My Night In Rhymes

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I’d rather be cooking,
Or go for a run.
And though working’s no fun
It has to be done.
Yukon Gold Potato Covered In Vegetarian Chili, Broccoli With Seasoned Tofu

Yukon Gold Potato Covered In Vegetarian Chili, Broccoli With Seasoned Tofu

That supper last night,
it filled me up well.
My stomach did swell,
I lie I do not tell.
Sweet Scoops Black Raspberry

Sweet Scoops Black Raspberry

Topping With Green & Black's Cherry Chocolate

Topping With Green & Black's Cherry Chocolate

Black Raspberry With Cherry Chocolate

Black Raspberry With Cherry Chocolate

There’s always room
For sweets and ice cream.
If you play for my team,
this is the scheme.
Peach Mango Honest Kombucha

Peach Mango Honest Kombucha

Before I slept,
I drank this kombucha, too.
The flavor was new.
I’d not recommend it to you.
To get things moving,
I better turn on the power.
I’ve been awake for an hour,
no breakfast, no shower.

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12 Responses to “My Night In Rhymes”

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Classic “Evan has things due so it’s time for a rhyme” post! You’re in the home stretch!

Funny!!! Hey when is school out for you? Are you going home for the summer?

My finals officially end the 18th, but everything afternow is completely choppy so that I might go home much sooner and just come back for that one day. And I will most definitely be at home for the Summer, most likely working somewhere in Boston.

Nice rhymes! So refreshing. Made me smile.

Rhyming all the way! Excellent!

Move over Diddy, Evan’s got his rhyme on 🙂 Too funny, loved it!

The veggie chili looks really good despite it being 98F here and hot as a muther. And I dont like cooked food or beans. But I want that chili!

The fact that you gave your chocomize to your mother for Mother’s day is singularly the nicest, most random act of kindness ever. I seriously cried when I read that. You are such a kind person, Evan!!!! Wow, you are just a ray of light..your mom is so proud of you right now. As a mom, I can only say, if that happened to me, it’s not even about the chocolate (but of course that’s one way to a girl’s heart!) but the gesture. Is breath-taking!

Have a super day!!! and I hope you get to move out..soon!


Oh no, how did a peach mango combo go wrong?! It took me a while to get moving this morning,too, even though I was up early. Hey, it’s the weekend, so being a little pokey is acceptable 🙂

The poet in me appreciates this post. Kind of. 🙂

Please write poems more 🙂

Yes, there is always room for sweets and ice cream. What a cute poem!

Gosh, you are quite the poet Evan. Your poems are hilarious too! hhaha I especially appreciate that you were honest about the kombucha. I have only had 1 experience with it and ….it was NOT good at all.

P.s. I could totally go for that chili and tofu on potato….i can see that being served at a restaurant too. YUM!!!

Look at you, Evan Allan Poe! Though I have to say, this was much more entertaining than “The Raven” 😉

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