All The Reasons I’m Screaming

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It’s been a little loud around here today.



Frankly, there was no way all of this was getting put away today, and there might have been some swearing involved. 12 miles I could have done; this, not so much.

TJ's Temptation Trail Mix

TJ's Temptation Trail Mix

It took Trader Joe’s Temptation Trail Mix to calm me down. I don’t suppose it’s a temptation anymore after you give in.

I’m screaming in joy because today I officially finished up with my 3rd class but in agony because my fourth and last, while being 6 days away, I already feel unprepared for and as if it’s a waste of time to study(not like I’ve found the chance yet).

Meat And Potatoes Cooking

Meat And Potatoes Cooking

I could have screamed and yelled to tell everyone what an amazing cook I’ve become, but no one’s been home to listen. Of course, my dog will come running once he smells something cooking. Is it bad that he responds to “little shit”? My grandmother and I have got to get better about that…

Bison Medallion, Seared Sweet Potato And Onion Over Greens

Bison Medallion, Seared Sweet Potato And Onion Over Greens

Yum! I found an old bison medallion in the freeer to thaw and cook in a little EVOO with a roasted potato, onion, and fresh rosemary. How can anybody not look forward to fresh herbs?! They just add so much flavor.

I might have hollered a bit when I realized that some flavors of Celestial Seasonings contain gluten! Sleepytime Throat Tamer didn’t, however, and it said it would help my throat, which has been a little scratchy all day(probably from the screaming), so I thought I’d give it a taste.

Scratch Ticket

Scratch Ticket

I squealed a little when I won $5. It wasn’t much of a scream, but it made my day.

Mint Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Mint Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream

J’adore mint chip coconut milk So Delicious ice cream and I’ll shout it from the rooftop! It’s so minty and the touch of coconut oil chocolate adds a nice, cool crisp to it all. I also love that everyone else in this house won’t touch coconut milk ice cream. More for me.

Oatmeal With 365 Crunchy

Oatmeal With 365 Crunchy

It’s also cheaper to shout and bicker that it’s 48 degrees in May than turn up the heat. Why the unseasonable weather? Why? Warm oats, get inside my belly!

But what’s the real reason I’ve been screaming? Well…

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

I scream for ice cream makers! I got one a few weeks ago and it’s been waiting here ever since. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this; oh the possibilities! But that’s where you all come in. If you had an ice cream maker, what would your dream flavor be? Or, if you have any specific recipes from websites you like, please share! I’m a little wary of dealing with egg yolks to begin with, so now I’m just thinking of working with simple flavors/recipes. Hermit ice cream, maybe? 😉

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22 Responses to “All The Reasons I’m Screaming”

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hey!!! nice job on that scratch ticket!! i get psyched when I win 1 dollar hahah…its such a bad habit whenever I get gas, i tend to get a scratch ticket!

ice cream maker?!?! get to that!! cant wait to see wha tyou come up with! I am thinking a mighty maple ice cream with pretezels and chocoalte bits would be amaziiinnggg

I would make peanut butter cup with a peanut butter ice cream base!

We used to make a lot of ice cream at my house, recipes not involving a custardy base (=no cooking of the mixture) and they were always a tad on the icy side.

welcome hope!!

haha i love how running always seems so much easier than unpacking…well your life basically! enjoy your time at home.

My dream flavor would be carrot cake! YUM!!!!!
I like the tart flavored frozen yogurt… here is a great recipe to try

Ooo I’m bookmarking that one. I love tart yogurt but it’s far and few between in New England And I’ve actually tried a carrot cake ice cream before, this one: It’s pretty good if you can find it.

I LOVE temptation mix! Have tou tried their PB&J mix? Stoked for your i.c. maker.

I just got the same xact ice cream maker a few weeks ago and I have NO idea what to do with it…I have sorbet on the mind, I think a visit to Martha Stewart is in order.

Yay!! We got that same one for our wedding! Heidi Swanson has an awesome recipe for tart yogurt on her website I love it!

I love my ice cream maker! I keep it at home since I don’t make much ice cream beyond summer-time. Anyway, I came across this recipe the other day and thought you might like it too:

Oh, yum! I have a ton of Pom bottles I was sent so I definitely need to at least make the syrup, if not the whole thing

oh my gosh, i hope you make some coconut milk ice cream!

Make some peanut butter ice cream 😉

I’m so jealous of your ice cream maker!! That’s definitely something I need to invest in. My dream flavor would probably involve lots of PB, chocolate…and cookie dough. 🙂

Good luck with all your unpacking!!

I have that ice cream maker! I made chai ice cream recently with coconut milk. The recipe was in this cookbook:

never had an ice cream maker, just a vita. frozen fruit becomes my ice cream 🙂

Celestial seasonings, i told ashlei the vegster this, they all or almost all contain barley which is a gluten containing grain and the holiday ones sugar cookie sleigh ride, etc are particularly offensive. Yes. They are not GF in the least. I feel funky if i drink them.

Unpacking is not as bad as packing…at least you are almost! done and can relax. With a jokerz bar 🙂

A couple things, first, I get excited when I win ONE dollar form the scratch lottery tickets!! haha, seriously, I’m pathetic.

Next, Your e-mail address on the side bar, is it supposed to say “fuel” at the end, and not “fu”? Just wondering.

Also, I have an ice cream maker (same one) and I am obsessed with it. I use it ALL THE TIME. I always make the basic vanilla recipe and then throw in my own add-ins (cookies, bornies, chocolate, etc.). So fun!

Yes, the width of the sidebar cuts out the And I know! Your best sounding creation so far has been vanilla with pb chips and peanuts. Yum!

pumpkin peanut butter with chocolate chips. and figs.

$5 win on a scratch off would have made my day too! Oh…and the ice cream maker…SWEET!

Oh MAN I’m so jealous! I really want an ice cream maker!

Haha that ice cream maker could be very dangerous for you 😉

We call our cats little shits too. Have you ever seen “The Jerk” with Steve Martin? It’s old. His dog’s name is Shithead.

I always buy products that my husband won’t touch with a 10 ft pole. More for me indeed.

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