.50 and 4 right now, or 2.99 at TJ’s always.

Personal care items.. tip. They will ALWAYS give you generous free samples. And so you can score a week’s worth of stuff for free, and if youre not picky then it doesnt matter, it was free.

Salad bars/hot bars. I used to dine on them 3x/week pre-skylar. Not anymore, scott and i were eating $10/per person meals, a few times per week, of salad bar stuff that we carried home. We didnt care back then but yeah it’s a splurge.

Bulk bins. There can be just as much creep factor in packaged stuff too. Well maybe not as much, but it can exist. Skylar grazes thru the bulk bins like it’s her job. handful of M & M’s, fig newtons, random trail mix, dry oatmeal, you name it, she tries it. No tongs of course. LOL

Great tips!! I love the “stay away from the periphery”– so true! And I’m also a huge fan of the 365 brand– great products for so cheap! What’s not to love?

Great tips Evan! I’m very conscious of my food bill. I don’t have a whole foods here, but these thoughts are very applicable to other healthy grocery stores.

Great tip list. Everything I have tried from the 365 line has been great so far. Now, if there was only a store close to me…grrr.

I’m a huge fan of 365 products! I love their nut butters, stoneground wheat crackers, and whole wheat pita bread. All such great steals!

Awesome post! you’re so crafty 😀

Awesome tips Evan!

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