When The Weather’s This Perfect

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I’m so happy for the enthusiasm for my blogiversary. It was definitely fun looking over old posts and old photos; nothing makes you feel better than seeing a picture and thinking “I look so young and fresh here” until you realize it’s 3 1/2 years old 😉

After yesterday hit 91 degrees, and the night was riddled with thunderstorms and showers, the weather today was just perfect. There’s so much can do on a day like today!

I love it when it’s not too hot that chocolate melts. This was mint-flavored carob, but I’d assume it’d melt if it were too hot, too. There is nothing worse than opening up a chocolate bar only to find melted poo.

When it’s this nice out, part of me feels like I could keep going and going. The other part of me(aka, my knees) remembers all too well the 14 miles from yesterday, so there wasn’t much enthusiasm to go any further. Still, this was a dreamy run.

When the weather’s this perfect, grilling is the obvious option, but there are some things that just taste better in a seasoned pan.

I was craving Spanish potatoes and ground beef. This was so simple, too; just potatoes and onion cooked in olive oil with sea salt, paprika, and black pepper, and then grass-fed ground beef cooked through. A little basil just brightens up everything; it’s my favorite herb to add in the Summer.

I couldn’t wait for Sundae Friday this week; I just had to have fun in the kitchen. I used up the last of the vegan blondies and mixed them with snickerdoodle soy ice cream. It was missing something, though…

Rice whip, anyone?! All vegan; all delicious.

When the weather’s this perfect, I think my diet soda addiction kicks back in. Like I said here, even though I went 96 hours without stevia, I still adore it in moderation.Since the weather was so nice, I took a walk around the neighborhood, and made a delicious snack plate upon my return.

A random plate of raw onion, raw broccoli, and 2 slices vegan Hawaiian pizza. I was curious if leftover gluten-free, vegan pizza had that same magical quality as regular leftover pizza. It does.

For dinner, my mom went out with her girlfriends for the night. That used to mean “breakfast for dinner” for the boys, where the breakfast was poptarts. Thankfully, we’ve all grown up a little since then and can make real food.

When the weather’s this perfect, a Summer Salad is the way to go. This was just dressed spinach with homemade chickpeas, raisins, and Daiya. I think I’ve reached my fake-cheese limit for the day.

Do you take your leftover pizza hot or cold? I like to heat it back up and get it to the gooey cheese state.

What do you feel like doing in perfect weather? I’m 90% sure ice cream will be made tonight. I’m just debating between a very classy chocolate chip or a vegan white chocolate flavor…

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18 Responses to “When The Weather’s This Perfect”

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Congrats on your one year blogiversary! Reading your blog makes me want to eat ice cream and nut butters all the time. Haha.

Now about that ice cream sundae, can you pack it in some ice and have it fedex-ed overnight? 😉

Congrats on your blog birthday!

Just an fyi, I saw Justin’s Chocolate Almond & Chocolate Hazelnut butters for 7.99 at Marshall’s today 🙂

I love leftover pizza hot- I think it actually tastes better the 2nd time around.
And in the perfect weather I just love to be outside ALL DAY 🙂

oh my god i hope you made white chocolate!!! i’m on pins and needles here.

Cold pizza, all the way! Love it.

Yes, basil just exudes summer, doesn’t it? So, so good.

ahh Zevia! I love the stuff! My fav flavor is the black Cherry!!
as for pizza- i dont like it reheated (sorry!) or cold. I think it takes away from the “original fresh outta the pizza place” taste. haha, I know, you probably think im nuts 🙂

Congrats on your blog anniversary!
I am all over cold leftover pizza as gross as it sounds.

I can’t wait for my blogiversary either! Just a few more days! What flavor ice cream did you make? 🙂 I think perfect weather is ice cream and grilling weather! Mmmm!

Happy blogiversary! I’m sure a year from now I’ll be cringing at my first posts 🙂

I’m glad the weather over there is perfect, cuz here it’s crazy humid. Like…you can’t breathe. Running is usually fun but now it feels like life vs. death

I’ll take pizza hot, cold, thin crust, thick crust, without cheese…

Fave pizza EVER is pineapple and cheese. Omg. I havent had pizza in a good 5+ years. At least. Really thin crust that’s crispy w/ pineapple and hot pepper flakes. That’s my fave and cold leftover the next day or at 5am if I was up all night drinking 🙂 that’s the best. Cold.

Congrats on your 1 year. That is amazing and I think you have defi helped people AND of course making friends in the sphere is the only reason i continue to blog. I have no other reasons. I dont feel that compelled to “share” anymore so much as i feel compelled to connect.

The comment about you looking young and fresh. Honey. You are young and fresh. You’re not even legal! I am an old woman on the other hand. But only on paper. My brain is still mostly young and fresh.

I love going for walks with my dogs and hanging out on the lake! I will go for a sweaty run in the morning, hang out on the lake, then go wakeboarding or waterskiing at dusk. It’s so perfect 🙂

On perfect weather days I just want to play hooky and spend it outside!

Happy blogiversary, Evan!
You’re making me think I should try this Rice Whip for myself…

It tastes really fake :-/ It’s good for a soy/dairy free option, but otherwise you’d have to have no tongue to not recognize the difference from dairy

I haven’t had pizza in sooo long! I do have vegan flatbreads a lot though and like them nice, warm and crusty!

In perfect weather, I like dining al fresco!

Leftover pizza always tastes better cold! I have actually been known to make a pizza simply to stick in the fridge to eat it cold the next day!!! haha!


i usually eat my leftover pizza hot. my mom used to pan fry it for me, but i usually use the toaster.

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