Churning The Day Away

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I think I’ve found my new hobby

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of my afternoon working on this masterpiece. It was supposed to be vegan white chocolate ice cream, but the white chocolate flavor never really came through :-/ Then again, I don’t think I’ve had any vegan white chocolate ever, so I’m not sure what I was working with to begin with. Anyway, what came out was a delicious Coconut Cocoa Butter flavor.

Today started out very relaxingly with yogurt and raw local honey and some lightly-sweetened peanut butter over oats. Even though the weather was gorgeous, after 9 days of running I was happy to take a rest day because that’s what my body wanted.

Rest day or not, I refuse to give up some morning chocolate 😉 Followed by a good walk. When I got back, I fired up the grill and cooked for everyone.

I think I’ve taken my onion love to new, stink-breath heights. All it took to make these was tossing them in some EVOO and putting them in an aluminum foil pack cooking 5 minutes on each side. Delicious! They went perfectly with a southern style Wildwood burger and some roasted broccoli.

And right afterward, I went back to my new favorite hobby. I made a mix of 3 cups organic half and half, 3/4 cup Bob’s gluten free cake mix, 5 tablespoons Madhava light agave, and some guar gum and poured that into the ice cream maker. Like I learned from this experience, you really need to make the ice cream a good 3-4+ hours before expecting to eat it.

Why not some matching cupcakes? Made with Tropical Tradition‘s coconut oil and a flax egg. Getting that flax chicken to lay an egg on command is tough work! But she clucks one up eventually.

And then, since none of that would be ready for a few hours, I’ve been snacking on a bowl of oatmeal with Justin’s chocolate almond butter and coconut milk for richness–delicious! I think dessert for tonight is pretty much set with my new hobby, wouldn’t you? 😉

Annnd now I’m snacking on one of the cupcakes. Flax, egg–I’ve still got it no matter what I’m cooking with.

What’s your favorite kitchen appliance? I’d say my food processor has some competition now…

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15 Responses to “Churning The Day Away”

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My favorite is definitely my food processor– it makes everything so much easier!

I LOVE grilled onions– bad breath be damned 🙂

My Kitchen Aid mixer! Love, love, love it. I worked one whole summer so I could save up enough money to get one and make it through the semester.

That ice cream looks like it turned out really well! Can’t wait to see the birthday cake ice cream!

You’re making me want an ice cream maker! I’ve had this strange desire to make oat ice cream for the longest time

Favorite kitchen appliance would have to be my vitamix!

I haven’t been able to find the chocolate almond butter in the squeeze packs. Have you seen it anywhere or did you order it online? It looks sooo good.

I bought all mine offline. Honestly, even if I found it in the store, I’d probably pass and just make my own using this recipe since it tastes the same and I usually have all the ingredients:

that’s my favorite chocolate!!! great minds think alike 🙂

That ice-cream looks SO delicious, no matter what it tastes like, i’m sure it tastes incredible. White chocolate is a tough flavor to recreate just because it is mostly just milk!

I miss pouring milk over oatmeal. It definitely adds alot of richness to the oats…mm…yum.

Favorite appliance…does the oven count? If not, microwave! hahah 😛

Ah, you’re making me want to make ice cream!

i think those onions just killed your chances for a saturday night makeout sesh with anyone 🙂

appliance, you know it, is my vita. but of course. by a landslide. after that, good knives. way way far down would be a dehyd, a juicer, etc


Can a vitamix not dehydrate? Tsk tsk, I’m disappointed 😉

I love my blender, well not my specific blender (it often needs lot of help to chop things up) but blenders together.

Wow, I would love to have a fancy ice cream maker like that!

It’s lie the best thing on the market for 49.95 period.

I think you know what MY favorite kitchen appliance is. It has to do with your new hobby 😉 Although I prefer regular chocolate, white chocolate ice cream sounds AMAZING.

EVery time I read your blog I feel guilty that I haven’t taken the ice cream maker out of the box!! Fave kitchen appliance- food processor, hands down.

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