Comedic Aspirations And An Iron Stomach

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This morning, I realized I have at least 2 things in this world that no one can take away: a sense of humor and an iron stomach. I took my act to my Twitter feed last night.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 2% Fage

Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 2% Fage

This snack was damn good, but I’m pretty sure it was a little hot and heavy for a Monday night alone watching How Alien Moons Are Made.

Oatmeal, Divine Milk Chocolate

Oatmeal, Divine Milk Chocolate



Divine makes the best milk chocolate on the planet. Their secret ingredient? Dried cream. So fattening and rich it’ll knock your socks off. Luckily, this was late enough at night that I wasn’t wearing socks anymore.

So yes, that’s my thinly veiled plea for you to follow me on Twitter. You only have to listen; how the hell will I know if you aren’t really laughing out loud over the web?

Then there’s my iron stomach…

Vanilla Goat's Milk Yogurt, Blueberry Vanilla Granola Plank

Vanilla Goat's Milk Yogurt, Blueberry Vanilla Granola Plank

When I woke up, I just needed food so I grabbed a vanilla goat’s milk yogurt and a blueberry vanilla honest foods‘ granola plank. I was a huge fan of the vanilla goat milk; now that “was like ‘woah'”. The granola plank wasn’t bad, either. It definitely satisfied the cereal craving I needed.

Bulk French Chocolate

Bulk French Chocolate

And then I realized I needed to run now or it would be too hot so I grabbed this plus a little more chocolate and got out the door. I know you aren’t supposed to swim 30 minutes after you eat, what about running? It turns out, I have an iron stomach.

11.15 Miles

11.15 Miles

And it was hot! I came back dripping in sweat; you could have fried an egg on me but a) it would have been salty as hell and b) my iron stomach did not want food at the time.

Grape Bot Water

Grape Bot Water

Instead, I tried the grape Bot water, which was perfectly lightly sweetened and packed for refueling electrolytes. And now I think the iron stomach wants more! So I’m off to the kitchen.

Do you wear socks when you sleep? No way, Jose. When I’m in bed I want to feel free to wiggle my toes. I can’t understand wearing socks in bed unless you have really cold feet.

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15 Responses to “Comedic Aspirations And An Iron Stomach”

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I MUST wear socks when I sleep! My toes & fingers are ALWAYS freeeeeezing. 🙂

I love Divine chocolate! They make great dark varieties with nuts and dried fruit too 🙂

I can’t sleep in sox. Sometimes in the winter if it REALLY cold I’ll start out with them on, but they get kicked off pretty fast. I’m with ya on the wiggling of toes. I don’t like socks or shoes out of bed really either and go barefoot when at all possible.

I have a stomach of steel as well…if it ever hurts, it’s not because of the food! No socks for me when I sleep. I get too hot!!

Oddly enough, last night, I did end up wearing socks – I had a terribly itchy mosquito bite that I was scratching the hell out of, so I rocked socks.

The plain oatmeal & milk chocolate looks REALLY good right now.

Hi, I always lurk at your blog but wanted to let you know that mentioning Sex Bomb made me add your twitter feed immediately


Bot water is so such. I picture little robots making it.

I don’t wear socks, period. lol Maybe like 5 or 6 times a year.


I don’t wear socks when I sleep unless it’s absolutely freezing. I do keep my socks on for other things. Gotta cover up those nasty runner’s feet!

I just came across your blog and it. is. HILARIOUS. End of statment. I’m a big fan of goats milk yogurt too. The raspberry is probably my favorite Liberte. And no socks for sure!


I have an iron stomach too, I have no problem eating before a workout, you’re lucky though, that’s a lot of running it’s impressive you were able to eat before it!
And I’m a sock wearer when I sleep- My feet and ankles usually get really cold!

a) sox = no
b) i ❤ brussels sprouts 😉

I LOVE Milk Chocolate…GOD!!

I don’t get the Twitter thing…I don’t know, I just think it’s taking texting and technology toooo far…but whatever!

i only wear socks when it’s FREEZING.

I would kill for some warm weather to run in!!!

Unless I’m in a house with out air conditioning in the middle of a heat wave I MUST have sock on.

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