1 Year Older, 1 Year… Different

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I have to say, I don’t even really remember writing this post 1 year ago tomorrow. I actually started the blog 1 year ago today; I’m not quite sure what happened to the first post but it was nothing special as I remember. I guess it’s fitting that this blog started with a product review, since that’s one thing I’ve done through it all(I still do, too. I’ve just been enjoying a house with a loaded kitchen). But over all that time I can’t say that I’ve really “learned” anything; I’ve simply changed. In a lot of ways.

I’ve updated both my bio on the side bar and my About Me to reflect my latest thoughts. There was a time when I measured out nut butter on oatmeal, and that worked for me. Now, I’m happy plopping it on and not knowing. And in this post, I swore off artificially sweetened yogurts; that sparked 8 or so months of eating how I would call “all-natural”. Honestly, I’m a little over that label. I still probably eat that way 99.9% of the time, but it’s not how I’d label myself. But I realized at the root of everything I’ve done, it’s been in the name of comfort. I think no matter what you do, it needs to be what feels right to you. So that’s where I am now: a comfort eater.

Speaking of comfort, we used to eat pizza as a family probably twice a week in my younger days. It was always from a greasy local joint, never quite good or healthy, and yet we all loved it. Since going gluten-free(another thing different), I really have missed pizza. So yesterday I broke out the gluten-free pizza mix and got to work. The dough tasted like Bertucci’s!(I made it vegan so it was OK to eat the dough ;-))

The ingredients were very basic: we got pizza sauce made fresh at Whole Foods, fresh mozzarella on sale, basil picked from our garden, Daiya, and canned pineapple. Yes, my favorite pizza has always been Hawaiian. 

It came out of the oven perfectly. The dough was a little… doughy, but I realized that was because I cut the whole recipe in half except for the water. Whoops. Half of this was a traditional pizza margarita and half vegan Hawaiian.

My plate had two slices of each, and a salad made with strawberries, yellow onion, and grape tomatoes. Like I said, the crust was a little bit doughy. But besides that this was excellent. I don’t even think anyone knew the pineapple pieces were vegan until I told them.

Of course, some things will never be different.

I still like ice cream. It just happens to be made from coconut milk.

I’ll have my cake and eat it, too. Even better, I can do it without gluten, eggs, or dairy.

And chocolate… how I love my Endangered Species chocolate. The only thing different here is that I’ve elevated my hydrogenated Jif to vanilla peanut butter and other fun flavors by Naturally Nutty.

After 1 year, I never thought I’d be so excited for another and more. I could never pick 1 favorite thing about blogging; I’d have to pick 3. Making friends with other bloggers is huge to me, and I look forward to many more meetups and getting to know new people. Hearing about how I’ve influenced people in any way, shape, or form, big or small always brings a smile to my face. If I can help someone in anyway by just doing my own thing, I’m happy to. And I never, ever take for granted a public platform to embarrass myself, because how will I ever achieve my dream of being a Food Network chef/stand-up comedian/Today Show host/Mythbuster/Adventurer if I can’t take a little criticism.

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21 Responses to “1 Year Older, 1 Year… Different”

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Great wrap up of your thoughts after a year of blogging 🙂 I like the idea of using coconut milk in ice cream too!

Congrats on a year!! That pizza looks phenomenal, I wish I had some for breakfast. 🙂

Hahaha fabulous last picture, Evan. Congrats on 1 year!

congrats 🙂 hitting the 1 year mark is so exciting!

Congrats on one year! I’m so glad you’re blogging!

You make an adorable chicken. Congratulations on hitting the year mark!

Happy blogiversary!!!!

OMG. That last picture just made my day. Maybe even my week. Maybe even my year!!! 🙂

Your pizza looks great– I like the dough doughy anyway!

Love the chicken suit! lol


Happy Bloggiversary!!! Keep up the great writing!

I think we’re pizza twins. I LOVE pineapple pizza.

Happy 1 year blog anniversary! Meeting other bloggers is my favorite part, too.

That pizza looks amazing. 😯


Yay for the bloggiversary! Congrats mr!

The changes you’ve made in the past year are inspiring and people are definitely affected by your blog…I am sure of it!

Making blends (bog friends) really is lovely, isn’t it?!

AWEsome chicken suit!

I could never stop eating pizza, although my pizzas now are homemade dough and typically have pesto, goat cheese and roma tomatoes or something like that. Goat cheese pizzas is literally life changing 🙂

Happy 1 year anni!

Nice outfit! I could not agree more on your thoughts on food or blogging! Seriously, the community definitely feels good when you get to know the right people! Was that Bob’s Red Mill crust? My husband loves that stuff! Congrats on the year! Looking forward to more from you!

hey, i started to follow your blog about 6 months ago and u are a HUGE inspirtation. I think ur dedication to natural eating and ur creativity is amazing. Just thought i’d let u know how inspiring u r and keep doin wat ur doin:)

(p.s. i’m from Barbados, u have at least one follower from this island lol)

Congrats on your one year! I love your blog + hope you have many more years of blogging before you reign supreme as a Mythbuster.

Congrats on the blogiversary! I’ve been following your blog since December, and it’s one of the first blogs I look for in my google reader. Your posts make me laugh a lot and I look forward to reading more!

That was a great year in review—kind of like what Time Magazine does but in food pictures and a fabulous ending of a goofy kid in a chicken costume 😉

hahahaah thats a great pic, Evan!! Imagine if you justwent food shipping at WF wearing that!! did you make that pizza dough from scratch? looks SO SO SO good!!!

MAJOR congratulations on your first blogiversary – can’t wait to keep on reading 🙂

HAPPY ONE YEAR!!! Wow, you are AWESOME. I love that picture, I LOVE your goals in life, I LOVE that PIZZA (It looks fabulous). , and I LOVE your About Me section. I just read it for the first time. I would watch you on the Food Network ANY day!

CONGRATS EVAN!!!!! Such a big milestone!

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