I’m The MacGyver Of Baking

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Yesterday, my parents went to see our relatives while I stayed home studying. My aunt, ever-thoughtful, sent back some cupcakes for me. It was really thoughtful; but there was something that worried us. If you asked her what they were, she’d say “organic, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, nut-free…” the list goes on. She did the same when I made my cousin these cupcakes. And they didn’t seem gluten-free. In fact, after a little investigating, it seemed likely they weren’t and she just got confused. Well I was OK with that and letting my family have them. Except then I wanted cake. I really wanted cake.

Simple Chocolate Cake

Simple Chocolate Cake

I broke out the Sweet Utopia cookbook sent to me by Book Publishing Co. and flipped open to the first recipe in the book: a simple chocolate cake. Perfect. I made a few alterations to the recipe(switching to gluten-free flours, almond milk for soy milk, and olive oil for canola oil), and 28 minutes later I brought life into this world.

Vegan, Gluten-Free Cake

Vegan, Gluten-Free Cake

Isn’t she a cutie? But I wanted cake fast so I cut a slice and stuck it in the fridge to cool quickly. While that was cooling, I made a 2-minute buttercream frosting by mixing earth balance, powdered sugar, and vanilla powder in a small dish with a fork. It was almost too easy.

Cake With Frosting

Cake With Frosting

I went from thinking I’d have a chocolate bar for dessert(but not really happy with that) to 1 hour later having a vegan, gluten-free chocolate cake with vegan buttercream frosting all with whatever ingredients I had on hand. I think that qualifies me to be the MacGyver of baking.

Organic Smooth Dark Chocolate

Organic Smooth Dark Chocolate

Vanilla Oikos With Vanilla Peanut Butter

Vanilla Oikos With Vanilla Peanut Butter

Organic Baby Carrots

Organic Baby Carrots

Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

After that excitement, I just couldn’t sleep; this happens almost every Saturday night and it’s so annoying. I figure this last time just might be because of my last final. But I definitely needed more fuel than usual for the 2+ hours I was awake. I’m not even sure when I got to bed, but this morning I stumbled out of bed late and just hungry.

Pineapple Chobani, Oatmeal With Crunchy PB, Maple Syrup, And Maple Butter

Pineapple Chobani, Oatmeal With Crunchy PB, Maple Syrup, And Maple Butter

Oatmeal With Crunchy PB, Maple Syrup, And Maple Butter

Oatmeal With Crunchy PB, Maple Syrup, And Maple Butter

I’m still trying to find out the secret to making a really amazing maple peanut butter. It’s harder than you’d think! And the secret ingredient is not coconut oil as it turns out. Oh well. This bowl was still really good with crunchy maple butter. And now I’m eating a Chobani as if it were a parfait–not stirring the jam up first. It’s pretty good this way.

What do you hate most about restless nights? In the time I’m awake, all I can think about is the stuff I could have done with that time rather than lie in a dark room and toss and turn. And here’s a fun chocolate giveaway to enter.


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12 Responses to “I’m The MacGyver Of Baking”

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Ha! I love that you baked a cake just because you wanted cake! I always seem to bake for others, not really when I want things. I’ll give in someday 🙂
I hate restless nights! I’ve been having a lot of them lately (i.e. last night and pretty much every night the past 3 weeks). Agreed, I hate thinking about all the stuff I could be doing!

YUM! This cake looks amazing. I hate restless nights!!! I’ve been getting those a lot lately. I always think about how i have to be up at 430 for a 12 hour shift and then I get anxious that I’m going to be so tired for the rest of the day.

Ugh I had a restless night too! It’s the worst. The cake looks AWESOME though.

Definitely MacGuyver…lovin the chocolate…but you need to kick your saturday nights up a notch haha ! Have a good one.

Gorgeous cake 🙂
I hate not being able to sleep! I feel like I should be making myself useful if I can’t sleep, which makes it even harder to fall asleep. A vicious cycle.

I do the same thing: tossing and turning and thinking about lost productivity. What a shame!

That buttercream is SOOO easy! Wow, great idea!

my whole life I’ve been plagued by restless sleep. I definitely have nights of GREAT sleep but also awful nights where it feels like I’m up all night! my friend actually introduced me recently to http://www.simplynoise.com... I figured out what type of noise I liked best (pink) and volume and the nights I use it I sleep infinitely better. it is actually kind of weird that this has helped to solve it, but whatever.

ps the cake looks fab

I had a bite of chocolate cake today…not that great. I think I’d rather prefer yours.

I couldn’t sleep the last few nights either…I dislike them because I stay awake thinking that I really need to sleep because then I’ll be tired the next day and miserable. And in the case of last week, I needed that sleep for my finals.

And when I get home, I am definitely buying a Green and Black’s Ginger chocolate bar. You’ve got me really wanting to try one…

I’ve never actually used olive oil in place of canola oil. What does that do to the flavor of the baked good? I’ve always associated it with more savory dishes.

And restless nights… I always get more anxious because I start trying to force myself to go to sleep. Ugh. I hate nights like that. Hopefully tonight will be better for you!

I love it. I think it tastes so much frutier

tip on how to make better maple nut butter –
roast some raw nuts with the maple syrup first! it makes ALL the difference instead of just adding the syrup in the food processor! here’s instructions on how, but i doubt you need them: http://www.ehow.com/how_2256336_honey-roasted-peanuts.html.

if you try, let me know how it goes! good luck!

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