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Warning: I’m not going for the pretty post today.

You could ask, when do I ever go for the pretty post? Well played, well played. But everything today was just pretty gross and disgusting, no matter how good it got.

The thought of eating 2 sticks of earth balance, or any fat really, grosses me out. So why do they taste so damn good in this recipe? Note to self: Don’t ever cook that rich again if you’re going to have leftovers for the next 3 days.

Running 14 miles is disgusting, especially when New England decides to warm up. Was I proud? Damn straight. But it was hot. There was cow manure involved. Every part of me got sunburned. And you get really dirty running without a shirt on. In the end, I looked like this:

Disgusting, no? I’m practicing to compete with some of Holly’s self-portraits. I’ve got a long way to go on growing out the hair and getting that kind of frizz.

The entire soda industry is–let’s face it–disgusting. There’s high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors and preservatives. And all those plastic rings kill sea-life. Not cool, Coke, not cool. Instead, I made a much cleaner version of “Sprite” for recovery: 1/2 cup lemon seltzer, 1/2 cup organic limeade, fresh lime, and some light agave nectar. Sweetness.

The raw olive “cheese” from Grezzo’s looks like a pile of poo; I’m aware. But it tastes deliciously rich in olives. And was perfect on a salad with some organic balsamic vinegar. Oh, and this is the best 2.50 you will ever spend:

Don’t look at the nutritional information; it’s not pretty. “Golden” means fried, but it’s fried by Whole Foods, so it’s magical and delicious. I love keeping one of these around for times I really just don’t feel like cooking, even if I’m taking in my daily limit of way too many things.

Sweet potatoes? Love them! But after they’ve been roasted, grilled, and sitting in the refrigerator for 3 days… There’s a reason that’s not in any recipe book.

…I don’t have any more words to defend myself. Even as a food blogger, sometimes you gotta eat a little disgustingly.

That is 6 squares of my favorite dark chocolate by Endangered Species and a pomegranate Chobani with Justin’s chocolate almond butter. The only disgusting thing here is how much chocolate I can eat in a day. If anybody ever hears of an organic chocolate eating contest, send it my way. We can split the prize money.

What’s the last thing that’s made you think “Gross!”? For me, it was the fish at the beginning of the post. It’s an Asian carp, and it’s making a move to be the next, big, sustainable seafood. Not on my plate, it isn’t.

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11 Responses to “Disgusting”

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I like the homemade Sprite! That sounds good. 🙂


I can’t believe you went for such a long run today….it was HOT! Nice work!!!

I said GROSS to this nasty weather New England is having – did it REALLY need to be 75 at 7am?

bahaha your tweet is hilarious. i like the homemade sprite idea, i’m going to make some… i’ve made a ton of stevia lemonade these last few days.

Gross = My house has smelled like feet for the last two days. It’s too hot! Funny post, made me LOL.

I just love how chocolate PB is one of my favorite things, but it definitely looks like dog poop on oatmeal and yogurt!

last post:
“with nutritionally void white chocolate. It’s OK when it’s organic ;-)”

OMG classic.

This post, not going for pretty. LOL

Ok the fact that you posed the gross question, not sure if you published first or i did, but clearly you saw my question today (same! great minds think alike..i was dumpster divign and your were PB diving) but yeah…I head you.

Your sprite is reminiscent of my coconut water “gatorade” but i think you said you hate coconut water? was that you? anyway yea..

blondie. still looks magnificient! 2 sticks of lard and all!

and the pic of you passed out. even if it was staged, it’s still a fabulous pic. running outside in the heat you get that grime layer on your skin and ewww, yes, i know, it’s gross.

for my fitness show i have to be sprayed down with this horrid self tanner sh*t, 24 hrs apart, no showers! and then the day of show, kid you not, spray myself down with Pam cooking spray.



haha 2 sticks of earth balance is pretty gross…even if it’s natural/vegan. I’d have to disagree on the chocolate though! Chocolate is “cleansing for the soul.”

And is it weird that I think the fish is kinda cute? Not on my plate though…

fish definitely skeeve me out. I don’t like swimming in lakes because I hate feeling them brush against me!

Haha, I gotta say that a lot of the things I eat are a little ugly. Many of my smoothies look a tad too much like mud.

You won’t find this gross but I love to put avacados in my smoothies and it just grosses my husband out! But hey…I gotta get that healthy fat in somehow right?

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