March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

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It’s one of the simplest things to say, but the hardest to do. And yet, if we can do it in the little places in life, can’t we master it when it matters, too?

Vivani Dark Chocolate With Ginger

Vivani Dark Chocolate With Ginger

Vivani Dark Chocolate With Ginger

Vivani Dark Chocolate With Ginger

Oatmeal With Chocolate Hazelnut Butter And Hazelnut Agave

Oatmeal With Chocolate Hazelnut Butter And Hazelnut Agave

Madhava Hazelnut Agave

Madhava Hazelnut Agave

Snickerdoodle Purely Decadent Ice Cream

Snickerdoodle Purely Decadent Ice Cream

We define “serving sizes” all the time. Don’t tell me to eat 10 pieces of ginger Vivani chocolate when they’re made 4 blocks to a row. I know math and that just doesn’t work out unless I’m willing to put a little effort into it. Likewise, there’s no such thing as a tablespoon of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter or Madhava’s hazelnut agave. There’s a scoop and a squirt and how much that is is how much that is. And ice cream? A serving’s what I left in the pint after the last time I at some. I don’t need a measuring cup, and I don’t even need a cup–just hand me the spoon.

But what if I told you to get to that snickerdoodle So Delicious soy ice cream I had to walk through a room of people drinking and playing beer pong in front of the fridge? And that I was in my pajamas? And that I really didn’t want to be doing that? Fact. Fact. And you bet your booty. It was one hell of an awkward minute I felt like a fish out of water. But what would have been the argument against getting the ice cream? There wasn’t really one, so in the end I knew what was “right”. Besides, the joke should be on them: It was Cinco de Mayo and I saw no margaritas. Really, guys, really?

Oatmeal With Mighty Maple

Oatmeal With Mighty Maple

Pineapple Chobani With Maple Glazed Cashews

Pineapple Chobani With Maple Glazed Cashews

So where does that leave me, on this most Holy of days, Seis de Mayo. Well, I know a few things. I know I was hungry way before class today and ate my breakfast of Mighty Maple oatmeal and a pineapple Chobani with cashews early. I know I’ll watch Bear Grylls in just about anything and everything he wants to do in his career(see Worst Case Scenario). And I know that I should throw away fears and do what I really want to do more often, because at the end of the tunnel there just might be a pint of ice cream. Now, if I may quote different strokes

Now the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum.
What might be right for you, may not be right for some.

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16 Responses to “March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum”

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GOOD FOR YOU for being YOU!! 🙂

Yes! Everyone is different, and those differences should be embraced! Who cares if you are hanging out in PJs, getting your coconut milk ice cream out of the fridge while everyone is drinking beer?? I say fie to them! March to the beat of your own drum, indeed 🙂

Whoot! Good for you…I would have felt the same way…awkward, but hey, it was worth it.

And I definitely need to take that advice more often.

Hazelnut agave? How utterly delicious sounding. I bet that would make a great homemade nutella…

Haha you are too funny! To each his own : ) I definitely saw lots of margaritas myself yesterday

I really like this post! Hold your head up high and eat that damn ice cream! I’d rather be in PJs eating so delicious than playing beer pong any day! 🙂 I totally brought oats in a jar in my purse to work last week, I got the strangest looks, but I loved it, so who gives a damn how strange I looked eating brown mush out of a peanut butter jar?

Yes, good for you for staying true to yourself. You know what takes the most courage? Getting out of bed every morning and doing the right thing. I know a lot of people who can down a lot of alcohol and get into plenty of brawls, but none that are strong enough to do the right thing every day.

Good for you for doing what seems right. I just hope that you’re enjoying college to the fullest also! Sometimes that means doing stupid stuff with your friends (with or without alcohol!). It’s not about drinking, it’s about fully enjoying college–the only time in your life when you’re surrounded by your friends and NO responsibilities!

Makes me want to sing “free to be you and me!”

hahaha you are too funny!!! good for you trudging through and getting your ice cream!! i would have done the same thing for SNICKERDOODLE?!?! omg that sounds heavenly!!! and even better? eating it in PJ’s! totally agree that a squirt of ketchup or honey or maple syrup is def a serving size in my mind 😉

“At the end of the tunnel there just might be a pint of icecream.”

I love this quote. :mrgreen: It relates to a lot of things in life, whether it means a pint of icecream or not. Good for you for just doing what you want and not caring what people think!

Maple glazed cashews, ooohh yummmmmy!

Great post! I can totally relate!!! I definitely move to the beat of my own drum. I totally accept others for being them, but I live my life being judge for weight, food, lifestyle. My husband and I just had that conversation yesterday about how we finally can just be us around other people. They can accept it or they can just move on. We don’t judge them for being them. I can assure you…there is a pint of ice cream at the end of that tunnel!

I love it! I’m in a sorority and I don’t really drink. I find that I really have to be myself on that way and I always end up the happiest that way.

i tried my first green and blacks today because of you, and i owe you mad thanks!!! it was sex in a wrapper!

Did they say something to you or something? I hope not.. you remind me a lot of my little brother and I am a super protective older sister! Not that you or he can’t take care of yourselves, but its just how I am 🙂 And FYI, when I was in college I would have been the one playing beer pong, and this is part of the reason I need to now lose 20 pounds… trust me, stick with what you are doing 🙂

LOL thank you for the concern but no one said anything. Good thing, too, because if I’m not sleeping by 11:15 at night chances are I’m not the friendliest to be spoken too 😉

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