Let’s Make That Workout Happen

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Let’s face it: When you’re just out there running for fun, it’s a lot easier to get “bored” with running than if you’re motivated by a race, or weight loss, or have some crazy deal where you get paid per mile you run(If I had a deal like that, I’d be out there all day). The truth is it’s just hard to love a tough workout 100% of the time. Here is how I get workout-ready in my morning.

I always start the day with a big breakfast, workout or not. My perfect trifecta is oatmeal for fiberous carbs, peanut butter(cinnamon raisin swirl PB & Co. here) for healthy fat, and greek yogurt for protein. To be completely honest, I don’t love Greek yogurt here always; a lot of days I’d be happiest with 2 huge bowls of oatmeal and nut butter. But greek yogurt is a great source of probiotics and protein. And starting your day with protein has been shown to boost metabolism and curb you late-night hunger. I can certainly scoop some Fage for that.

When I know I’m about to run, I always steal some chocolate from my stash. Call it a bribe; it’s as natural as putting on my shoes. “Rituals” lie this can keep you on a regular exercising route.

Today, my workout motivation as music. I just downloaded Telephone(I know, I’m terribly behind) and Love On The Inside by Sugarland and made a big playlist out of them. I definitely couldn’t have gone so far without that energy pumping through me. For some, it’s music. Other times, it’s whatever’s on the TV at the gym. And, of course, there’s always the beautiful nature of the outdoors. Whatever it is, distractions can be some of the greatest ways to make a cardio workout enjoyable.

Afterwards, it’s important to hydrate. In fact, I plan this beforehand by sticking water and anything else I might want in the fridge and knowing just where it is to grab it to drink while doing stretches. Without stretches, the next workout might not be as enjoyable…

And, of course, you need to refuel. There was a lot of hype last Summer about chocolate milk being the “perfect drink”. Really, what you need is food. Drinking carbs is certainly one way to get energy back in to your system. That just doesn’t fit me, personally. For myself, I made a “dream salad”(as in, I dreamed this up all run long): Spinach, avocado with lemon juice, sauteed onions, and toasted cashews. If this doesn’t work for you, feel free to go back to the chocolate milk.

And it never hurts to have a little more running motivation. Sundae Friday, anyone?

No matter how difficult it is, there is nothing that tastes better than homemade ice cream. Can you see the vanilla bean specks and thick chunks of organic dark chocolate? Maybe I got hit by a car on my run and went to heaven and don’t know it yet.

Flash forward to 2 hours later when I hadn’t sat down at all and realized it was one of those 2-lunch days.  Now I’m relaxing with oatmeal and cashew butter and a pineapple Chobani. Glorious, no? I’ve been trying to churn up a real good dessert. It’s been a battle so far; we’ll see how it comes out tonight. We’ll see…

How do you stay motivated to work out?

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14 Responses to “Let’s Make That Workout Happen”

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Homemade icecream? Oh my…YUM! Can you believe I’ve never tried homemade icecream? Oh the things I’m missing out on. :mrgreen: It looks delicious!

I hear ya on the not always been motivated to run! I like your re-cap and what keeps you motivated. My motivation may change and often involves a culmination of things. I definitely love the feeling of power with each stride and the feeling you get once you are done! I also love listening to music! Another motivating thing lately: my Garmin watch and all the cool data that comes with it after a good run! haha 🙂

It helps me a lot if I have someone to walk over to the gym with or meet up for a run.

Your homemade ice cream looks awesome! Happy Friday 🙂

Is that Jam in your yogurt ? I LOVE JAM with AB or any nut butter…it’s ridiculous how much of it I eat…

I enjoy working out so much now that the workout is my motivation for the day! I look forward to getting up and starting my day off with a bang! Homemade ice cream doesn’t hurt either! I am posting that pizzelleses recipe soon! It is really easy and gluten free!!!

Great tips! Thbreakfast tip is especially important to me. How can you complete a good morning workout if you’re hungry?

What brand of cashew butter do you use? I’m lookig for a good one. Thanks!

This was Kettle Brand. I’ve also bought 365 brand before. They’re both good for a roasted cashew flavor, but my favorite usually ends up just being homemade cashew butter with raw nuts. The flavors more subtle and playful

Beautiful homemade ice cream!
As corny as it might sound, a big motivator for me is the feeling of accomplishment I get after a good run. Also, having a big breakfast afterward doesn’t hurt either:)

you know the whole eat yogurt b/c you think you need protein…oh you know i wouldn’t and you know i would just have extra nut butter 🙂

ok ice cream.
gums. I have ruined more food than you even want to know about with XG and GG. I will never use them again despite how great ppl in the sphere are with them. i suck at them. i ruin food. i over use and it gets goo/gel like. or underuse and i cant really tell other than i wasted $ on products that i cant even tell if they “worked”

alcohol should always be added last, yes, it effects freezing times

you know you could skip this whole ice cream maker stuff if you just got a vita. i know, i know. you’re like keep dreaming but just sayin 🙂

ok have a terrific awesome holiday weekend evan!

Is there anything a vitamix cant do?! Once I own a home/apartment, I’ll own a vita 😉 That way the cost won’t seem so steep

oh cashew butter…i have a jar and still have yet to open. how have i passed it up so long?!

It is so hard for me to stay motivated to work out when I’ve hit what I feel is a perfect and comfortable body size and shape for me. But when I slack on my workouts, my body starts changing and I really feel the motivation again.

I know what you mean! I haven’t been able to make myself run in over a month, basically since my last 10k. First my foot kind of hurt so I had the excuse that I needed to stay off of it but after that I just have been lazy. Not lazy per se, but just not a runner. I’ve gone back to my biking and yoga just because I know it’s so much easier for me than a run.
BUT, if you need motivation, I use a website to track miles when I remember that donates money to charities of your choice for every mile. It’s http://www.plus3network.com I’ve actually gotten really bad about logging in so this is a good reminder haha
Also, have you tried overnight oats with yogurt? I discovered that before even getting into blogs when I was traveling in Europe, over there it’s called Swiss oatmeal. It would be a way to combine your two favorites!

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