If I Didn’t Know Any Better, I’d Think I Were Pregnant

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I attented 8th grade Sex Ed, so I’m pretty sure I’ve got the whole gender thing down and am safe on this one. But let’s check the symptoms:

  • Hit or miss hunger
  • Odd cravings
  • In and oat of the bathroom all day
  • Tighter pants
  • Constant irritability
  • Sore legs and ankles

Do I have a bun in the oven or what? Granted, some of these are explainable. You’d be sore to if you’d been walking up and down 3 flights of stairs to do laundry and cook all your meals. And the weekend eating probably could account for numbers 3 and 4. Oh, and who the hell wouldn’t be irritable if your only final left for your least favorite class isn’t for another 8 days and you’re just shooting the breeze? Blah. Let’s try that again.

Burger, Sweet Potato Fries, And Mighty Maple

Burger, Sweet Potato Fries, And Mighty Maple

Sweet Potato Fries And Mighty Maple

Sweet Potato Fries And Mighty Maple

Sweet potato and maple peanut butter. Odd? Yes. Delicious. OMG was that a great combo. I would definitely have it again sometime soon. The EVOO and the salt on fries gave it such a great added touch. The burger–let’s just say that meat was FAR too old :-/ I cooked it well through and hope it’d be fine. Even though I wasn’t terribly hungry going in to this meal, I wasn’t full afterwards either.

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

Again, still not full.

Vegan Tiger Fudge

Vegan Tiger Fudge

Alright, not like I was expecting this to do much for me but it looked delicious and if nothing was going to work I might as well have my sweets, right? The good news was that, after a day, the peanut butter fudge started to set up. I’m still not happy with it enough to give a recipe, though. In the mean time, I’ll just finish off the pan 😀

After I ran a few errands around campus, I had two strong cravings: One was for an ice cream flavor I don’t have. Great. The other was for chickpeas. Well… alright.

Chickpeas With Lemon Juice, EVOO, and Sea Salt

Chickpeas With Lemon Juice, EVOO, and Sea Salt

Does anything get better than chickpeas at 4pm? I think not. Except some with a little olive oil and sea salt for flavor.

Chewy Almond Raisin Cookie

Chewy Almond Raisin Cookie

And now I’m snacking on a gluten-free chewy almond raisin cookie hoping it will hit the spot. It didn’t, but it was tasty(this was actually the first from the batch I tried). I’m not a fan of the gluten-free flavor, but it makes for good texture.

Why the post before dinner? Well, right now I’m deciding whether I want to walk to Whole Foods to get the aforementioned ice cream. When I leave tomorrow, I’ll already probably be leaving behind a small fortune of ice cream. Aw, hell, you only live once.

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22 Responses to “If I Didn’t Know Any Better, I’d Think I Were Pregnant”

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I’m glad to know that you’re not pregnant. LOL! That fudge doesn’t look half bad! I’ll be waiting intently on the recipe.

we’ve all got hormones – they really affect our appetites and cravings!

ahh hormones..its crazy how much they can effect what we want and crave!! sweet potato and maple butter sounds amazing!!

I LOVE might maple. Last night I ate spoonfuls of might maple with homemade chocolate sorbet (all vegan)

I vote for a walk to whole foods to get the ice cream!

Go for the ice cream! This is too funny! I think you should get a test just to make sure! Um, sweet potatoes and mighty maple could not sound further from strange…I think it sounds a lot like heaven! And no, chickpeas are appropriate all times during the day!

Oh God – you are such a girl!!! …kidding! 🙂
get you some ice cream boy!

HA! I have those symptoms often too…but I don’t think I’m pregnant either!! 🙂

WOW I need to try sweet potato fries and peanut butter. That is on the menu for tomorrow night!

heh glad youre not preggers! but those “symptoms” sound a bit like overtraining so be careful. but way to get in some good eats. bummer that the meat wasn’t exactly fresh anymore…it looks good though! as does that fudge. i can’t wait until you post a recipe…and i can’t wait until i’m in a real kitchen to do some damage with all the recipes i’ve been saving up!

Sweet potatoes and pretty much anything are a-okay in my book. When you start craving peanut butter and pickles, then we’ll talk

you’re probably well on your way to WF by now!

the maple sugar leaf from the last post omg but these vegan fudge tigers…they look amazing enough to post by my eyes 🙂

pregnant. nah. you’d be barfing if you were. and couldnt even imagine eating. blah!

GF almond raisin cookie…thanks for reposting that. yum!!

Did you try to set the fudge in the freezer? I know a lot of raw/vegan treats do better in the freezer than in the refrigerator… you may have already mentioned this but I wasn’t sure.

I keep my raw & vegan fudge in the freezer, but as for just vegan fudge I think I can get it to be set in the fridge or even at around room temperature with the right amount of earth balance and powdered sugar

Haha! I hope it’s a girl 😉

And I hope you dug into some ice cream… You do only live once!

lol with all the chocolate you consume I would assume that you do 😉

have a bun in the oven i mean

i heard that meat tastes better as it ages though! like the tipping point to rotten is the best 😮 hum so maybe meat is on the “extreme” where it either tastes best really fresh or really rotten-

I still think you’re pregnant. Better pee on a stick.

Sweet tater+pb=heavenly, sooo I’m guessing sweet tater+MAPLE pb is transcendant!!

Haha! This made me smile!
My final for my least favorite class is in 8 days too! Boo! I have plenty to do in the meantime though 🙂

I had white chocolate wonderful on my sweet potato the other night- its awesome. My favorite though is some cream cheese and diced candied pecans on a sweet potato!

the beginning to this post made me laugh out loud… oh man.
the maple + sweet potato combo sounds absoultely delish. craving it now.

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