An Eventful Day In Boston Part 1

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Good evening! What’s a perfect way to spend an evening?

Homemade Iced Tea

Homemade Iced Tea

Sipping half-caf iced tea with lemon and stevia. Superb. Last night, I was flipping back and forth between Survivor and Brothers & Sisters. All I can say is WOW to both of them. Brothers & Sisters got a little predictable towards the end, but that didn’t make it any less good. Anyway, the food.

Green & Black's Ginger Dark Chocolate

Green & Black's Ginger Dark Chocolate

I absolutely love this chocolate now on my 2nd bar. And I might have bought another at Whole Foods since it was on sale. Maybe. Anyway, I’ll have to throw up a review page for it. All I can say are ginger and chocolate were meant to be. I also had a handful of baby carrots around this time, which I saw a better option than more chocolate. Again, maybe.

Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Local Raw Honey

Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Local Raw Honey

Before hitting the hay I made a bowl of oatmeal with Naturally Nutty‘s butter toffee peanut butter and some local raw honey on the side for dippage. Yum! The honey is definitely a new addiction; I snuck down stairs afterwards for another scoop. Did it help me fall asleep? Probably not, but it was good.

Speaking of sleep, I woke up with my alarm, hopped in the bathroom, and then started getting all my clothes ready, and still felt really really tired. After I put in my contacts, I saw that I set my alarm for 6:20 instead of 7:20. Whoops. I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I just made an extra special breakfast.

Cooking A Hash

Cooking A Hash

Practice makes perfect; that’s what the owner of Nick’s On Broadway told me himself. Let’s just think of him as my hashpiration 😉 This one started with earth balance, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, red onion, and basil. I then added some EVOO for a different flavor.

Sweet Potato And Potato Home Fries With Basil, Scrambled Tofu, Mighty Maple

Sweet Potato And Potato Home Fries With Basil, Scrambled Tofu, Mighty Maple

This one was much better than the other ones I’ve made(all 2 of them); I think the earth balance added a much needed butter flavor but from a vegan source. The scrambled tofu was so much simpler than I would have thought: just tofu and nutritional yeast cooked in whatever fat the potatoes didn’t take up. And it was all super tasty and filling.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been stuck home the past week, but Boston seemed so alive today. Several schools, including my dad’s college, were having graduations, so joyful families were everywhere. I started my day at Whole Foods to get some coffee(the same one where Gisele Bundchen shops), and then meandered to the graduation I was attending.

Cashew Cookie Larabar

Cashew Cookie Larabar

I snacked on a cashew cookie larabar beforehand. It was a terrific ceremony and it was great to congratulate everyone. But rather than stick around I was really excited to go to my favorite Boston restaurant and keep the raw vegan theme rolling. I took the T and walked down to the North End(not easy for someone self-proclaimed “T-literate”). But look what I found when I got there!

"Grezzo Is Closed"

"Grezzo Is Closed"

Yes, it’s true, unfortunately. The owner explains the reasons on her blog here. In the larger picture, I’m very sad to see the very thing that introduced me to raw veganism disappear like that. I felt like it was a Boston institution. On a much more limited scale. What was I to do for lunch? I was starving by this point and in a part of Boston I almost never go. Would I find somewhere good? Would I ever eat raw again?

Have you ever had a favorite spot close down on you? Where was it?

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20 Responses to “An Eventful Day In Boston Part 1”

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I can’t find the g&b dark choc. ginger bar. I looked at Henry’s, no dice. AHHH, and now you have one, I’m jealous. We had a gelato place we LOVED, so close we could walk, and it closed.

I just read an article about Grezzo’s closing….what a shame 😦

i forgot you are a big survivor fan – you might get a kick out of jeff probst’s love advice on abe’s “man’s guide to love” site:

ironically, he is the exboyfriend of a friend of mine.

Wow, not only is he an amazing host, but he gives good advice, too 😉 I have to wonder how he finds time to date between Survivor and living. I can’t believe I’ve been watching for 20 seasons!!

Not so much a favorite place close down, but a restaurant right beside campus that was supposed to serve Indian food. It said it was having it’s grand opening on a Sunday. We went there on the Wednesday after, and it was closed! Everyone was a little disappointed. But we hopped on over to Firehouse and it turned out alright!

I’m sad to hear that Grezzo is closed! I had the tasting menu in January for my birthday. It was also my intro to raw vegan foods and it was yummy! If you’re familiar with Boston, you may remember the block of little restaurants on Peterborough in Fenway. They were within walking distance of my apartment & work and included quality Mexican, Thai, Greek, Japanese, places. The block of restaurants burnt down last winter and has not been replaced. Side note: some other places in the Boston area you may like: Rafiki Bistro & Clear Conscience Cafe (both in Cambridge) and Rawbert’s in Beverly MA.

That hash looks so good! I hate when I wake up before I have to and can’t let myself go back to sleep for a little longer! I am glad you are enjoying being home! Can’t wait to see what you ate!

Sweet potato home fries sound amazing!!
There was a local Greek place in Durham that closed unexpectedly. Fortunately, they eventually re-opened–in fact, I just ate there on Saturday night!

i love iced tea with stevia 🙂 i think i’ll go make some now

Brothers and Sisters made me really sad. I knew it was coming, because I knew Rob Lowe was being a little girl and crying that he wanted out of his contract, but it still made me really sad. And I also knew it about Saul. Even after he called, I knew he was lying. I can’t wait for the next season to start!

Meh, that stinks about Grezzo! I can understand, I suppose. There is a great raw restaurant up north in Beverly. That’s where we ordered our raw pizza from on Friday. Delicious!

Woah, shocker! I didn’t know they were closing. That’s pretty much a bummer. And now the suspense for your next post is killing me…

I always hated that when there was a Part 1 on a tv show when I was little, and I’d have to wait a whole week to see the resolution, haha.

the first pic, i thought you were literally going to say you were sipping a jack and coke on the front porch. that would probably be really good on a summer nite, but i dont like jack. only white or clear liquors for me LOL

the fact that raw restaurant closed…how sad! i can understand reading her entry though how she was feeling too stretched and life was spinning beyond her control. I have been there. Oh and revisiting past places Ive been per your other quetsion, it’s so surreal! to go back to many places from my past!

Ok so i am of the mindset that as long as it’s evoo, it’s all the same. WFs has many store brands of olive oil sourced from italy, greece, australia, etc and to me, they all taste roughly the same…cheap vs expensive, too. I guess to me, I never just use the oil as a dip, I always am cooking something in it, so i taste the other food’s flavors not the oil..but lately the past 18 mos or so, i buy so little evoo, it’s all coconut oil these days 🙂

Such a cliff hanger! Sweet potato and maple are definitely my favorite hash combination

I really liked the cashew cookie lara bar too.

Tofu and scrambled eggs sound perfect! I must try this!

I never made my way to Grezzo because it opened just before I was leaving Boston after graduating…but I was so happy the city was getting a raw restaurant. It is a shame in couldn’t last…

I definitely had a favorite place shut down from my childhood summers on Martha’s Vineyard, humphrey’s. Although I don’t eat donuts too often, when young, we went about once or twice a summer with my dad for warm, freshly baked donut holes. It was more of the comfort of sitting outside in the early morning at picnic tables that I remember most, but the idea that I won’t be able to take my own kids there one day is so sad. I am sure there have been some other veggie spots that I have loved close in ny too.

Just wanted to comment about your comment on my blog. I agree, sugar isn’t bad when you are active and eat very healthy. That’s why my 30-35 grams average doesn’t bother me. As for the Chobani, I just didn’t want to confuse poeple. Basically dairy products have about 12 grams per servig, so any extra is added. I usually don’t even eat the fruit at the bottom or at least not all of it), so I was just estimating. thanks for your input!

Yes, and I hate when that happens! Our favorite local place closed last year – it has since reopened, but there’s a new menu and new chefs. It’s good, but not the same.

I think I need that ginger bar. I love dark chocolate + ginger together.

Awww…I hate it when great restaurants/eateries shut down. 😦 I hope you find a new place to love!

Mmmmm…ginger and chocolate were DEFINITELY meant to be together.

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