That Food Network Show I Hate

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I’m not very picky when it comes to television, especially since moving back home and getting more channels with a DVR. I men, you have to be a TV whore to record something called Sex In The Ancient World airing at 3:01am, right? To be fair, I had a history class period this past semester devoted to that, a whole awkward class period. But there’s one Food Network show that I both watch and loathe.

What’s right about this show? I’m sure the contestants are great hometown chefs, but they never pop. They just aren’t Food Network chefs and it shines through. The producers are constantly trying to build the pressure when there just isn’t any. And presentation is always overemphasized. If you can mix sugar cookie dough and miso and make a dessert, you can dress it up all you want but I just want to know how it tastes. There was no emphasis on pressentation last night. No funky ingredients. And no Chopped.

2% Fage With Raw Honey, Green & Black's White Chocolate

2% Fage With Raw Honey, Green & Black's White Chocolate

Green & Black's White Chocolate

Green & Black's White Chocolate

I like to balance the incredible health benefits of raw honey with nutritionally void white chocolate. It’s OK when it’s organic 😉 And so delicious. Just look at those vanilla bean specks! Green & Black, you have my heart.

Oatmeal With Dark Choc And Peanut Chunk PB

Oatmeal With Dark Choc And Peanut Chunk PB

See? I would definitely fail presentation on chopped, even if you can never go wrong mixing crunchy peanut butter, peanuts, and dark chocolate shavings. I had no clue what I was in the mood for at the time, but how can you go wrong with peanuts and chocolate?

Oatmeal With Almond Butter, Fage With Fig Jim And Hazelnuts

Oatmeal With Almond Butter, Fage With Fig Jam And Hazelnuts

This morning was all about the almond butter. The Trader Joe’s creamy salted is to die for. But I think I have enough nut butter to shingle a roof so I’ll have to wait to buy another jar.

Fage With Fig Jim And Hazelnuts

Fage With Fig Jam And Hazelnuts

I think I’ve been spoiled with Fage since it seems to be on sale everywhere lately. It really is the best plain yogurt to get, and you can dress it up with anything, like fig jam(from an open market in France!!) and hazelnuts. That makes the day feel so much more adventurous already.

What television show can you not stand?

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13 Responses to “That Food Network Show I Hate”

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have you ever watched top chef? i know it’s not food network but i’ve always thought it was kind of cool. and since coming home i think i’m the opposite of you. since my school doesn’t have cable i will watch ANYTHING when i get home haha

OMG we LOVE Chopped. Anytime I can catch a Chopped marathon, I’m thrilled. I hate Secrets of a Restuarant Chef!

Haha I actually love Chopped!! I don’t watch it all that often but I did happen to see it last night (though I thought both of their desserts were disappointing and not overly creative). I just love how fast-paced it is. You don’t have to follow the season — just one episode, one winner. It’s really the only cooking show that I like.

Granted, you should probably take my opinion with a grain of alt. I don’t have very refined tastes when it comes to TV shows haha

Oh, I’m so glad someone agrees with me on the whole Chopped thing. I HATE fake tv drama, and it seems like that’s all they’re pushing for on the show. It used to be just a half hour, and then they started dragging it out to a whole hour, which is quite excruciating.

I mean, the concept of the show is great; it’s like a mini-Iron Chef. But their execution? It should get “chopped.” 😉

I do find watching the original Iron Chef with English voice-overs quite amusing, but on Saturday at the gym I saw some show about spices, which was quite interesting in the 10 minutes I watched. I just can’t remember what it was called.

I’ve never seen Chopped but it sounds lame. I don’t like many of the newer shows on TV, especially can’t stand the alien shows on the History/Discovery channels. They have such stupid theories, lol.


I have always been impressed by TJ’s nut butters. I can’t stand The Hills, The City or Jersey Shore. Like I must turn the TV off if someone else is watching it.

I am the queen of lame television, but The Hills makes me want to die. That being said, I LOVE The City. Weird, I know.

figs and hazelnuts….. sounds like a wonderful combo.

Oh white chocolate, how I love thee. It definitely doesn’t satisfy a chocolate craving, but every once in awhile, I crave the overly sweet melty deliciousness 🙂 I can’t stand Dancing with the Stars. There, I said it. Actually, I can’t stand most reality talent competitions.

I can’t stand pretty much anything on the food network anymore. It is all fake and over dramatized! That white chocolate looks AMAZING! Oh, and fig jam…that sounds sooo good!

I hate Toddler’s and Tiaras…the entire idea of that show annoys me and then I actually saw 1 episode…um…no thanks! Those parents are INSANE!

I absolutely cannot stand the show “Secret Life of an American Teenager.” Worst acting I’ve seen in my life!

although i love most food network shows, there are a number i don’t like (i don’t know if i could say i HATE b/c i just don’t bother watching them) and those are the competition type ones, like chopped. i don’t care about a challenge – how does that relate to me in the kitchen!??!

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