Recipe Test: Midnight Chocolate Cupcakes

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As I’ve mentioned several times, Book Pub Co. sent me the vegan dessert cookbook Sweet Utopia to read and review. I talked about my first impression here, but this weekend I got to test my first recipe. What a fun task that was! I immediately eyed the midnight chocolate cupcakes for my cousin’s 3rd birthday party today. I confess to making the following substitutions to the recipe:

  • All-purpose gluten-free flour and xanthan gum for the flour
  • Teeccino in place of the the coffee
  • Almond milk for the soy milk
Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream And Crumbled Cupcake

Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream And Crumbled Cupcake

Two cupcakes suffered an, err, unfortunate oven accident, but their crumbs were still good for eating, so I made a cake and ice cream sundae with So Delicious vanilla bean ice cream. I am such a cake and ice cream person at heart. I can’t wait for the Summer since the grocery store near my home sells these ice creams for a dollar less than the Whole Foods near my school 🙂

The cupcake was impressively moist and “cakey”; I wouldn’t have thought that would be easy to recreate without eggs. The moisture must come from the fat ingredients, which seemed to work well. Overall, I think this recipe relies on a lot of sugar to be good(there are at least 4 sources of it), when in fact this makes an impressive cake all its own and doesn’t need to distract with sweetness. I would definitely give this one a thumbs up.

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

I snacked on a red delicious watching Sherlock Holmes. In truth, I was paying more attention to my work and didn’t see most of the movie. I just like having British accents playing in the background. Can I get a white noise CD like that?

Oatmeal With Turbinado Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With Turbinado Peanut Butter

And I fashionably finished off the night with oatmeal and peanut butter. This one almost tasted like Garden Grille‘s, except the chunks of sugar didn’t dissolve and made this really crunchy. I’ll discover you yet!

Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Frosting

I think the best thing is when you get to wake up and first thing make frosting. Run? Coffee? Breakfast? That can all wait. Chocolate first.

Midnight Chocolate Cupcake With Frosting

Midnight Chocolate Cupcake With Frosting

Perhaps surprisingly, I wasn’t a fan of this frosting recipe. It came out so thick, it was like fudge! It just wasn’t very spreadable or much more than melted chocolate. It would make for a good ganache filling, but it certainly didn’t come out like a “frosting”. I have to say, it was super simple to make, though. Believe it or not, I didn’t eat a cupcake for breakfast.

Oatmeal With Plain PB, Siggi's Orange Ginger Yogurt With Chocolate Chips

Oatmeal With Plain PB, Siggi's Orange Ginger Yogurt With Chocolate Chips

That’s more nutritious. I topped oatmeal with some 365 brand peanut butter(see, I practice what I preach). I also tried my very first Siggi! I chose the orange ginger flavor, since it sounded so exotic, and topped it with the vegan chocolate chips(you would too if you’d been handling them for 2 days). It was good, but it was a tad undersweetened for me; maybe I just have a sweet tooth to rival Averie’s. But what a fun flavor. And it’s so thick! Love it.

Are you a cake, brownie, or cookie person? I’m all about the cake, which is why cupcakes seemed perfect for this birthday party. I just love the light and airiness to the dessert! If I want something dense and chewy, I’d rather just eat a chocolate bar.

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13 Responses to “Recipe Test: Midnight Chocolate Cupcakes”

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I’m a cupcake person, which I guess makes me a cake person. But truthfully, I’m all about the ice cream…

Brownies all the way, super fudgy ones are best!

Cookies. I love a good cookie.

I’m such a cake person. I love the light and fluffiness with some good frosting on top 😀 yummmmm

I am definitely a cookie person. Cakes and brownies don’t really appeal to me at all! But give me some cookies and I am a definite monster! 🙂

Those look like great cupcakes!

I am a cookie person – chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite!

I am definitely a brownie person! Cookies and cakes I could take it or leave it.

Definitely a cookie person! I like all the fun combos but I like to treat myself with a vegan cupcake on a rare occasion.

Ooh! That orange ginger yogurt-chocolate chip combo sounds fantastic!
I’d have to say that I prefer none of those desserts–I just like the frosting. I consider cake a mere vehicle for frosting:)

Brownies and ice cream for me 🙂

cake brownie or cookie? um…yes.

Oh I do have an epic sweet tooth 🙂 I seriously dont even want to tell you how much stevia I can handle. Or sugar. It’s kinda ridic and my tolerance for stevia used to be small. Now, it’s not.

The fudge like frosting…that sucks for your application/desire results but good to keep in mind.
I have to say, this is why i hate cookbooks and always wing it b/c I get my heart all set on something and the results dont go quite as planned and i get all ticked 🙂

Have a great week, Evan!!!!! 🙂

hey twin – i had my oats with 365 pb and my first siggi’s today too!

great minds 🙂

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