How To Break A Bottomless Pit Day With 1 Move

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The only thing I hate more than having a bottomless pit day is realizing that I’m having one and obsessing over it. I see the same in a lot of healthy living blogs I read. To be fair, I can’t sympathize on how much it sucks to take pictures of snack after snack and post them for people who like to show all they eat(I do about 98% but every now and again I’ll grab an undocumented handful of baby carrots or something). But I haven’t had one in a long time, and I don’t think I will again, because I’ve got the one trick that breaks the bottomless pit feeling: Eat a meal.

If you’re hungry enough for a meal, even if it’s right after one or it’s not really a normal meal time, put down the apple you think might help your hunger and make something solid. Right after this post, I threw together a kitchen sink salad.

Caprese Chickpea Salad With Seasoned White Potato

Caprese Chickpea Salad With Seasoned White Potato

The “caprese” part of this was grape tomatoes, fresh basil, and raw probiotic mozzarella. With that were chickpeas and a quartered white potato. Delicious, no? Absolutely. Except it wasn’t all I needed after my run. Enter lunch #2:

Sweet And White Potato Homefries, Scrambled Eggs

Sweet And White Potato Homefries, Scrambled Eggs

After this, I felt much better, and like I had beaten my bottomless pit day. A simple mix of onion, sweet potato, and white potato in some olive oil and salt came out perfect. And between my vegan baking and the general lack of egg love, we have a ton(read: 2 dozen) of old eggs to use, so I did my part and ate a couple scrambled in all that oniony love. I guess it’s no surprise we have so many eggs when neither the ice cream nor the brownies I make call for them…

Vegan Chocolate Chip Blondie With Raw Chocolate Chip Cashew Gelato

Vegan Chocolate Chip Blondie With Raw Chocolate Chip Cashew Gelato

That would be an extra special blondie under a mountain of raw chocolate chip ice cream. J’adore this ice cream but I can’t wait to try new recipes by Gina once there’s room in my freezer! I continued to support that cause…

Raw Chocolate Chip Cashew Gelato

Raw Chocolate Chip Cashew Gelato

For dinner I had one huge craving to satisfy: steak. We served steak on Sunday night to our guests and had plenty of leftovers, but I really try to only eat grass-fed or local beef. It was worth waiting and pushing aside the craving until I could satisfy it with exactly what I wanted.

Grass Fed Steak With Caramelized Onions Over Asparagus And Arugala

Grass Fed Steak With Caramelized Onions Over Asparagus And Arugala

Oh my goodness, was this delicious. I’m pretty sure this was the fattiest cut of beef possible, but–hell–I took it and it did perfect. And considering a pound of the steak cost $7 while an entree at Tomasso’s of local beef is $24, I see big savings here.

What have you been craving of late? For me, it was the beef. Of course, now that I’ve discovered my love for onions cooked down in any and every fat, any excuse to eat more of those is also welcomed. Just beware of my breath.

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17 Responses to “How To Break A Bottomless Pit Day With 1 Move”

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I totally agree with your attitude! If you are truly hungry then I 100% agree that you should HONOR it and eat something that will fill you up and nourish you. No use eating an apple when you really need food! And for runners like us, fuel is VITAL!

Lately I have been craving the heck out of shrimp! After this past week at the beach I ate boiled shrimp like 4 times and now I am craving it like mad! haha!

Good advice! When I am snacking I feel like I can snack forever….

Great attitude! I seem to alternate between PB and chocolate craving days.

I definitely don’t document everything I eat. People would be so bored by it! Your eats look so good! I blame hormones on my eating crazes. That goes for girls and boys! I see my kids go through ups and downs with food! I have been into bean burgers lately. I can’t get enough of them and sadly I am out of the lentil quinoa ones that I made and loved! Guess it is tim to make more!

Did you make that ice cream?!!

I had one of those days today. I ate until I could eat no more! Ha! Downed it all with a little wine. Latest craving: Thai pizza. I’ll have to wait for a few days before I can satisfy this craving.

I have been craving cheesy rice and I finally made some tonight!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Blondie With Raw Chocolate Chip Cashew Gelato–omg wow. I’ll take some!!

the twitter feed from the last post. too funny bout the shirtless run tweetLOL

ok so i was going to post about this tomorrow (prewritten) the fact that 1. i have tons of FB requests from people i dont know but that 2. i dont even properly know how to use twitter! my columns on tweetdeck are all messed up and no matter how much i un/re-install it, they are still messed up. so i dont even get it!

and the wine tasting. was that yours or caitlin’s tweet. if it was yours, salud! drinkup and enjoy. wine tasting was a FAVE passtime of mine in the day. omg yes!!

the fact your parents were no pressure,so cool your comment to me today

Oh no, it was Caitlin, lol. She and Jenna(eat, live, run) went wine tasting in Napa Valley. I’m totally up for that some day, but the farthest west I’ve been in the U.S. is Alabama, so I have a ways to go.

I just use so I don’t have tweetdeck problems.

So.. I stopped eating meat about a year and a half ago, with the exception of the occasional seafood. But when I read your posts, I get this crazy steak craving!! Not enough to make me fall off the wagon, because I truly am one of those people who feels better when meat is out of the diet, but man… I always loved steak. I have not missed chicken or pork for a single day… but there is no veggie substitute for steak. And I’m not even going to sit here and lie and say I don’t really miss it sometimes, because I do!

I’m the same about chicken and pork–I could entirely live without them. I like to think I could be vegan if it weren’t for cows because the only non-vegan foods I eat regularly is greek yogurt, ice cream, and beef, haha

omg that blondie and gelato? holy crap i’m jealous…

lately i’ve been craving chicken. totally random for a veg head of 8 years!

Your homefries always look so good!
I’ve been craving chili lately…guess what’s on the menu tomorrow?

I have been craving popcorn constantly!

I tell that to people all the time! I see them going back & forth to the pantry..snack after snack after snack and I’m like why don’t you just eat a meal? And the usual response is “gaspp no, I would get fat”


That’s a smart plan. I believe in obeying your hunger, and if you’re body is telling you it’s hungry, feed it until its satisfied. 🙂

That chickpea salad looks delish.


I’m craving ice cream and every one of your posts is just furthering the craving! I need to break out the ice cream maker, now!!

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