How To Make Ice Cream–Learning From My Mistakes

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No matter what it is, I always get things done. Whether I do it the easy way or the hard way, the right way or the wrong way, well… that’s another story.

Last night, I churned this most decadent chocolate chip ice cream. Definitely use premium ingredients when making your own ice cream.

Ingredients like Organic Dark Chocolate and vanilla bean paste. Really, how can you go wrong with these? Well, if you go wrong with every other aspect, you can probably go wrong.

Don’t bother with vegetable gums even when not using egg yolks unless you really know what you’re doing. I added xanthan and guar gums to this, but I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

When there’s a puddle of half-frozen ice cream on your counter, don’t call someone at the store asking for more half and half and hang up with the words “Oh my God, I have to clean this up *click*”.

Don’t get in to a fight when you’re brought back half and half that’s not guaranteed from hormone-free cows when you aren’t even planning to use that night. Certain fights can wait for the morning.

Always mix in ingredients and any alcohol flavorings at the very end since that can inhibit freezing in the machine.

When the ice cream maker is done churning, it’s not ready. Period. I don’t care what an ice cream machine recipe says. You need to shove it in the freezer and you need to manually churn it every 5 minutes for about an hour or it’s never going to come out right.

Don’t take the most unflattering photo in the world of ice cream, unless you’re really hiding a puddle of cream behind you and need to clean that up FAST.

When all else fails, add more chocolate chunks.

And if you get caught eating straight from a bar of bulk baking chocolate, try not to look so guilty and smile for the camera.

And at the end of the night, when all else seems lost, remember this: a microwave is a hell of a lot easier to work than an ice cream maker.

What was your last kitchen disaster?

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11 Responses to “How To Make Ice Cream–Learning From My Mistakes”

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I have that same vanilla bean paste…so, so divine.

This might have been a disaster, but it looks really tasty!

Even in disaster form, I still want an ice cream maker.

yum homemade ice cream! i wish i had an ice cream maker

That ice cream looks soooo gooooood!! I have that same vanilla bean paste, I’m going to use it when I take out my ice cream maker. YUM


I think your “unflattering” picture of the ice cream actually looks really good. It’s like a little leaning tower of yummy homemade ice cream. Recent disaster: trying to make avocado chocolate mousse in my slow blender. The cocoa powder didn’t blend in and the avocado was left in chunks. Blech. Happy weekend!

Haha I’ll come back to this post when I inevitable screw it up myself.
Latest kitchen disaster- I can usually bake well but I was trying out new vegan baking techniques that i’d never used before. Everything that could go wrong did – the cookies didn’t rise, haf of them turned into liquid pools of I don’t know what or how and ran into eachother, and then to top it all off I dropped two of the baking sheets on the kitchen floor. Sigh. Waste of chocolate!!

My friend and I were talking about ice cream making right before I left. We’ve both agreed that it takes time, patience, and practice to get the best results. Granted we’ve made some good ice creams, I would say there’s room for improvement. We came to the conclusion that about 30 attempts might give you the right approach (we pulled that number from our asses, haha). Yours still looks good. Give it another shot! I know you can get it just the way you want πŸ™‚

Okay, last kitchen disaster… I was testing a recipe for a vegan cookbook and it was just pure disaster. I got the liquids and dry ingredients mixed up, so it was one big wet mess. It was just a bad day overall. Heh. We all have ’em! πŸ™‚

I seem to have a kitchen disaster every time I bake! haha! I am not a baker! At all.

Haha I have definitely had some disasters like that. When I was younger I decided that salt was gross, so I wasn’t going to put it in the cookies I was making. I ended up one giant paper-thin cookie 😦

This is exactly why I need to get an ice cream maker! Yours came out beautiful, I’m sure it’s delicious. Yum. πŸ™‚

Omg that ice cream looks delishhh!!

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