Mother’s Day Brunch On Broadway

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Happy Mothers Day! I have been loving today; it’s felt like my own very holiday even though I’ll never be a mom(and I’m OK with that)! And I think everyone else, including my own mom, has enjoyed it as well 😉

8 Miles 69:03

8 Miles 69:03

I ran a well-paced 8 miles while watching the newest Dr. Who(This episode freaked me out! for anyone else likewise addicted). I wanted to push it to 10 or even 12, but I just new my legs would appreciate me so much more if I didn’t, so I saved those miles for a rainy day.

Blueberry Chobani With Raw Almond Butter

Blueberry Chobani With Sprouted Almond Butter

I had some time before my family would arrive so I refueled with a blueberry Chobani and Better Than Roasted sprouted almond butter. Blueberry and almond is such a magnificent combination!

Better Than Roasted Raw Almond Butter

Better Than Roasted Sprouted Almond Butter

I couldn’t help myself from finishing off the almond butter jar(it was a small one) when my parents were running late. I’ve never made this parallel before in my mind, but isn’t nut butter straight from the jar like a vegan’s form of turkey jerky from a bag? I think so. Once everyone did arrive, we set off to this place for lunch:

Nick's On Broadway

Nick's On Broadway

Despite being in Providence almost a year, I haven’t been able to get myself to Nick’s On Broadway until today. It was highly recommended by Heather and Sabrina and was voted in the top 59 breakfast places in America! Even though the wait was an hour, I had a feeling it would be well worth it for Mother’s day brunch.

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

We watched the chefs in the open kitchen while we waited, and the smell of homefries, eggs, and toast with butter was absolutely intoxicating. We got a table earlier than expected and someone wasted no time:

Drinks Galore

Drinks Galore

That would be my grandmother with both a sangria and a bloody mary in front of her. She actually ended up with neither and drinking a decaf coffee instead, but I thought the photo was funny 😉 I sipped the bloody mary and even though I have nothing to compare it to I have to say it was really really good, and that’s from someone who hates horseradish. My one complaint was that the decaf coffee, which I did have, wasn’t terribly hot at all. I was so excited for my meal.

Local Hereford Beef

Local Hereford Beef



I ordered a local cut of beef with a side of homefries. Between Providence and the Garden Grill Cafe, I’ve grown a love for homefries and had to try Nick’s; they were deliciously and not overly oily at all while still being crisp and delicious.

Local Hereford Beef

Local Hereford Beef

The beef was perfectly cooked and seasoned, with a nice herby crust and a rare center. I love the emphasis on local, which is something I’ve found a lot of in Providence. It’s easy to want to eat from within your own state when it’s the smallest in the country 😉 On the way out the head chef, Derek, wished us well and a happy Mother’s day, which I thought was a great, personal touch. Overall I had a fantastic time at Nick’s and can’t wait to go back again.

Whole Foods Bag

Whole Foods Bag

We did some grocery shopping and I had a HUGE craving for what was in the bag. Can you guess what it might have been?

Sweet Scoops Madagascar Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Sweet Scoops Madagascar Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Ice cream! The real, dairy deal. No coconut milk would have sufficed for me, and this was so good. It tasted like straight up vanilla extract, which I know a certain blogger would appreciate if she could tolerate dairy.

Microwave Vegan Chocolate Fudge

Microwave Vegan Chocolate Fudge

And now for my dessert-dessert, I’m eating the last piece of microwave vegan chocolate fudge. This would be such a sadder moment if I didn’t also pick up earth balance and have something in the fridge cooling at this very moment 😉 Check back tomorrow for a new and delicious recipe! And now I need to get back to Leap Year; I have 3 hours before it expires which worries me even though it’s only 90 minutes long.

What do you order at brunch? I don’t usually crave eggs. And as much as I love the smell of toast I cant tolerate the gluten. But one thing my brunch has to have is homefries. I’m awful at making them myself and, when they’re done right, I could eat them as my main course!

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18 Responses to “Mother’s Day Brunch On Broadway”

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Aw, what a nice time with your grandmother! Loved her with the two cocktails at lunch! Dang you and your ice cream…I miss it so! Leap Year is good. Predictable, but good. The scenery is beautiful!

I love, love, love home fries! I made a Smitten Kitchen recipe a few weeks ago – potatoes with romesco sauce. It sort of reminded me of homefries – would be delish with an egg on top.

Yay! Grandmas, Moms, Brunch, and Ice Cream.

So glad that you had a good Mother’s Day! I loved the picture of your grandma! 🙂

I’m a big fan of homefries too! I usually order an omelette as well. 🙂

Lol. I love that pic of your grandma. It would have been even better if she’d had both drinks 😛

You know, I’ve never had brunch before. There is a local place here that emphasizes organic and they are said to have a fantastic brunch. I’ve wanted to go for a while now. Maybe this fall I’ll get a chance.

And that fudge *drool*… I think when I’m done here I may have to consider chocoholics anonymous 😉

I love nicks! You need to try juliens next!

I love brunch! I’m not an egg fan at all, so I’ll usually order oatmeal or something sweet 🙂

to me, brunch means either an omelet or waffles/french/toast pancakes! your grandma is adorable.

Okay – YOU OFFICIALLY HAVE THE BEST EATS – SERIOUSLY! Between the beef, the fries, the ice cream and the chocolate – you’ve stolen my heart…now if only I had the metabolism (and legs) of a racing teenage boy like you ;)…oye. I still eat it though…but you have way good reason! You like your beef rare! Yikes, I’m always worried about getting sick that way…
That picture of your G-Ma is hilarious!

I don’t get the gluten thing though …how do you know that those home fries don’t have gluten or wheat in them??? i mean, if toast does…

Homefries, at least here, have no toast or wheat. They’re traditionally potatoes, roasted or boiled, that are diced and cooked over low heat in a large pan with onions, a liquid oil, and herbs

Thats a really funny picture of your grandma. I absolutely can not have my steak rare in the middle, it must be cooked!

I would be so down for straight up vanilla extract. OMG. I actually sprinkle/drizzle it on my popcorn. I know, sick. But I do. I LOVE VANILLA! ha!

Granny double fisting the drinks. TOO GOOD for words…classic picture!!!

Bloody Mary’s…ok so they put me into sodium overdrive but i can honestly see you growing up to be a conisseur of them sorta like you are of choc. B/c there are so many ways…tomatoes, celery, salt, garlic, random spices..all mixed in various ratios, chunky vs. smooth, how much vodka to use and what kind, it’s a foodies’ fantasy b/c there are so many ways to play with them. And honestly there is NOTHING better than a bloody mary poolside on a sunday morning. omg, the memories 🙂
thanks for the shout and thank god from you last post no more drunken sat. nite partiers and you can get some sleep at home!

if i could eat it, i would have lox and cream cheese on bagels with capers and red onions. mmmmm savory!

Love your Grandmother and that picture. Its great to see places embracing the local aspect of the food they serve. And those home fries look like they would just fall apart in your mouth. Where you found room for dessert and dessert-dessert I have no idea, but it all looks irresistible. Hope you and yours had a good mothers day!

Pancakes at brunch are a MUST for me. I am sure you knew that 😉

I love Eggs Benedict when I go out for brunch!

I think of nut butter from the jar like a spoonful of ice cream out of the container 🙂
your grandma is adorable! also i love bloody mary’s
i’m a random brunch orderer – I’ll whatever floats my boat at the time (well i havent gone to brunch since becoming vegan) and I love allll breakfast food but I always make sure to get grapefruit juice. mmmm.

I think mornings I like my carbs: pancakes, oatmeal, french toast, cereal, etc. and some goes for brunch. And fruit is a must too!

Wow…almond and blueberry…why haven’t I thought of that before?

And I love homefries too. I’m pretty sure I have eaten them for dinner… 😉

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