Ice Cream For A Cause

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Hello, hello! I feel like this weekend totally flew past me between the auction Friday night to Avery’s birthday party to now being back in my dorm room and attending classes again with little to no transition in between. When the flow goes, go with it!

Avocado Rubbed Kale, Sweet Chili Tofu And Peppers

Avocado Rubbed Kale, Sweet Chili Tofu And Peppers

We packed up the car last night and made it to the Whole Foods in Providence in record time. Of course, we hit up the salad bar while grabbing groceries. My plate had some avocado-rubbed kale, sweet chili tofu, and pepper strips. The tofu was to die for. I can’t begin to explain how crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside it was. And the sweet and heat balanced perfectly. I would have had more, except that wasn’t really my dinner…

Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social

As any Rhode Islander knows, there were massive floodings earlier in the month from a huge rainstorm that hit us. Businesses and houses were destroyed, and Whole Foods was holding an ice cream social to help raise money for those families. I can definitely get into ice cream for dinner for charity.

Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae With Chocolate Syrup, Whip Cream, And A Cherry

Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae With Chocolate Syrup, Whip Cream, And A Cherry

I was hoping they’d break out the fun and funky pints for this, but they just had 365 vanilla and chocolate :-/ I got vanilla ice cream with organic chocolate sauce, 365 whipped cream, and a natural maraschino cherry. Sundaes always taste better when someone else makes them for you with a heavy hand. The 365 vanilla is OK, but I’ve definitely branched out from dairy-based ice cream and have had better. Other fun finds(but not purchases) at Whole Foods were the new So Delicious flavors in stock and Daiya vegan cheese!

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate With Deep Forest Mint

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate With Deep Forest Mint

While working on some homework not-so-hard, I had the snack of champions: an apple, mint dark chocolate, and decaf coffee. Could I have had a little more sugar last night? It was all for a good cause–let’s keep that in mind. Last Summer I managed to switch from caffeine to decaf coffee; this year it’s been about weening off the stuff completely from the acidity, but I do have about a cup a day, which is probably an ideal balance of antioxidants and acidity. I don’t think I could/would give it up completely.

Oatmeal With An Egg And The Heat Is On PB

Oatmeal With An Egg And The Heat Is On PB

I couldn’t deal with more sugar before bed so I went the spicy route with The Heat Is On peanut butter and a savory Omega-3 egg. It might be hard to believe it through my sweet tooth and all, but I definitely could not go a day without a good deal of savoriness. Sometimes, my garlic tooth is just as big.

Pomegranate Chobani With Quinoa Dark Chocolate

Pomegranate Chobani With Quinoa Dark Chocolate

Back to classes and rain meant back to runs first thing, so I woke up at 6:30 to squeeze an 8-miler in before class. Normally, dairy and protein wouldn’t work for me before a run. But it was all I was craving. And since I was going to run anyway, I thought why not have the damn pomegranate Chobani with Alter Eco dark chocolate quinoa.

10 Miles In 86:16

10 Miles In 86:16

Something must have worked, because I extended my run to 10 miles and ran at a 7mph pace. The best part was finding out through the news that the forecast for Sunday’s half-marathon is sunny and warm! Crossing my fingers…

Cranberry Greek Yogurt With Craisins, Oatmeal With An Egg And PB

Cranberry Greek Yogurt With Craisins, Oatmeal With An Egg And PB

Finally, for breakfast I was craving craisins. I just wish there was a bar called that so I could have known what to eat so much easier. I mixed Crofter’s Organic Europe jam in a plain chobani and topped with Tierra Farm‘s organic dried cranberries–holy yum were these soft and squishy! On the side I had oatmeal with another egg and some Teddie’s pb sweetened up a tad. In class I got bored and calculated that I ate around 50g of protein and all before lunch! Sure, you could just take 2 scoops of a powder and call it at that. But I love getting so much nourishment from real food.

Do you have any cooking goals? 2 of the things this weekend inspired me to do are 1) use my food processor to make more complex and delicious raw foods and 2) learn to fry tofu. An ironic pairing, no? Well, if things go my way today, I’ll be incorporating one of those into dinner… Is there anything you want to learn to do in the kitchen?

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17 Responses to “Ice Cream For A Cause”

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I am beyond intimidated by tofu in general and I would love to master it in any way! haha!

I think I need to buy a tofu press because I have dreams of making Whole Foods quality tofu…

I want to experiment with some new salmon recipes when I get home and have a kitchen.

Seriously…ice cream for charity…it had all the major food groups, right?! YUM! Sometimes ya gotta just take one for the team! I do love my food processor! It is like magic. I love Crofters! So tasty! I think it is amazing how much protein and other nutrients you can get from different foods. I have really been focusing on that since I stopped eating meat. That cup of yogurt sounds so good about right now!

I want to learn how to make macarons – I hear they are really tricky!

Craving Craisins…that does sound like a bar! Maybe you need to market that!

Mmmmm, your sundae looks delicious…and anything that’s for a good cause tastes even better in my book 🙂

I want to make a lot more raw treats (without a dehydrator) and a really good tofu scramble..

That’s an impressive amount of protein, love that its from real food. Oh, and do you think that the mint chocolate endangered species is the best mint choc bar out there?

No, definitely not. I love Alter Eco’s so much more.

Yum on the ice cream! I’ve wanted to try massaged kale and I think tonight is the night!

Mmm you’re making me crave savory oats now!

What a great thing for WF to do!

I def have things i want to do with cooking…like using new ingredients (bought a vegetable pear today; what the heck do i do w/ that?!) and straying away from regular/normal cooking methods…ie trying other methods of cooking vegs/fruits/etc.

My cooking goal is to learn to make more foods with the ingredients I buy! Sometimes I stick with the same meals

Avocado rubbed kale sounds tasty! Im still scared to try anything kale-ish that doesnt involve ketchup!

my cooking goal is just to try new ingredients and cook more often! I’ve been doing really well so far this year and I’m pretty sure my husband is enjoying it!
I need to try egg with oatmeal. Does it work to scramble the egg?

I want to cook a lot this summer using complicated restaurant cookbook recipes. I just finished making my own seitan at school, and I see that as a sort of benchmark in my weirdness! I also don’t want to give up coffee…it’s the taste, not the caffeine, that has me!

My cooking goal right now is to try new things. I cook every night, but I want to branch out on what I am actually cooking.

my cooking goal is to actually use one of the 40 cookbooks on my shelf….

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