A Different Kind Of Raw Ice Cream

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I think I’ve been pushing the envelope in my latest insanity.

On Sunday, I made up this raw ice cream, which was absolutely delicious.

But last night, in the fury of studying, things got a little… wacky?

Churning Raw Milk Ice Cream

Churning Raw Milk Ice Cream

I had a really bad craving for vanilla ice cream. Not coconut milk. Not anything other than dairy. Of course, this was the 1 thing we didn’t have. To appease that craving, in the ice cream maker I threw

  • 3 cups raw whole milk
  • 1/4 cup vanilla infused sugar
  • 1/4 raw honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon guar gum
Raw Milk Vanilla Ice Cream

Raw Milk Vanilla Ice Cream

Considering I didn’t have half the ingredients for real ice cream and made this with no patience, it was actually pretty good. It tasted nice and sweet and hit the exact spot I needed it to. It might not have been thick and creamy, but actually it came out much like a Wendy’s frosty.Β Yum!

Raw Local Honey

Raw Local Honey

While I was waiting for that to churn, I snacked on some local, raw honey. Is it bad that half of the 1lb honey jar is gone?… I think I’m more concerned of the fact that the farm isn’t open until Thursday. Boo.

Oatmeal With Justin's Almond Butter And Coconut Milk

Oatmeal With Justin's Almond Butter And Coconut Milk

Cascadian Farm's Peanut Butter Chip Bar

Cascadian Farm's Peanut Butter Chip Bar

And to end the night of studying, I had some warm carbs with Justin’s chocolate almond butter and coconut milk, and some cool carbs with an organic peanut butter chip granola bar. Can you tell I was nervous for the test much?

Cherry Greek Yogurt With Trail Mix, Oatmeal With Chocolate Cherry Peanut Butter

Cherry Greek Yogurt With Trail Mix, Oatmeal With Chocolate Cherry Peanut Butter

Oikos, Cherry Butter, And Whole Foods Trail Mix

Oikos, Cherry Butter, And Whole Foods Trail Mix

For breakfast(eaten in the car), I just cooked oatmeal and topped it with Naturally Nutty‘s chocolate cherry peanut butter and had a plain Oikos with cherry butter and Whole Foods’ trail mix. I love getting the plan yogurts because they’re so versatile! Except I had to sweeten the cherry butter because it’s a bit tart on its own. All together it was delicious.

Gingerade Kombucha

Gingerade Kombucha

During the test, which took 2+ hours, I sipped on a gingerade kombucha. Let’s just say I am very glad to be done with that one. It was just an awful scenario. Part of the test was answering essay questions, and the questions we had to write on were chosen by the roll of the dice. And it was not lucky snake eyes. Whatever. It’s done and I’m free!

Roasted Potato Options, Kale Avocado Salad, Raw Vegan Tuna Salad

Roasted Potato Options, Kale Avocado Salad, Raw Vegan Tuna Salad

To celebrate, we were supposed to go out and eat. But I chose the Whole Foods salad bar instead of a restaurant. Wouldn’t you?! I got kale and avocado salad with raw vegan tuna salad and roasted cashews, and 2 types of roasted potatoes. With all those potatoes, stick a fork in me, I’m done.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

After an afternoon of getting groceries, I was happy to be home for some Luna & Larrys chocolate peanut butter ice cream. There was a little left in the container so I told my dad to finish it. He declined, licked the spoon I used to scoop it, and then took back his declination. Yeah, I think he approves of it. What flavor should I try next?

Fruit & Nut Pop Culture Yogurt Bar

Fruit & Nut Pop Culture Yogurt Bar

Waiting for dinner, I snacked on a Yogurt Fruit & Nut Pop Culture bar. I forgot all about these while I was at school; they’re good for a little snack. But I didn’t realize they contain gluten! Whoops. Aw, well, I’m already bloated from all the stressing it’s hardly going to make a difference.

Grass-Fed Beef Burger Over Arugala, Baked Potato Fries

Grass-Fed Beef Burger Over Arugala, Baked Potato Fries

For dinner, I bought something else but ended up craving a burger and fries. This would have gone great with my raw milk frosty. Anywho, these were some of the best fries ever. And all they were were potato coated in EVOO and baked for about an hour! But seriously amazing. I timed this well, too, because as I was grilling the showers came in.

Summer rain: love or hate? I would hate to have to run in them. But in general, summer showers, a little lightening, and a Little People, Big World marathon would make for the perfect night.

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19 Responses to “A Different Kind Of Raw Ice Cream”

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Summer rain = love! Congrats on being done with classes!

Yum! For such a spur of the moment recipe, that “ice cream” looks pretty good!

I love light summer rain while I run and big thunderstorms at night!

I love listening to the summer rain! You sound like my husband when he accidentally eats gluten…oh well, I was already bloated…I get that from him a lot! You are killing me with the ice cream! I need to get back in the kitchen and make more. I made some for my boys the other day, but it was dairy. Oh well, I will live through your pictures now and fight the urge to lick the screen! I plan to make some dairy free tomorrow…I have some ideas! I hope the test went well. I hate essay questions. Have a great night!

Bahaha, great(lethargic?) minds must think alike. And I looked up that bread in your post because it sounded familiar. That’s the brand that made a bread(gluten) I had on vacation and LOVED. I emailed the company back then and they told me they aren’t available anywhere in the north but might expand some day 😦

Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Bliss?!?! Are you kidding me??? That looks amazing!!!!!
Congrats on finishing classes…definitely a good feeling!!!! πŸ™‚

I love the way that ice cream sounds, the raw honey must have made it awesome! And congrats on being done πŸ™‚

i was honestly wondering what happenened to you! I was about to send you an email..it’s so very un-Evan like to unplug. Now i know, you’re only human to πŸ™‚ and good job for doing the unplugging!

As for the raw milk. Oh lord there was so much drama w/ that as i was leaving CA 9 mos ago and some of it resolved and some didnt. you can stil get it though. Honestly, if one is drinking milk, that’s the only form of dairy i think it even marginally ok b/c it’s whole. As in not separated with the antibiodies and good stuff pasteurized out. Not to take everything back to breastmilk…b/c i am sure you really dont care. But…I will go there. This is why when women pump for their babies, you should never, ever heat the milk in the microwave. It’s like flash pasteurizing it, thus removing the trace elements, healing properites, enzymes, natural probiotics in milk, etc. Not to mention, you could burn baby’s mouth.

Moving right along.. πŸ™‚

The TJs bar, it’s not Endang Species, but for $2, yeah, it suffices πŸ™‚

Awesome! There are so many raw, vegan, or just delicious ice cream recipes floating aorund blogs right now. I must get some of the gums and make them!
Congrats on being free — that is one of the best feelings in the world.

The gum’s only necessary if you’re making it without egg yolks, but… yeah, at 8:30 on a whim I was not about to learn how to temper eggs πŸ™‚

I really love the Luna & Larry’s Dark Chocolate flavor πŸ™‚

Love ice cream…don’t really “do” cones though…I just prefer a big bowl and spoon πŸ˜‰
I like rain for sitting (lying) inside and watching movies πŸ™‚

I love summer storms! The rain has to be warm, though. It sets the mood for a perfect evening with tea and good tv show.

I can’t believe how creamy that honey looks. Yum!

Once a week summer rain is awesome. It keeps all of the plants green. But more than that, nuh uh. Not a fan.

I LOVE RAIN!! I think I would be very happy if it rained everynight. I love it especially when it is summer and it is bed time and I can hear the rain hitting the roof!!

Congrats on being free!!!! I really don’t like the chilly rains of late spring because running in them sucks. But late-night rain with some thunder is kinda nice.

LOVE summer rain. I love that smell after it rains – everything just smells green and fresh and clean.

Great job trying the ice cream!

I’m coming over for an ice cream party. Immediately.

Did someone say Frosty and Little People Big World? Now THAT like the makings of an amazing evening.

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