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I’m really happy that so many of you seem to love your fancy nut butters! Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of experimenting in the kitchen this weekend done(and a happy Friday to you, too!) And if you think you’ve seen a post like this recently, maybe it’s because me and Christy are on the same wavelength when it comes to being ravenous.

I kicked off my weekend the best way possible: Going to Whole Foods. Nothing is more relaxing than being at a grocery store even before the lunch crowd sets in. And I was tempted to buy anything and everything new I could find(like a new gelato Lauren introduced me to!). But in the spirit of Project Cleanout, I kept it nice and reserved.





That would be oatmeal and oatbran(running low), an organic sweet potato, canned goods, a candy bar(whoops. I had a coupon, though), prepared foods, and new kombucha that were on sale.

Lemon Ginger Honest Kombucha

Lemon Ginger Honest Kombucha

I couldn’t help breaking into one of the kombuchas when I got hungry for lunch really early thinking I was just hungry from boredom. This flavor was good, but a little too sweet and lemony. I probably wouldn’t buy it again even on sale. And besides, I was hungry for food.

Cashew Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Roasted Cauliflower With Nutritional Yeast

Cashew Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Roasted Cauliflower With Nutritional Yeast

Cashew Chicken, Roasted Cauliflower With Nutritional Yeast

Cashew Chicken, Roasted Cauliflower With Nutritional Yeast

The best thing about going to Whole Foods was getting a lunch so that I could just work on my final papers without thinking about lunch. Cashew chicken is definitely one of my favorite Asian foods, but the cashews here had no texture, and I’m pretty sure the gluten ingredient I didn’t think would bother my stomach did :-/ On the bright side, the cauliflower was so good. Please, Whole Foods, roast for me more often.

Sunspire Coconut Bar

Sunspire Coconut Bar

That filled me up for all of 30 minutes when I busted into my Cookie Friday treat: a Sunspire dark chocolate coconut bar.

Sunspire Coconut Bar

Sunspire Coconut Bar

I just love that companies are making more organic junk food! Wait… no, that’s what I meant to say. But…

Organic Cameo Apple

Organic Cameo Apple

I was still hungry and decided to eat the last organic apple I had. Uhhh, I’m pretty sure this was turning into apple cider vinegar in front of my eyes. Does that look appetizing? Because it wasn’t(I still ate it).

If there’s anything that gets my hunger going it’s rest days and doing serious school work. Not only did I not run today, but I finished two rough drafts of papers I have to write(hold your applause). It felt great to get those partially out of the way, but before I knew it I was making myself a huge Sundae Friday sundae.

Elan's Vanilla Frozen Yogurt With Dark Chocolate Pieces

Elan's Vanilla Frozen Yogurt With Dark Chocolate Pieces

This had Elan’s vanilla frozen yogurt with 3 squares Endangered Speciesorganic smooth dark chocolate. Even though j’adore this chocolate, it was not bangin’ in this combo; the fact that the ice cream is so sweet over-accentuated the bitterness of the chocolate. Or maybe my taste buds were just off because I was more hungry than usual. Speaking of unusual:

Whole Foods Canned Tuna

Whole Foods Canned Tuna

Since chocolate and ice cream and candy bars weren’t working(Gosh, I couldn’t imagine why), I decided to go down the protein route and have a can of tuna before dinner. Proof that I am not a smart cookie: It took me about 3 minutes of shopping to realize this was the same tuna I’ve been eating all year, they’ve just changed the packaging of it. You like? I’m not a fan(because it confused me). Anyway, this actually worked to keep me full until dinner.

Yukon Gold Potato Covered In Vegetarian Chili, Broccoli With Seasoned Tofu

Yukon Gold Potato Covered In Vegetarian Chili, Broccoli With Seasoned Tofu

I would definitely be guilty of taking the lazy way out due to finals because I cooked 0% of this. I covered roasted yukon gold potatoes from the dining hall with the remnants of a can of 365 vegetarian chili. On the side was broccoli and seasoned tofu(both also from the dining hall) and a can of Zevia because I realized that’s going to be easier to move out of the dorm if it’s empty…

Poll: Would you hurt a fly? I’m talking literally here. I try to be very conscious of animals at all times. I’m appreciative when I eat meat, and even fish like canned tuna fish(I don’t really buy the pescitarian thought that they’re any less conscious than cows). But the one creature I feel no remorse for are flies. They just bug me(pun intended) in a way like nothing else, and I had an epic battle with one for 30 minutes. Evan 1; flies 0


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15 Responses to “Ravenous”

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Ha…yes I would totally hurt a fly…annoying little suckers!

I’m not a fan of any bug that bites!

I tried the mango flavor of the Honest Tea kombucha yesterday…it was good, but Synergy is still my fave 🙂

I’m jealous! Today has been a day that I haven’t been able to stomach much and I can’t stand it!!

Too bad you passed on the gelato! Probably better for the wallet though 😉

I tried the Green & Black white chocolate today because of you and it is AWESOME. Thanks!

I’m soo with you on the “organic junk food”! Keep it coming!

Haha, I love the organic junk food commentary. So true, and lots of people see organic and think it must be healthy, whoops.

I never seem to be able to actually kill them, though I definitely try 😉

Great goods!!

i went to whole foods today too – great way to kick of the weekend. that is also really funny about you/christy having the same post title!

i would hurt a fly. i have.

Evan the nut butter post is amazing. I love the variations! Choc is you know, nice. But something like cinny/raisin is heavenly and unique and love it!

The Sunspire bar. Never knew that existed. That’s what happens in WF, you find things you defi don’t need to “have”.

Bugs. Kill them now. I hate bugs. Very unholistic practice is i have my house sprayed monthly. No ants, roaches, termites, snakes, rats, etc around here. Ever. Kill all small pests. Hate them!

I put nutritional yeast on so many things. Great stuff!

That coconut bar sounds amazing–is it anything like a Mounds Bar?

It’s a little less sweet, and the coating is dark chocolate, but that’s the general impression. The next closest thing to that would be a Mahalo bar made by Go Max Go Foods which has rice milk chocolate, sweetened coconut, and almonds

I also get hungry like nothing else on rest days that involve schoolwork. It’s ridiculous, but finals were done on friday!!!! I’m home now and cooking up a storm, much to my parents’ joy.

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