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I’m sorry if this post is spazzier than a disco ball but there’s so much I have to say, I can’t think of any way to connect it all so I’m just going to blurt it out.

My official half-marathon time on this race was 1:37:51. Wow. What? I wasn’t even sure I could break 1:40 the day before even though that was my goal, and that’s far beyond what I trained at. I’m just so relieved, and glad to have no new goals(not until next year, at least…).

Pomegranate Chobani, Vegan Fudge

Pomegranate Chobani, Vegan Fudge

I might have a fudge problem, and I’m not complaining. What has led me to this conclusion? Oh, I don’t know, the mostly gone pans of microwave vegan fudge and raw vegan fudge in my fridge were a clue. And the recipe in my head for vegan peanut butter fudge isn’t helping until I can actually make it. Otherwise, this was a perfectly healthy Biggest Loser snack.

Oatmeal With Vanilla Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With Vanilla Peanut Butter

I’m starting to realize that’s not a tablespoon of nut butter on my oatmeal. I would have thought a jar of peanut butter I opened just last week wouldn’t be 2/3rds gone already. Whoops! But really, the combination of Madhava vanilla agave and 365 peanut butter is that good.

Oatmeal With Chocolate Almond Butter And Coconut Milk

Oatmeal With Chocolate Almond Butter And Coconut Milk

Pomegranate Chobani With Mint Dark Chocolate

Pomegranate Chobani With Mint Dark Chocolate

I slept in instead of running right away and ate breakfast first. I tried to keep the ingredients pretty well, but if I didn’t have at least 6 squares of this chocolate, nothing would have filled me up. I’m a big fan of eating what you crave because, if you don’t, it won’t matter what you eat–you just won’t be satisfied. Let there be chocolate!

I’m very proud of this post and I hope it gets picked up by healthbuzz. I didn’t think anything in my life was interesting(besides fudge) at that point, so I threw that post together. I loved your responses to “the perfect pantry”. It seems a lot of you agreed with me and would add

  • Almond Milk
  • Pitas
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Cold Cereals
  • Pasta
  • Coffee
  • Kombucha
  • Tempeh

I love that Kelly would call Kombucha a staple; that’s my kind of girl. Coffee, too–how could I forget that?

9.5 Miles In 83:12

9.5 Miles In 83:12

I didn’t really “know” that I felt like running today; I told myself “just go to the gym and do what you feel. If that means walking right back, do that”. Well, I actually ran 9.5 miles and enjoyed it. The best way to be healthy is just put yourself in a healthy situation. The real good news, though, came when I got back from running. I split 2nd prize in another translation test and got a great cash reward. For knowing 2 dead languages, these are really starting to pay off, and I’m totally planning all the technology upgrades in my life these can be used for.

Tuna Salad With Mustard, Raw Broccoli, Chickpea Salad With Walnuts And Craisins

Tuna Salad With Mustard, Raw Broccoli, Chickpea Salad With Walnuts And Craisins

Lunch was thrown together on the fly to make a moved class time, but it ended up being really good. Tuna salad with mustard, chickpeas with Tierra Farm‘s raw walnuts and craisins, and raw broccoli all over spinach. Besides the fact that I adore chickpeas anytime, anyway, with some dried fruit they’re just amazing.

Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream With Banana Pineapple Rum Jam

Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream With Banana Pineapple Rum Jam

Flashforward 3 hours after a class and studying for a final in office hours. I was starving by the time I got out  and loaded up this delicious ice cream dish. I was so hungry, anything would have done, but I am more than pleased to have made this combination of So Delicious Vanilla Bean coconut milk ice cream and Earth & Vine banana pineapple rum jam. It was like Pina Colada ice cream. Yum!

Organic Cameo Apple

Organic Cameo Apple

There was also an organic apple involved when the ice cream was demolished since I wasn’t quite full. But you know what this brings me to? I have to pee all the time and it’s annoying. Call it the “side-effect” of a healthy-living blogger. Whatever it is, it’s getting on my nerve. If only I could put down the salt shaker, back away from the water bottle, and throw my hands in the air. But I needed those hands to make dinner(while guzzling water).

Broccoli In A Jar

Broccoli In A Jar

Lunch was from canned food, and dinner was jarred. Aren’t containers fun?

Shitake Veggie Burger, Broccoli With PB, Spinach

Shitake Veggie Burger, Broccoli With PB, Spinach

I finished off the last of my jar of The Heat Is On by tossing steamed broccoli in it and making a veggie burger salad. This was my first time trying Wildwood Shitake veggie burgers, which actually tasted just like the original. And, yes, there were no black beans or salsa today; I felt no obligation to eat Mexican food today so I didn’t. I felt like everyone was eating Mexican today, and even Rachael Ray made some amazing fish tacos. But unless she was going to cook them for me and deliver them, I wasn’t getting them. So no festive eating done here 🙂

What do you have to blurt out? Killed a man in Reno 8 years ago and need to get it off your chest? I promise my posts to be more tidy after I’ve got it all out there.

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11 Responses to “Blurt”

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definitely thought that wildwood veggie burger was a giant steak.
i have to pee ALL the time. really. i pee about 4 times an hour. not even exaggerating. it’s a problem when driving 7 hours home from school.

i have to pee constantly too.

Congrats on your time!! That’s awesome 🙂

“spazzier than a disco ball” haha that made me laugh. What an awesome race time- congrats!

Congrats on your race time!

Pina Colada ice cream!??! holy yum!

Congrats on the half!!! That’s an awesome time. Yeah…healthy eating = lots of peeing…unfortunate side-effect for my water-guzzling habits as well.

Vanilla Bean coconut milk ice cream and Earth & Vine banana pineapple rum jam. It was like Pina Colada ice cream. Yum!

Off the freakin chain OMG i want that JAM!

The comment you left me today was the sweetest nicest most heartfelt comment ever, thank you. Madeline and I talk about you and say we’d love to meet you! We’d sit back and let you cook for us. 🙂 Dorm room oven and all! ha! I would love to go out to dinner with you and Madeline..that would be so fun!

And the race time, holla. You got game. Nice!

The pantry post. I did a post about 6 mos ago on my raw vegan baking pantry staples and it was going to go out today but in light of the comment crap it’s going out tomorrow. Too ironic you just did one. And i hope it gets picked up too!

What a great fudge-fest, too!


Broccoli in a jar!! That’s a first!

No worries, I didn’t eat Mexican food today, either. I guess it’s apart of my belief in “eat what you crave” and I was craving kabocha. Whoops. Anywho, I love the broccoli idea. Actually, I love broccoli in general so this is no surprise. Good luck with your awesome post and amazing time! I really admire your perseverance and ability to run!

Have a lovely day!

That is a wonderful time, Evan! Not shocking to me! You’re a speed demon and run lots of miles!! The fudge looks amazing!! 🙂

I have to BLURT out that it’s my Friday!! WOOO! 🙂

LOVE the idea of broccoli-in-a-jar! I’m almost done with my Heat Is On jar too, so I might just have to copy you.

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