Someone Thinks I’m A Healthy Blogger

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Well, it might not be clear through all the chocolate I eat…

Divine Mint Dark Chocolate

Divine Mint Dark Chocolate

…But believe it or not I do fall under the “health food blogger category”. And now I’m excited to say I’ll be a featured publisher for that, too! Foodbuzz is releasing a special section devoted to healthy living and I’ve been accepted as a publisher! First of all, you can friend me and buzz my profile here. Of course, I’ll still be having the same fun and friendly blog. I’ll just be sure to emphasize on occasion a new healthy recipe(like banana goodness bread) or deeper info on a health-related topic(like how gluten affects me). And if you have a Foodbuzz account, please friend and buzz me! Of course, I’ll always be a chocolate reviewer at heart…

Vivani Dark Chocolate With Ginger

Vivani Dark Chocolate With Ginger

Vivani Dark Chocolate With Ginger

Vivani Dark Chocolate With Ginger

I think I’m on a ginger dark chocolate kick. After trying Green & Black’s last night, I had to see what Vivani had to offer. I liked their bar, but not quite as much. The ginger was perfect; I just wish there was a tad more of it. But the combination of ginger and dark chocolate is a new favorite in my book! It also seems that, in the time since Vivani sent me several of their bars to review, they’ve completely renewed their line; I’d be interested to see if they become more widely available now.

Oatmeal With Honey And Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With Honey And Peanut Butter

I finished the night with a little honey in my oatmeal; sometimes, there’s nothing better than fragrant, warm honey.

Peanut Choco' Nature's Path Organic Bar

Peanut Choco' Nature's Path Organic Bar

This morning, I had the pleasure not to have a 9am class. I slept in(just a bit) and decided still to run first thing. I snacked on a Peanut Choco’ Nature’s Path Chewy Granola Bar while sipping some coffee before making my way down. An empty gym is definitely food for the soul, too, when it comes to relaxation

12 Miles In 1:45:18

12 Miles In 1:45:18

105 minutes later, I had gone 12 miles. The run wasn’t much more exciting than what was on TV, which was the Today Show. Have you heard of Sandra Bullock’s baby adoption and how they’re willing to work together through divorce to both be parents of Louis? That’s such a sweet and at the same time heartbreaking story; I still have secret hopes she’ll reconcile with Jesse James.

What “healthy” subjects would you like to see touched upon more? I’m all ears! And tonight I can’t wait to announce a blogging milestone. Until then, just click around a bit, read a few recipes to get us there quicker 😀

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14 Responses to “Someone Thinks I’m A Healthy Blogger”

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Congrats Evan! I was selected as a contributing editor 🙂

Every time I read your posts I start to crave oatmeal!

Congrats! Maybe you could touch more on the timing of meals/snacks with workouts.

Congrats! 🙂


I have that first minty chocolate bar in my “drawer” where i keep all my goodies. I absolutely LOVE it.

Welcome to foodbuzz! I have to tell you: I love your (many) oatmeal pictures!

congrats! and that oatmeal with honey and pb looks so delicious!! i!!

Congrats on the new editing gig!

Congrats! I guess one thing I’d love to see is something discussing vitamins and what foods are the best sources to get these vitamins. I don’t know if you’ve seen Food Inc yet, but maybe something about the US food industry. And maybe something about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and how you really feel about it and how difficult it really is to provide good, healthy options in school. I work with a guy whose home town is an hour from where Food Revolution is being filmed. Craziness! Okay, I don’t know if those helped, but I can’t wait to see what else you have to offer.

Ginger chocolate is awesome, btw.


Therefore, chocolate=healthy

Congrats to you!

Congrats on the award!

You hope she WILL get back together with Jesse James? After he cheated on her and used to be a Nazi supporter? I have obviously way too involved in celeb news haha.

Yes! I would love to see them back together. I can’t defend what he did at all. They were just my favorite Hollywood couple and seemed so perfect, and I guess it’s just an ideal in my head that they could reunite and be a happy family.

I love all of your chocolate reviews! I just bought a very $$ bar of Vosges chocolate – the smoked almond and sea salt variety. I hope it’s good!

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