It’s Time To Get New Pants

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I noticed a funny thing yesterday. My jeans which have always been a bit big are starting to fit better, and the ones that have traditionally fit well seem a bit tight and uncomfortable. Being a guy, my first two thoughts were a) I’ve been shrinking everything in the laundry or b) someone else had them be altered to mess with me. That’s when option c hit me.

It might actually be me who’s growing out of them

My gut response was the typical “healthy living blogger” way of seeing it: I’ll eat out a little less, cut down on the sugars, and things will go back to the way they were. And then I thought about it. What if I didn’t adjust to fit the pants; what if the pants adjusted to fit me?

EVOO Seared Sweet Potato And Chickpeas

EVOO Seared Sweet Potato And Chickpeas

I’m still healthy and eating my superfoods.



I’m running faster and further than ever before.

Local Hereford Beef

Local Hereford Beef

And I’m enjoying eating out including brunch at fantastic new places.

In short, why would I want to change any of this? I love this! Underneath clothes, we’re all naked; what does it matter what size they are? Be healthy, but be happy. And if happy leads you to a shopping spree at that incredible French clothing store,Β Targe, with a buttload of gift cards to get jeans from the 75% off rack, so be it.

Who else is willing to throw out the old and put on the new with me?

Whole Foods' Salad Bar Food

Whole Foods' Salad Bar Food

Not only did I go to Whole Foods last night, I ate out, too. This was my last dinner of Providence, so I was prepared to make it a good one even if I had the ingredients for something much more humble back at my room. I got from the salad bar roasted carrots, potatoes, and onions with paprika, avocado rubbed kale, and golden sesame tofu. All delicious. All making me grow out of my pants. All good.

They didn’t have the coconut almond chip coconut milk ice cream I went all the way to get. Bummer, right? I was pretty let down. That’s when I made a plan and got the regular coconut ice cream and add Tierra Farm‘s almonds.

Coconut Ice Cream With Almonds

Coconut Ice Cream With Almonds

I really liked the bare coconut flavor. This ice cream had just 6 ingredients and 11g of sugar per serving–unreal! It was a little chewy even because of the coconut flakes. It was definitely a good ice cream for anyone who likes to add their own mix-ins.

Aztec Crunch Lulu's Bar And Cashew Butter

Aztec Crunch Lulu's Bar And Cashew Butter

I never got hungry for oatmeal, but I did still want the nut butter and I can always go for chocolate. I was worried whether I’d like Aztec Crunch because I’m not a fan of raw cacao nibs(part of the crunch). But this really blew me away. It was raw, but not bitter. It definitely had a solid crunch. One of the ingredients is said to have magical soothing powers; I’m not sure if it was the chocolate or the ingredient but I was definitely soothed.

Of course, the other side to new pants is the completely metaphorical side: fitting your surroundings to fit how you want to be. As much as I love oatmeal, I’m willing to toss it by the landside if I’m craving something else. And this morning, I had a huge white potato craving.

Maple Salmon, White Potato Home Fries

Maple Salmon, White Potato Home Fries

Home Fries

Home Fries

Home fries, anyone? I think I’m still getting past the shock and awe that I made these and not some restaurant, because they’re so delicious. It was just 1 1/2 white potatoes tossed in a pan for a while with some red onion in EVOO. It would be great with sage or rosemary but I didn’t have any. To make this more of a meal and less of a breakfast, I added flaked salmon with maple syrup and sea salt. Definitely not as good as the home fries; but that’s where the extra maple syrup comes in handy.

And how about this for new pants: I’m moving out tonight =-O

If the pants do not fit, you mustΒ acquit

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27 Responses to “It’s Time To Get New Pants”

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I LOVE this! Because here is the thing…people always equate skinny with being fast! So…yes I know I am skinny but I have been skinnier before and I didn’t run nearly as fast or as strong! So sometimes a little weight in the form of healthy muscle is a GOOD thing because, for me, it allows me to run faster! When I weighed 110 I could only run a 1:40 half marathon. Now at 115 I can rock a 1:30…case closed! πŸ™‚

good luck moving out! and as far as the pants adjusting to fit you, I think that is a great way to look at it. you are clearly healthy and active, maybe this size is the one that fits you best with your need to fuel & stay healthy? my best friend (a guy) is a little too skinny, in my opinion, and I wish he would eat more like you instead of constantly being afraid of calories. I think the way you do it is perfectly healthy & allows for indulgence πŸ™‚

i agree so much on this, ive been way skinnier and never went as far or as fast as i do now πŸ™‚ and the cookies and cream flavor of coconut milk ice cream is AHHHMAZING

Love this post and I love “Targe”

Ahhh I drool every time I see that one. Why do they have to use wheat cookies?! At least the cookie dough and snickerdoodle flavors are GF.

If it ain’t broke, it’s time to buy new pants. Or something. Good on ya my friend.

reading this blog never fails to make me want to go to whole foods stat and stock up on bars and purchase the hot bar/salad bar stuff… except the nearest whole foods is (probably) tiny compared to the ones in the states!

Good for you! You know what healthy is and you are going with it! I am so happy for you! Home fries = pure love! Those look so good! Good luck with the move!

I agree that lower weight does not always mean faster times. I think you look great. And if you’re happy with where you are at, then keep at it! πŸ™‚ Your food, fudge, and ice cream look delicious.

Hey there, great blog! Thanks for visiting mine and commenting. Love the pants metaphor; it’s all about perception and adaptation πŸ™‚

Being a fast and strong runner is so much more important than just being skinny. Hooray for good food! And new clothes πŸ™‚

I REALLY want to devour the contents of the first picture right nowww.

I think you can afford to fill out a bit, no worries! Most likely muscle anyway!

With summertime and swimsuit weather finally here, this post is really a breath of fresh air. As long as we’re happy and healthy that’s all that matters! Not the size of our jeans πŸ™‚ Great post!

great post, ev πŸ™‚ soooo true. i was down to a measly 104lbs. at one point (which is dangerously low for a 5’7 1/2 athletic girl), but now that i’ve gained some weight (as recommended by my dr.) i have tons more energy and am HAPPY. πŸ™‚

Taking into account your extremely healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) + weight, the pants should indeed adjust to fit you.

Such a great post. So many people would rather be freakishly tiny and struggle to get through their workouts than buy a larger size and be strong and fit! Great call!

I looove homemade homefries!

HELL. YES. As we get older, our bodies change, our weight apportions itself differently on our bodies…when my hips expanded I freaked out and thought I was getting fat but it turns out that’s kind of just what happens when you’re not sixteen anymore.

The plain coconut flavor is my fave kind! It reminds me of Thailand and the ice cream they had everywhere…sooooogoooodddd. And I can put it in a smoothie without feeling like I’m loading up on extra sugar.

love this post. I could use some new pants too…

I love your philosophy towards the too tight pants– I completely agree with you! You seem to be doing everything right and loving life, so no need to change anything (except the pants that are too tight) πŸ™‚

You have a really great mindset about your jeans issue. If they don’t fit, you should probably get a new pair, cause with such a fantastic lifestyle you shouldn’t need to try to cut down on sweets or up the exercise.

Great attitude regarding the pants issue–you certainly eat a healthful, balanced diet and exercise. I say go for new pants and keep up the excellent eating habits you’ve got;)

Awesome attitude to fit your lifestyle ;D and congrats on moving out yay!!!

Great post πŸ™‚ Yes, if you’re enjoying your life and are happy and healthy, sometimes it’s just time for new pants.

If it is what your body wants to do, go with it, its likely to be all muscle right? Plus men are still growing at 19. I was thinking too- if you have a true gluten intolerance/Coeliac disease- now that you have excluded gluten from your diet for a while, your intestinal epithelium may be recovering- so you might be able to digest+absorb more nutrients from the food you take in- weight gain is a common occurrence after some time on gluten-free therapy- worth a thought?

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