The Fastest My Heart Has Ever Beat

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I’m pretty much the textbook runner in a medical sense: low weight, low resting heart rate, low blood pressure, etc. Even when I “run”(more like jog), I’m not pushing it too hard to strain myself. But last night–well, first there was oatmeal.

Oatmeal With Mighty Maple

Oatmeal With Mighty Maple

Because warm carbs and Mighty Maple are a good way to start any time. So what made my heart beat so fast? Well, if you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure I annoyed you with my constant updating of the Grey’s Anatomy season finale. It was a good one. I’ve got it on Tivo and might watch it again. This was pretty much me the entire time:



And I was SO relieved at the end when they didn’t kill off anyone worth it. In the 2nd half, I’d say I needed this dark chocolate to pull through some of the scary moments.

Alter Eco And Trader Joe's Chocolate

Alter Eco And Trader Joe's Chocolate

That would be 10 squares Dark Chocolate Mint by Alter Eco, which is amazing, and 8 squares of Trader Joe’s knock-off chocolate which is “meh”. Dear Trader Joe, please stop making borderline infringing products that aren’t even as good. Like your milk chocolate peanut butter eggs that had hardly any peanut butter? Yeah, don’t do that again.

Well I made it through Grey’s, and got to bed eventually(which wasn’t easy). For the record, as ridiculous as I’m sure I appeared to everyone else around here, my dad walked into the room at 9:30, saw one shooting, and said he couldn’t handle it. So at least I watched it.

Maple Salmon, Soy Sauce Broccoli, Antipasto Bar Selection

Maple Salmon, Soy Sauce Broccoli, Antipasto Bar Selection

BBQ Popchips

BBQ Popchips

Breakfast was, well, not. Oatmeal and yogurt weren’t on the top of my list so I decided to have “a real meal”. It might have all been an excuse to eat Barbeque popchips. Maybe. And now I feel like I’m missing that sweetness of breakfast. Boo 😦 Breakfast for lunch? That could be on the menu to make up for it.

What television shows do you get invested in? Do we have time to list all of mine? Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, and Big Brother, just to name a few.

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16 Responses to “The Fastest My Heart Has Ever Beat”

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Ah! I completely forgot about last night’s Greys! The only one right now I make a huge point to follow is Glee. I used to be a pretty massive ER fan back in the day though…

Eh…I don’t really watch too much tv at school, since I don’t have a tv (but not next year, yes!), but I used to watch The Office religiously. Now not so much.

This season I’ve really only watched Dancing with the Stars, because Evan Lysacek is from near where I went to high school. Oh, and Glee, too, just because Sue Sylvester is amusing.

But if I’m bored and need to watch some tv, I’ll tune to the Food Network or TLC. What Not to Wear all the way…haha…

Right now I’m digging: Parenthood, Bones, and Lost.

the only tv show i’ve ever seen an entire episode of was first seasons of gossip girl and The OC, streamed from the internet. yes, judge me if you like… but other than that, what’s a tv show?

i have to be honest evan, this is the first time i’ve come across a face shot of you on this blog and that picture cracked me up. hehe

I saw those Popchips at Costco, but wasn’t ready to buy a HUGE box of them without trying them first. Look good though!

I was shaking throughout all of Grey’s!!!! Omgosh everytime a person walked out I thought THEY were the ones that would die! I didn’t expect both chiefs and Alex to make it out alive, I’m so glad they did though!!

That was the first good Grey’s episode in a long time I think. I love those chips!

Oh, I was RIGHT there with you, Evan! I especially loved your tweet regarding gaining 15lbs from greys stress eating – forget the freshmen 15, the greys 15 is a whole nother issue!

Although – with the tightening of my muscles and cardio range heart beat for two hours, (my shoulders were at my shoulders in tenseness, and I’m pretty sure I held my breath for record time at leat three times from 9-11.) I think it may have evened out.

Best episode ever? I think so.

Hey! Not all of us watched last night’s Greys yet! Don’t give anything away like that again please =).

You know I was as much a mess over Grey’s as you were. That was intense. I ate a lot of chocolate.
I always get really invested in 24. I’m obsessed. And now I adore Glee

As sad as it is to admit… the Bachelor. Lol! Yeah yeah, I know. My mom started to watch the Dark Knight with us on video awhile back. After one fight she couldn’t handle it and left.

Haha, love the “nervous” pic!
I am totally into Breaking Bad and Top Chef these days.

so i haven’t watched greys since the 3rd season but i’ve been hearing so much about this finale i might have to watch it. although i probably won’t recognize about half the characters hahah

um i go with parenthood, grey’s, private practice, bones, castle, glee, gossip girl, one tree hill…oh the list could go on i’m sure.

I just watched it!! I got online to unwind from it, that was friggin insane.. I don’t think I breathed the entire time Bailey was under the bed..

I also have a lower blood pressure (found that out real quick when I attempted to donate blood yesterday). I don’t watch Grey’s, but my parents absolutely could not stop talking about it! They’re not too much in TV, but they were absolutely hooked last night.

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