Raw Foods And Fried Foods

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If you asked me what I loved to eat, I’d probably answer fried foods and raw foods. At least the one balances out the other, right? The easiest ways I find to get raw foods in is a fresh salad:

Maple Spinach Salad With Raw Cheddar, Avocado, Maple Tofu, And Maple Walnuts

Maple Spinach Salad With Raw Cheddar, Avocado, Maple Tofu, And Maple Walnuts

Let’s call this the “garbage can” salad because I threw whatever I wanted to get rid of on it. And it worked! The base was spinach tossed with maple syrup and walnut oil. In the mix was 1/2 an avocado, a Next Generation Dairy cheddar cheese stick, and leftover maple tofu, topped with Tierra Farm‘s maple glazed nuts. I made this to-go to eat in class like always on Tuesdays but it didn’t make it that far 8-| I just couldn’t resist; and it was so tasty! I went with my hunger and ate it and went off to class.

Almond Protein Plus Boomi Bar

Almond Protein Plus Boomi Bar

Mid-afternoon I snacked on an almond protein plus Boomi Bar. I’ve always wanted to make my own bar like this: throw it all together and hope it works. I like that this was 3 simple ingredients: almonds, honey, and whey protein isolate. I didn’t care much for protein isolate, though(I rarely do). And the flavor wasn’t quite as good as Perfect Foods Bars(reviewed here).

Organic Red Delicious Apple

Organic Red Delicious Apple

I had an apple after taking another Greek language test. If you remember, I made a small fortune off of taking them earlier in the semester, and I’m hoping the same for this one. Although since I’m competing against juniors and seniors who know much more than me, I’m wary.

Raw Brownies

Raw Brownies

I also found time to “bake” raw brownies this afternoon, except I used a different recipe with a few new, secret ingredients. I’m not sure how they’ll be once they set. And the added ingredients definitely added a ton of fat. The batter was tasty, at least.

Food Processor

Food Processor

My favorite thing about vegan desserts is that you can always eat the batter. I think I had a little too much of this. Blech. But it was good! Can’t wait to see how these come out.

Preparing Dinner

Preparing Dinner

For dinner I gave my first attempt at frying! I filled my pan with a good coating of sesame oil and laid down some tofu strip. I let them brown for about 3 minutes on each side.

Sesame Tofu, Broccoli And Snap Peas With Soy Sauce And Sesame Oil

Sesame Tofu, Broccoli And Snap Peas With Soy Sauce And Sesame Oil

Golden Sesame Tofu

Golden Sesame Tofu

And then for my Asian-inspired dinner. I probably could have let the tofu go for longer; it certainly didn’t taste like Whole Foods. But I was really proud of this! I feel like a whole new culinary style has opened up to me, and I can start to use a Paula Dean cookbook πŸ˜‰ Is a deep fryer in store for me over the Summer? Probably not. I’ll let Whole Foods handle that.

Do you/Did you ever walk around the neighborhood a lot? Usually, after dinner(especially a good, big one), we would walk around the neighborhood for fun and for health. I feel like when the weather’s nice everyone’s out around where I live. I can’t wait for that during the Summer again! And I definitely feel like I could use a walk now. It might not be as good without the neighborhood, but I’ll find somewhere.


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12 Responses to “Raw Foods And Fried Foods”

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I love to go for after dinner walks πŸ™‚ Though, not right now since it is SNOWING again.

Yum, your food all looks delicious, as usual!

I love the idea of taking walks after dinner. I was hoping to get one in tonight, but its so rainy and cold that I didn’t. Ah well, maybe tomorrow!

Have a great night!

Erm, I don’t remember you making any money off taking tests…is this like a classical language test?

And I absolutely love taking leisurely walks after dinner. The weather here has still been quite chilly, so I haven’t been able to do that yet. But I hear it’s supposed to be in the high 50s, low 60s later this week. I’m waiting, I’m waiting…

Walking around the neighborhood..yes!! Even before having a kid but honestly babies and small children need fresh air and I walk round the block/hood tons…Tons.

Tofu pan seared. Make sure you press/blot the liquid really well so you get a more like WF’s finished product. And ive actaully found using less oil works better b/c otherwise the tofu soaks it up like a sponge and never gets really firm like WFs. They have an art. If only i could make it like they do!

Thx for the garmin details too!

I definitely walk my neighborhood! I live on a giant hill so it works the legs muscles quite nicely πŸ™‚

There are some beautiful neighborhoods around Brown to walk around in! Hope you went for a nice stroll!

Lol…you know, for everything that I’ve seen Paula Deen fry, I don’t believe I’ve seen her fry tofu!! Big surprise πŸ™‚

Yeah, that Boomi bar flavor is my least favorite– I found it to be kind of dry!

I honestly don’t even know how to attempt that WF’s fried tofu but I prefer to bake mine at a high temp to get it nice and crispy after pressing it for a while as Averie said. Raw food is sooo good when you really crave it, maybe I will make a massive salad for lunch today with my last avocado. And for post dinner walks, I like them but rarely have time for them. When I am working (I freelance for movies) I am running/walking around ALL day so when I get home, I am out for the 8 hours until I have to wake up and leave again!

We always went on a family walk or bike ride after dinner in the summer time! I loved that growing up!

Love your blog! My son (7 mo) and I walk the neighborhood, or should I say town (very small) everyday! I look forward to it so much…it’s my chance to decompress…and he loves it!

I constantly go back and forth with the raw food thing. But I realize now that I don’t have to eat ALL raw, but can incorporate more raw things into my diet. Like these brownies for instance…holy yum!

I love taking a walk around my neighborhood after dinner. I’m so glad the weather’s warmed back up!

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