Naughty. Sexy. Food.

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In case you took the weekend off and are catching up

I feel like I’ve eaten everything naughty and delicious already and it’s not even 7pm. That’ll cure those Monday blues 😀

Golden Sesame Tofu, Steamed Broccoli, Raw Baby Carrots

Golden Sesame Tofu, Steamed Broccoli, Raw Baby Carrots

Because, really, what’s more naughty than golden sesame tofu ala Whole Foods?

Golden Sesame Tofu

Golden Sesame Tofu

I took a peak at the potential nutritional of this. Yeah, don’t do that; just eat it and enjoy. I love this every time. And at 2.50 it’s a cheap way to get a good meal! Fried tofu definitely doesn’t have me wanting to run a marathon right afterwards, though.

Vegan Chocolate Fudge

Vegan Chocolate Fudge

For dessert and before going to office hours I had a piece of vegan fudge. Obviously, because this has all been vegan so far, it all must have been good for me, right? Yeah, no. But so many foodgasms here.

Cashew Almond KIND Bar And Strawberry Serenity Kombucha

Cashew Almond KIND Bar And Strawberry Serenity Kombucha

For a “cleaner” snack I ate a cashew almond KIND bar(my favorite) along with a strawberry Kombucha. I definitely was not a fan of this flavor. But I was happy to get rid of a bar and a bottle as part of Project Cleanout.

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

An apples nice and clean, right? Not washed and non-organic. Oooo, I just keep getting dirtier.

Sweet Potato Fries, BBQ Baked Beans, Daiya Mozzarella

Sweet Potato Fries, BBQ Baked Beans, Daiya Mozzarella

And dinner was this one last naughty, dirty, uncomposed plate of deliciousness.

Vegan Cheesy BBQ Fries And Beans

Vegan Cheesy BBQ Fries And Beans

And all vegan! Oh, Daiya, I love you. And it’s all thanks to Caitlin for this flavor pairing of sweet potato and BBQ beans. 80% of the sweet potato fries were completely burnt; one of the perks of being home surely will be that, at home, the oven isn’t floors below me. And in case you were wondering, fork or fingers on the fries? It’s all dirty and all delicious, so yes and yes.

Now, really, I should do something better with my time than eat naughty foods while watching the latest Dr. Who(Daleks, again?!). In the meantime, check out Averie’s stevia giveawayGina’s iHerb giveaway, and Katie’s shopping spree.

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18 Responses to “Naughty. Sexy. Food.”

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Evan this is the story of my life:
Not washed and non-organic. Oooo, I just keep getting dirtier.


Baked beans. I never make them but childhood memories of my grandma’s make me want to make them.

I dig the recap at the beginning. Short n sweet. I need help w/ that 🙂

and the linkback to the stevia, thankx babe 🙂 (hope i can call you that after probably leaving 250 comments LOL)

I am late to the sweet potato and baked beans party, but seeing as I love sweet potatoes and just about everything, I have a feeling It would go over well!

Dirty or not…everything looks so good! I haven’t tried the sweet potato fries with baked beans combo…I am totally going to try that one soon! Perfect. By the way, I love the burned ones! That broccoli looks amazing too! Seriously, could you go wrong with fudge???

Ah, I just had to go back and read the deluge of posts since yesterday morning! Congrats on the race; you had an awesome time!

The fudge looks. so. amazing. Please do make a chocolate peanut butter version and tell how it tastes!

Unfortunately the microwave/convection oven in my dorm is STILL not fixed, and I’m dying to make a sweet potato! Bummer…

Wow…that fries concoction looks totally like a Poutine (it’s a Canadian thing of french fries and stuffing drowned in gravy and cheese)…so NOT healthy for you – a heart attack in fact – and yet, enjoyed on many a night when coming back from downtown with a few too many drinks downed…

I am pretty happy to see that I am not the only person who is bad about washing fruits and veggies. Although mine are usually organic.. but I am so bad about washing. Its kinda gross when you think about it, so I choose not too lol.

Seriously, every time you post about Daiya…I can not believe how good it looks…and I will take your word for it on the taste too. Can’t wait to hear about other versions of the fudge, yum!

I have never eaten at the Whole Foods bar but I think I must if they have sesame tofu!

Broccoli and fried tofu in the same meal?! Glorious.

god those fries look good. i need to get me some daiya!!!

Ginger tofu AND vegan chocolate fudge?! Okay come cook for me NOW!! Both of those look amazing!! 😀

oh your Daiya posts have been taunting me. I think I might break down and go to Whole Foods. I’m horrible about washing my fruits and veg. I know it totally grosses my roommate out. Oh well. It’s good to get down and dirty from time to time!

The Almond & Cashew KIND bar is my fav too.

You dinner looks sooo good. Do you cook up the sweet potato fries yourself or do they come from a package?

I make them here by cutting up a sweet potato, tossing them in EVOO, and baking them at 350 for about an hour. So they aren’t really “fries”, they’re “bakes”, but they’re still tasty

Evan- not fair. You can’t post about Daiya when its sitting in shop fridges at closest 2,000 miles away from me!! I think you must be at a different stage of Dr. Who than over here- we had a scary 2 part angel-statue themed episode this weekend… don’t tell me they are releasing ahead of us in Britain- that would be treason! I hope you legs are still going strong today after all that running 😉

No, no. We’re actually the ones a week or two behind. I just got the episode about Winston Churchill, and it looks like the angels are next week. SOOO excited for that one.

I’ve never heard of Daiya–I should get on that! The vegan fudge is quite sexy…and naughty.

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